cystic lung disease

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Genetic Diseases

Polycystic lung (cystic hypoplasia) - malformation caused by underdevelopment of prenatal lung tissue, blood vessels and bronchial tree with the formation of a large number of cavities.This defect occurs as a result of lung disorders to 2-3-th month of fetal development.Polycystic characterized by a decrease in the volume of the respiratory (breathing) of the lung signs of stopping the development of bronchopulmonary system, the formation of multiple cysts.Infection of the cysts can easily lead to the formation of a chronic inflammatory process.

Polycystic - the most common malformation of the lung.Polycystic lung can wear a family character.This pathology is often combined with other malformations - diaphragmatic hernia, heart defects and skeletal system.Various malformations observed in families of patients with polycystic lung.

Polycystic lung is fairly typical clinical picture.

The earliest signs of the disease usually appear already in early childhood.The disease occurs with frequent outbreaks

of inflammation in the lungs, ie. E. There are frequent exacerbations.The main clinical signs of disease are cough, purulent sputum, sometimes hemoptysis.Sick children lag behind in physical development.Nail phalanges thickened ( "drumsticks").The rib cage is deformed with a flattening on the side of evil.

The diagnosis of polycystic lung primary importance is the X-ray examination of bronchoscopy.Radiographs and tomograms detected cellular formation.On bronchograms defined multiple circular cavities.Cystic formation more often localized in the left lung, or there is a bilateral disease.In recent years, the diagnosis of lung lesions using computed tomography, which reveals the cystic formation, as well as their preferential localization.However, the method is inferior to its informational content bronhografii.

Complications polycystic are suppurative processes in the lungs, the emergence of air in the pleural cavity, lung bleeding.Patients with bilateral process formed heart disease.

Treatment of patients with polycystic usually surgical.The main contraindications for surgery are the prevalence of the process, severe manifestations of cardiopulmonary diseases.The therapeutic tactics of particular importance is the use of antibiotics to suppress inflammation in the lungs.