What to give the favorite on the New Year

New Year's holidays for women rises again pressing question: what to give your loved a man?I would like to make a gift that will not gather dust in the attic for years, and has become a necessary and enjoyable for the young man.To decide on a gift for a friend or a mother is much easier, but to please a man - it's not easy.make decisions increasingly difficult with every year, because you need to not only guess the correct gift, but do not repeat.

Never buy a thing that does not appeal to you the most, even if you are sure that it is suitable to your spouse or lover.Your attitude to the present man will definitely feel and not be happy show.If your other half has a serious passion or hobby, consider yourself lucky.Every year, you can give a gift, on the basis of this hobby.However, in this case, you will need professional help.For example, if your favorite is fond of fishing, you need to talk with a good fisherman to avoid annoying slip.

Most men can not stand when they are presented with sweets, but c

ertainly appreciate the gift, chosen as a result of long observation of a way of life and habits of a loved one or spouse.Such attention is required to mark the man.

As for the choice of a particular gift, if we are talking about your friend or lover, you can give a good bottle of rum, brandy or whiskey in a beautiful package.Male smokers can buy expensive cigars and stylish accessories: exclusive ashtray, lighter and cigarette case.Business and successful young man to make a gift is very simple: Hand man unusual thing for the office interior, expensive pen, electronic notebook.

At all times and during all holidays men took pleasure from high-quality women's leather wallets, expensive cufflinks, branded shirts and ties (unless, of course, they wear them).If you and your boyfriend have a very close and trusting relationships, you can not be afraid to give a bouquet of flowers.However, you must choose the flowers with care, preferring rigorous and striking plants.