Injury prevention in children

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Child Health

child injury prevention is an important medical and social problem.The resulting child injury can lead to serious consequences and sometimes death.Often the trauma received in childhood, causes persistent functional disorders in the body.Thus, fractures can cause warping or shortening of the limbs.Scars remaining after burning, tightening the joints, limiting their mobility.Lack of physical activity due to the injured finger brush limits later career choices.After a concussion suffered for many years complain of headaches, insomnia, poor memory, inability to concentrate.

In young children mainly seen household injuries: falls, bruises, burns, poisoning, injury by sharp, piercing objects, from entering the airway of vomit, and various small items.

behavior of adults in the home by a number of habits and actions that a person performs automatically, without thinking.However, when the baby is in the house appears, it is necessary to largely revise their behavior.So, open windows and balcony doors with s

ome loss of vigilance can lead to tragic consequences, uncleared drugs cause severe poisoning toddlers who are attracted to bright colored labels and tablets.Let us face it - small children are injured through the fault of the adults more often.

example, injury children under 1 year are caused by loss of the carriage, a fall from the bed, sofa, chair.At older ages, the children often fall from a height -. With slides, ladders, etc. As a result of these falls can occur not only bruises, but more severe injuries - broken bones, concussions, lacerations, internal organs.

reason the child can burn; be hot liquid that adults carelessly left on the edge of the plate, put a table or on the floor.Risk of burns while bathing the child when it is lowered into the bath and start to wash away from the tap, without checking the water temperature.A small child can get burned when using heaters, if the temperature of the water in it is greater than 40-60 ° C.

Through an oversight adult baby can be injured by contact with fire (oven, stove, matches), electrical appliances, alkalis, acids, Craft (scissors, needles, needles, shiny buttons, pins, etc.).

kid can shove a metal pin into the wall and getting injured electric shock.

While walking a small child when there is insufficient supervision can not only splinter his hands, injured by broken glass, protruding sticks with nails, but also eat some poisonous plant, berries, mushrooms.

Young children are less likely to suffer from the street (traffic) accidents.But here the main cause of accidents is the careless attitude of adults to comply with traffic rules, their lack of discipline, lack of supervision of the child.

in child injury prevention adult should always take into account the peculiarities of the development and behavior of the young child.

characteristic of children aged from 1 year to 3 years is its commitment to a personal knowledge of the surrounding reality, its great mobility.However, the basic motor skills at this age (walking, running, climbing) are still in the formative stage.Therefore, damage and injuries that occur in children are related to the insufficient development of simple motor skills, inability to orient in the environment.

in children very early begins to manifest the desire for self-satisfaction of their needs, to take action without help from an adult.However, the absence of the environment Knowledge, personal experience is the reason that they come to perform actions that have not yet mastered in full, which is too difficult for them, which leads to injury.

Parents should as soon as possible to begin the formation of a child's safe behavior, trauma alertness.The best form of such education are games in which the baby learns better skills.During games and activities already 2 years can begin to teach the child to use skills sharp and cutting objects, rules of handling hot dishes, liquid, food, etc.. Walking through the streets to be used for practical training of children to behavior rules in the streets.With the same purpose, you can use pictures, books, slide shows.

The prevention of injuries in children is essential level of physical development of the child.Good physical development of children, clever, with a good coordination of movements is rarely injured.Therefore, physical exercise, outdoor games, sports games are not only a means of strengthening the health of the child, but also one of the measures for injury prevention.

Often, adults are the child's injury in unexpected random misfortune, in which no one is to blame.This view is convenient, it seemed to justify the adults, removes from them the responsibility for inattention to the child.However, injuries of children, particularly at an early age, largely depends on the lack of proper vigilance of parents, lack of knowledge of psycho-physiological characteristics and physical abilities son or daughter.

Knowing the most common causes of injuries and accidents, parents should create an environment for the child injury prevention stay.For example, the home should be removed jumble of furniture, fix the chandelier, bookshelves, paintings, insulate central heating radiators, exclude the possibility of the child's contact with the socket, the bare wire.At the site where the children are enjoying themselves, there should be no broken glass, nails, neostrugannyh boards, boxes and so on. N. In the summer, should pay special attention to the prevention of accidents on the water, poisoning poisonous plants, berries, mushrooms.Very important is the personal example of the behavior of the parents in the street, in transport, at home.