August 12, 2017 17:51 | Child Health

Wasting in young children is most often caused by improper feeding, treatment and care, as well as after an illness, particularly of the digestive tract.The cause of malnutrition may be of fetal nutrition.

main symptom of malnutrition is a backlog of body weight of the age limits.Depending on the weight of the deficit are three degrees of malnutrition.When I degree malnutrition underweight body is 10-20%, II degree - 20-30%, III degree - more than 30%.There are also disorders of the central nervous system, digestive system, metabolism, reduced immunological reactivity.In children suffering from malnutrition, often marked bowel dysfunction.They are more likely to develop acute respiratory infections, childhood respiratory infections.

Preventing malnutrition is primarily in the organization of proper balanced diet with sufficient protein rich foods (cheese, meat, fish), as well as fruits and vegetables as a source of vitamins and minerals.

Parents should regularly monitor the increase of the child's bod

y weight, especially in the first months of life.Lack of weight gain should be alerted them and cause for treatment to the doctor.Equally important are the prevention of acute respiratory and intestinal diseases;compliance with anti-requirements;hardening;widespread use of methods of physical education of the child (gymnastics, massage, water therapy);walk and sleep in the open air.Pay particular attention to the principle of gradualness with the introduction of new products and foods into the diet of baby.

for artificial feeding of children during the first months of life, suffering from malnutrition, it is recommended to use only adapted formulas, preferring their yogurt options: "Bifilin" acidophilic mixture "Baby", "Balbobek" sour milk "Vitalakt-DM", etc. Children over.3 months give yogurt, biolact "Baldyrgan".Fermented foods stimulate the production of gastric and intestinal juices, suppress putrefactive and pathogenic intestinal microflora, easily absorbed and digested by the body.

To replenish the protein component of the diet should be used cottage cheese, which can be given to the child with 2-weeks-age (by a doctor).enpity (protein, fat) - special treatment mixture may be used.

Fruit juices and purees, egg yolk given at the usual time, observing certain amount of caution and taking into account the child's reaction to them.Complementary feeding is introduced gradually, if not acute diseases.Quite early (from 3.5 months) recommended vegetable soup with meat sauce 5-6 months, 6-7 months broth, which is a strong aphrodisiac.Therefore, beef broth in small amounts (1-2 teaspoons) can be given already 2-3-month-old child if he has no allergic manifestations.To improve the appetite also use vegetable broth, various juices, and by the end of the year salads with fresh pureed vegetables.