Helminthiasis children

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Child Health

Helminthiases - diseases caused by parasitism in humans helminths (worms).There are over 150 species of helminths.

Among children under 3 years of helminth infections are quite widespread.The most common parasitism of Ascaris and pinworms, which are a favorite localization of the intestine.Helminth infections usually occur chronically.

cause Ascariasis roundworms (Ascaris), reaching lengths of 25-40 cm and parasites in the human small intestine.of Ascaris eggs in the feces stand out in the environment where the larvae develop to form within 20-45 days.Infection occurs by ingestion children mature (with live larvae) roundworm eggs from contaminated hands, with unwashed raw fruits and vegetables.

entire development process from ingestion of Ascaris eggs until their patient's stool lasts about 70 days.Longevity in the human intestine to 1 year.

initial phase of the disease can occur under the guise of catarrh of the upper respiratory tract, bronchitis.Later joined by loss of appetite, salivation, abdo

minal pain, and sometimes frustration of a chair, the child becomes restless, not sleeping, gets tired quickly.When such symptoms should show the child to the doctor.Diagnosis is based on clinical and laboratory examination, then assigned to the appropriate treatment.

Prevention ascariasis is in compliance with the rules of personal hygiene of the child (hand washing before meals, toys processing, especially when using them while walking).It is very important to a child for a walk in his mouth did not take contaminated items.All fruits, vegetables, berries, greens, especially those used in its raw form, should be thoroughly washed and treated with hot water.

Enterobiasis - called pinworms (roundworms to 9.12 mm), which are parasitic in the lower small intestine and in the colon for 30 days.But in spite of this, children are ill enterobiasis sometimes several years.This is because they are constantly infected with pinworms primarily on themselves.Mature females crawl out of the anus and lay eggs in the folds of the skin and mucous membranes, causing severe itching.Scratching an itchy spot child contaminates the hands of pinworm eggs, which then fall into his mouth.pinworm eggs can also get to the underwear and baby clothes on the floor and various items.

main symptom Enterobiasis - itching in the anus, especially at night, which lasts for several days and repeated after 3-4 weeks.Often marked nausea, loss of appetite, dry mouth, abdominal pain, diarrhea with mucus, a sleep disorder.Pinworms may contribute to fractures, inflammatory changes in the area of ​​the anus, vulva, bedwetting, masturbation.

Prevention Enterobiasis is in compliance with the child's personal hygiene.Be particularly careful to wash his hands.To prevent self-infection it is necessary at night to wear tight pants child, who every morning boil or to iron on both sides with a hot iron to kill the trapped pinworms and their eggs at night.In the afternoon he put on clean panties.

Linens child as daily iron hot iron.Such measures are necessary for 1.5 months.Many preventive value is careful wet cleaning of the premises in order to avoid dispersal of eggs and inhalation of dust.Cloth after cleaning it is necessary to pour over boiling water, baby potty and wash with boiling water every day.

If a child is found enterobiosis, for the prevention of re-infection and treatment success should be evaluated for enterobiosis all family members, and conduct appropriate treatment if necessary.Drug treatment is assigned a doctor and is carried out under the supervision of medical staff based on the results of repeated laboratory tests.