American family

American family is nuclear, monogamous, partly patriarchal, partly egalitarian norm for her considered neolokalnoe residence and bilateral relationship.These terms describe the family, but do not give a complete picture of a genuine family life in the United States.For most couples the new family formation process begins with romantic love.

Romantic love

Browser "San Francisco Chronicle" turned to a group of young people from the region of Bay of the range with a question: "What kind of adventure you want a lifetime" "One of the women gave the following characteristic reply:" I already came up with:to go to Paris, there to meet his love, and together with her beloved sail boat under sail - they have there is a river flowing in the heart of the city.I want it to be like in the movies.I think of Paris and see how I stand on the stage, which was built from the tables, and sing the famous French song, all around are happy and love each other. "( "San Francisco Chronicle". January 12, 1980).

probably would have laughed at the Parisian romantic image.After all, they do not differ much from the Americans - are teachers, typists, waitresses.But if the reporter from the "Chronicle" went to Paris, he probably would have met a young Parisian who dream of long arms and endless walks on a boat ... on the Italian lakes.

Italians, the French, the Americans and other Westerners have learned these ideas about love that are part of their culture.Under the influence of these ideas formed the expectations of people fall in love.In addition, they help people identify their feelings.Some of these ideas are not new.They originated among court XI-XII centuries.almost 900 years ago from the feudal ideal of absolute devotion to the vassal lord.

in the XVIII century.these ideas about love were improved under the influence of new ideas.Looking for love was the decisive step in the development of personality.For women of the middle class, usually to stay at home when the men went to work and love "has become the main purpose of life, the decisive event, which depended all the good things of life: livelihoods, promoting social mobility and success, played for the middle class a decisive role".Thus, the search for true love represents the identity of the person.It expressed the desire of man to find his place in the social life, the moral assessment of their true nature.

In the novels of Jane Austen describes as knowledge of the "I": in the sense of love as if there is a merger of two souls, reveal character traits that are able to assess only her lover.And it promotes awareness of the advantages of moral perfection of character.Because love has awakened the best qualities of love, marriage, the justly rewarded.According to the myth of love in a world where people are often deeply lonely, love can destroy everything superficial and to penetrate into the depths of the soul.So love the people know each other and their own inner world. "

Marriage in the United States is based on love to a greater extent than in any other society.In most other societies (especially in the past) arranged marriages the families of the bride and groom.For example, in England in XVII.marriage was a kind of exchange between family clans, sometimes assumed the existence of dowry, equal to a small fortune.Therefore, the family depended on the fate of the marriage, by which marital property would remain completely (Poster, 1980).In this context, marriage consisted not based on love.