How to make your marriage a success

Today, in our society, the problem of divorce has reached alarming proportions.Therefore, every person who has a family, or had it in the past, but has undergone a divorce, are interested in the experience of harmonious couples who, overcoming conflicts, successfully develop and deepen their relations.
What conditions must be met in order to obtain happiness and satisfaction in a marriage?
main reason for successful marriage is not sexual compatibility, as many people think, nor even common interests, even though they no doubt play an important role in the relationship.The main cause of marriage satisfaction - this feeling of trust, respect and community, that is, when a spouse is both a best friend.It is the belief that the partner will come to the rescue in any situation, and care about you it is not painful, but pleasant.
In addition, in married relationships strengthens the knowledge that your spouse - an interesting and versatile personality.With him are not only interesting and nice to talk to, but

you can learn a lot.Is not that the basis for fruitful relations?An example of this - many marriages with a large age difference, when the wise life experiences spouse attracts young inexperienced partner, and over time, their communication is not only not exhausted, but on the contrary, they become each other even more interesting.
stable marriage gives the solution of the spouses to be together, no matter what happens, even on the threshold of the registrar.That is, they do not think that will work, depending on the particular situation - if all goes well, they live together, and if not, you can and get a divorce.After this installation is not conducive to the establishment of mutual understanding.In difficult situations really helps the realization that marriage - it is the obligation and responsibility, not just pleasure.And if people have decided to stay together, they are more resistant to the difficulties in the relationship.
Very common goals bring people together.Really strong union - is when people look not only at each other, but in the same direction.Enthusiasm for both spouses often eliminates a common cause minor omissions and differences between them, making them not only husband and wife, but also companions.
In general, we can say that people who are married, have positioned themselves as happier and more successful than those who are lonely.The positive impact of marriage, with its sense of community, security, and the relationship makes life brighter, more comfortable and joyful.So join in marriage, learn to build relationships, and enjoy your family many years of marriage.