The role of the children's clinic in the upbringing of a healthy baby

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Child Health

All parents want to see their child's healthy, cheerful, cheerful.The first and the best assistant in this difficult and important matter is a children's polyclinic.On the territory of the District Children's Clinic organizes and carries out a set of preventive and therapeutic measures aimed at the development and upbringing of healthy children from the moment of discharge from the hospital up to 14 years inclusive.

Protecting children's health actually begins even before birth.Medical staff in children's clinics and maternity clinic monitors the health of the pregnant woman.To do this, conducted so-called prenatal when precinct nurse home visits to pregnant in the last months before birth.During these visits, the expectant mother can get the necessary advice on the regime of work and rest, diet, preparing newborn corner, the rules of care for the child.This is especially important for nulliparous.

district pediatrician and nurse attending a newborn at home during the first 3 days after discharge from

the hospital, and if the family's first child was born, the first day.A doctor examines a child, give the necessary advice on the care, feeding management, and the regime of the day. In the future, health nurses periodically visits the child at home during the first year of life.

to monitor the development and the child's health, parents should regularly show his local doctor in the children's clinic.The first time it is necessary to visit the clinic when the child turns 1 month.In the future, it is done on a monthly basis, on time, preferably close to the date of birth of the child, but only on special days to receive healthy children.

During these visits, the baby weighed, conduct the necessary anthropometric measurements (determined by height, head circumference, chest).The doctor evaluates these indicators, examining a child makes a conclusion about the level of their physical and neuro-psychological development and health, offers the necessary guidance on feeding, physical education, tempering.

nurse visits with the child at home checks fulfillment of medical prescriptions.

At the age of 2-3 months a child should show an orthopedic surgeon.The purpose of the inspection - check for any violations of the musculoskeletal system and especially congenital dislocation of the hip joint.During the first year of life the baby should be examined by other experts - ophthalmologist, neurologist, otolaryngologist, dentist.It is necessary to do blood tests, urine tests, conduct preventive vaccination.1 per quarter -

less the second year of life, the child can go to a doctor.At the clinic he weighed determine growth, chest circumference do blood, urine, feces on eggs of worms, preventive vaccination in accordance with the immunization schedule.Every visit to the child's pediatrician examines, in addition, during this period it is necessary to show the dentist.

In the third year of life, pediatric checkups needed 1 every six months.When the child reaches 3 years, he needs an in-depth examination by specialist physicians - dentist, otolaryngologist, ophthalmologist, orthopedic surgeon and a speech therapist.These checkups enable as soon as possible to identify existing diseases or abnormalities in the development and take timely therapeutic measures.

great help parents can have a healthy baby rooms that are now organized in each children's clinic.In the office of a healthy child has the necessary tools and materials on nutrition, physical education, hardening of children, tables of standards of physical and neuro-psychological development of the young child, the scheme of exercise for children of different age groups, the age of the child's modes and other instructional materials.

in the offices of a healthy mother can learn how to conduct massage and gymnastics, obtained by hardening the child's recommendations, taking into account his age and development features, see the list of foods that are recommended for young children, methods of cooking foods, etc.. Work is also preventionrickets in children, parents are introduced to the rules of admission of vitamin D, the peculiarities of physical education of children with rickets.

Some children's clinics with a healthy baby's room organized group of improving swimming of infants.Specially trained methodologists help parents learn methods of teaching children to swim.

often in the offices of the healthy child consultation organized by teachers - specialists in pre-preschool pedagogy and speech therapy.

One of the major functions is to work in children's clinics in the field of social and legal protection of the rights of children, provided by Soviet law.To solve these problems in children's clinics introduced the post of legal adviser.

Legal Counsel deals with the labor rights of women, family law, housing law, questions of placement of children in preschool institutions, specialized agencies, children's homes.When the device of children in pre-schools it helps in the design of the required documents, achieves an extraordinary admission of children of the so-called dysfunctional families.By disadvantaged are those families in which the parents shirk their responsibilities for the upbringing of children or treat them casually ignore prescriptions doctors abusing their privileges, allowing a rough, or even child abuse, are immoral, antisocial lifestyle, alcohol abuse,drugs.

Long cohabitation of children with such parents are not only detrimental effects on health and psyche of children, but also often leads to child delinquency.Therefore counsel is entitled to initiate a court case of deprivation of parental rights, to limit the capacity of parents suffering from alcoholism and their direction on compulsory treatment, the establishment of national education authorities custody of their children.Those who systematically violates the rules of socialist society and its behavior in the home creates an environment impossible to live together with their children, receiving claims of eviction.