August 12, 2017 17:51 | Child Health

first teeth, or milk, usually appear between the ages of 6-9 months.Why such a spread, very often asked her mother.It has its own reasons.One of them is the hereditary factor, t. E. If mom or dad teeth once "climbed" very early, it is possible, and their offspring first tooth appears earlier than its neighbor peer, and vice versa, ifone of the parents first tooth appeared later than usual, it is likely that the baby will be a delay of teeth growth.Doctors also point out the fact that in children breastfed, the first teeth appear before the bottle-in.They also observed that teeth grow faster in lean children, and here at tolstyachkov they appear later and grow more slowly.Therefore, mothers should not be scared for no apparent reason, that their kids teeth a little bit delayed with their appearance.If you want to know at what age and how much should be Zubikov can help formula, roughly determining the number:

N = n - 4,

where N - number of teeth, etc. - the child's age in months.

According to these calculations, it turns out that at 6 months the baby teeth should be 2, and 8 to 12 months, 4 top and bottom, which are the upper and lower central and lateral incisors.

As mentioned above, the teeth may erupt in different ways.For some kids, this process is almost imperceptible, and find their mother, only heard when feeding the sound of a spoon hitting a tooth.But the other kids are lucky less.They begin to act up and haul in the mouth everything, just to scratch the itching and aching gums.

This eruption - is, of course, is not a disease, but nevertheless it brings a lot of anxiety and your child, and his mother.The appearance of the first tooth is often accompanied by more or less severe impairment;appear irritation and pain that makes the child moody, nervous and negative effect on his appetite and sleep.Sometimes there are redness of the cheeks, swollen gums, excessive salivation;baby often draws fists into his mouth.With teething may experience redness and buttocks.More about the symptoms of teething, see here.

Several facilitate the child's condition will help a special ring for teeth - teether that can be replaced by a crust of bread or a biscuit.As a means "itchy" gums, can be used, clean cloth, "the way the kid himself often chew their baby's undershirt or eyeballs on it. Now children's shops sell nagrudnichki for food, on the tips of which are attached rubber plate. They are kids,waiting for the appearance of the teeth. in these stores sell and special spoons for babies, made of special rubber, is not harmful to health, but to massage the gums most suitable. By the way, in this age of the children very well and with pleasure use a spoon, exercising communicate itsto their mouths and get it. If such "carding" do not help, swollen gum area can be a little rub balm, gel, designed specifically for anesthesia process of teething. these tools can be purchased at pharmacies, but after consulting with a doctor. By the way,special gel can be successfully replaced by a small piece of ice wrapped thin cotton cloth.When applying the gel to be useful to massage the gums and, holding it on both sides of the thumb and index finger and rubbing it with light circular movements.If your child has to "very tight", then, finally, with the doctor's permission may be given a sedative or analgesic drug.

Unfortunately, not always the case costs only soreness of the gums, sometimes for teething may occur and deterioration of general condition of the child: diarrhea, fever.

When the temperature rises in a child prone to seizures, the likelihood of their occurrence in the period of teething increases.

teething process so severe that doctors sometimes difficult to determine whether the increase in temperature caused by them, or, conversely, disease, occurring with a high fever, stimulates the teething.

Finishing the story about the possible violations in the process of growth of the first teeth, I would like to draw your attention to the fact they may have a more serious nature;in such cases, a doctor's consultation.Often, the pain associated with teething, confused with other illnesses, such as otitis.Thus, only the doctor as a result of the survey is to rule out other possible causes of the painful condition of the baby during this difficult period for him.