Improvement of sickly children

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Child Health

The group often ill are children who are suffering from acute respiratory viral infections to 4 or more times a year.It was found that the factors that cause increased morbidity include pollution by industrial emissions, exhaust gases, and products - pesticides and other food allergens, smoke in the room where the child travel by public transport.More common in children born of mothers of patients (heart disease, rheumatism, diabetes mellitus), to mothers whose pregnancy was complicated, as well as children, who in the first months of life were bottle-fed, losing the most valuable product - breast milk.The cause of common diseases may be the presence of the child in the family of chronically ill adults (chronic tonsillitis, chronic bronchitis, etc.), Which is a constant source of infection kid.

children with chronic diseases, especially such as chronic tonsillitis, adenoids, sinusitis, otitis media, untreated tooth decay, rickets, malnutrition, eczema, etc., Are also often suffer from recurrent acute re

spiratory diseases as a result of altered reactivity, decreased resistance, impairedmetabolism on the background of one of these chronic diseases.

recovery success sickly children can be made subject to certain requirements:

- a clear implementation of all recommendations of the doctor regarding the treatment, nutrition, physical education, child health improvement;

- systematic conduct the necessary recreational activities throughout the year;

- the gradual recovery of the body of the child with first means of a preventive nature, and then the special health and medical, including with the use of drug therapy.

What are the features of education and improvement of often ill children?

First of all it should be noted that it is often ill children do not always cope with the age-mode, and doctors often prescribe them sparing regimen, ie. E. Shortening of the period of wakefulness, and more frequent or longer sleep.For example, many children over the age of 1,5 years can continue to sleep during the day 2 times, not 1, as it should be.Some children will be much more useful than previously stacked on top of night sleep and get up later in the morning.

Serious attention requires the power of sickly children.The diet should contain a sufficient amount of biologically valuable products, such as cheese, meat, eggs, cheese, containing high-grade animal protein and vegetable oil as a source of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids child.To enrich the diet with vitamins and minerals should be widely used a variety of vegetables and fruits, as well as fresh herbs.Often ill children often experience a deficiency of potassium, so they recommended such potassium rich foods like buckwheat, potatoes, dried apricots, prunes, squash, peas, bananas.

Very useful massage and exercises, physical exercises, but it is necessary to focus on the health of the baby.In addition to regular classes, often ill children need special exercises aimed at restoring impaired respiratory function, improved blood and lymph circulation, strengthening and development of the respiratory muscles.Kids really like exercises such as inflating balls, blowing bubbles, blowing fleece or paper with palms, breathing through one nostril (the second finger is pressed), massage nose wings.With the method of carrying out can be found in the office of physical therapy in children's clinics.In order to improve the local blood and lymph circulation applies chest compressions.

hardening, as a system of measures, which increases the body's resistance to adverse factors, especially the need to frequently ill children.It is important to regularly ventilate the room, ensure adequate child exposure to fresh air.Special events such tempering children prescribed by the physician.

Fatigue characteristic of often ill, weakened children.Parents should pay particular attention to the proper organization of their waking hours, make sure that the child is not overtired, was calm, not capricious, was in a positive emotional state, make sure that he had toys and entertainment.It is advisable to communicate more with the child, to engage with them, play, read books, and so on. N.

are prescribed drug treatment involves the use of various drugs, including vitamins that contribute to the proper course of metabolic processes, normalizes the nervous system, the process of hematopoiesis,strengthen the body's defenses (vitamins C, B], WB, Bi2, etc.).In addition, the doctor often appoints potassium preparations, improving appetite and general condition of the child.Good results are obtained by using medicinal herbs from a variety of cocktails.

For cocktails mixed herbs (1 teaspoon) in equal quantities, pour 0.5 liters of hot water and insist 2 hours in a thermos.Children under 3 years of treatment cocktail of herbs used for courses 1 teaspoon 3 times a day.

The table shows some therapeutic cocktails recipes recommended frequently ill children.

have a strengthening effect the vitamin supplements such as broth hips, and yeast paste.

Depending on the initial condition of the child, its age and individual features of the disease, presence of concomitant treatment zabolevanij sickly children on prescription used physiotherapy: total exposure of quartz (boosts immunity, improves the protective functions of the body, restores the redoxprocesses in the inflammatory focus);aerosol therapy (contributes to the therapeutic effect in the area of ​​impact - on the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract);gidroprotsedury - shared bath with sea salt, pine needles, grasses (increase overall tone, the body's resistance).

requires special care rehabilitation of children with chronic and the so-called background diseases (rickets, anemia, exudative diathesis, physical disabilities, and others.).In the presence of often ill child of any chronic disease rehabilitation should begin with the treatment of this particular disease, such as conservative or surgical treatment of chronic tonsillitis, surgical treatment adenoiditis, timely treatment of dental caries, and others.

treatment of background diseases requires a lot of patience and consistencybecause without the elimination of unfavorable background effectiveness of all recreational activities will be minimal.Much depends on the parents, on how well they will perform the appointment and the doctor's recommendation.

Every child has certain features of higher nervous activity.Individual approach to children with deviations in health status, often ill, during the recovery period after the acute illness is extremely necessary.Under the individual approach meant the appointment of a special regime of the day, nutrition, physical education, recreational activities and of others.

known that normalization of body temperature and easing other symptoms are not indicators of a full recovery.Observations of children after suffering their diseases (acute respiratory viral infection, flu, sore throat, pneumonia, exacerbation of chronic tonsillitis, etc.) Have revealed certain changes in the state of the cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous system, as well as in blood, remaining at an average of3 to 6 weeks after returning to the institution..

These children can note the great fatigue, pale skin, sweating, loss of appetite, worsening of sleep, etc. The duration of these disorders depends on many factors: the severity of this illness, the child's condition before the illness, the nature of the treatment, the individual characteristics of the child.

basis of individual work in these cases is the appointment of sparing and fitness regime both at home and in preschool, during which the child must receive special medical treatment, and in some cases, medication.

Dates compliance gentle treatment depend on this illness:

acute respiratory viral infection, acute bronchitis, angina, exacerbation of chronic tonsillitis - 20-25 days;

influenza, acute otitis media, exacerbation of chronic otitis media, asthma exacerbation after - 25-30 days;

pneumonia, acute, acute childhood infectious diseases, including intestinal occurring in moderate and severe, worsening of eczema, acute appendicitis (after the operation);concussion of average weight, condition after abdominal operations, state after tonsillectomy - 2 months, often up to 6 months;acute nephritis, meningitis - more than 2 months, often permanently.