Who's Who in your life?

Our goal - to try to figure out what to do to be happy themselves and possibly bestow happiness of their loved ones, relatives, people, and more broadly, the general and all those who somehow confronts us life.

But first have to figure out what we mean by that word - "happiness"."Happiness is not the same for all" - sung in the once popular song.If you listen to talk about, then you can really get lost, confused, what it is.Some say:

- That happiness halt: the lottery win.

another solid:

- Lucky my friend: his wife is - a treasure.Good, smart and mistress of all trades.

third sighs:

- No me happy every time the exams drag ticket that I know nothing.

Fourth with dignity concludes a long series of years:

- I can not be the fate of complaining, I went to work as a home, and home - on holiday.

hero of the film "We'll Live Till Monday", wrote in the book: "Happiness - is when you understand."

Well, we did sort out all sorts of options without end be happy?We uvyaznem in the analysis of a variety

of human lives and stories, but they may not be suitable for a particular person.So you have to look for, so to speak, a universal model.And there would be the most appropriate formula, connecting the latter two options: "Happiness is when you realize (love and appreciate) at work and at home."What could be more important and more understanding, compassion, willingness to share with you good luck and misfortune, to support you in the best aspirations, in business and entertainment?What could be more consciousness you need, you need other people, without you, their lives - not in life?

The word "happiness" suggests this answer.Indeed, in ancient times, it sounded different: sochaste, ie complicity in your affairs, troubles and joys of others, and those - others - in your own worries, work and luck...However, you will agree that, in order to achieve this participation, we must, at least, to understand himself.Without it will constantly and involuntarily arise all sorts of misunderstandings, clashes and conflicts.

«Know thyself and you will know peace" - tirelessly for several millennia repeat sages of all times and nations.So, maybe we should contact you and start learning the basics of family relations with the explanation of the relationship with ourselves?Ask yourself: Who am I?Then it will be already easier to find out what constitutes those around me and with whom I am going to build their future.And only acquired this information, you will agree, "dock" their "I" with the other equal "I".

Well, we put in front of a magic mirror and try to find out what we are for subjects that for the individual?

How to talk about the individual features that we have not set ourselves, what we mean by saying this word?Do not be surprised by this stop: the theme we have with you is very difficult, that and look there confusion in concepts.Then one will say one thing, the other under the same term to mean different, and much good will is not on a call.So, it is necessary to comprehend the word "personality".

One young man said this:

- personality - these are the features, properties and qualities that distinguish us from other people.Well, for example, hair and eye color, height, facial features (probably hence, the word itself - "personality"), gait, voice - in short, our whole appearance.

- It characterizes only the nature of these properties.A personality - a social phenomenon.

«We do not have a common definition of the individual as a subject of psychological research", - reads the famous Soviet psychologist, Academician Petrovsky.You see where we set foot: into the unknown region.

It so happened that the author of these lines was part of one of the many "round tables", arranged by the magazine "Student Meridian".It was attended by Academician Petrovsky, all of you are well-known playwright VS Rozov, a popular actor OP Tabakov, a specialist in social psychology FT Mikhailov and many others.

Here are a few excerpts from the debate, which express the position of the main participants of this "feast".

VS Rozov: Personality you have from birth.But erase as nickle or not - depends on you.I agree with Spock, who said that a person starts with the word "no."

Petrovsky AV: What is a person able to capture themselves - this is one of the most important and comprehensive of its characteristics.We're talking about historical figures, they have embodied themselves with their lives in a variety of people who have left a trace in them.If we could fix this track in others, it probably would have gotten the most complete human characteristic.And if we are talking about an active life position, then it primarily manifested moral principle.We say that a noble person or a mean person.Brock makes changes in its environment, but what good is this change?Active trimmer - the most disgusting that may be.

OP Tabakov: It so happened that I always worked a welcome, love.Catching unloved business, it is hardly possible to become a person.It seems to me one of the important conditions of finding yourself away into the unknown, to the racing star, which is called personality.

FT Mikhailov: How to be a man in today's world?For example, if the subject or his activity mode of operation is set in advance as a diagram, a standard conveyor?Do not succumb to the standard!Treat yourself as a problem.When I from the standpoint of historical cultural attitude to his work, then I think, I'm a man.You must try to remember that we are of the nature of being universal and not highly specialized, it is necessary to awaken in ourselves and in the neighbor of the creator.

As you can see, arguing, mind each other participants of the "round table", but nevertheless agreed on a common idea: the person - it's attitude to himself, to others, to the phenomena of modern life, the attitude expressed in his actions, in the activities of.

have no personality at the age restrictions.Person declares himself an infant, when, firmly pushing PROTECTING mother's hands, making its first independent steps on the ground."I - myself!" And let the while he imitates adult, he - a pioneer, he - the creator is always when he says this proud "I - myself."It opens up the world again, it opens itself.

Person declares himself a teenager, when he makes a conscious choice between good and evil, when overcomes the weakness of the fragile nature, resists the temptations of cheap, when poses challenges and achieves his.

Personality is an ancient old man, in spite of the winter when cool heart generously give away all the last spark of the soul.

to person there are no restrictions in the profession, occupation.Hero of Socialist Labor, turner EN Mariners once told a journalist that he did not understand the division of occupations on creativity and "tedious".For the actors, if you think about it, too, mass production.Every day the same role, to words, to gesture.But the true artist can find in the usual something new and unexpected.Creativity is everywhere possible.

to personality no mandatory the visible insignia and prosperity.Often it is "his own supreme court."Who was Tsiolkovsky for the majority of inhabitants of pre-revolutionary Kaluga?Loser deaf eccentric, poor teacher and a visionary.He retreated from his goal, a dream, it would be a comfortable habitation, high ranks and rewards.But it already was not the Tsiolkovsky.

If you reduce all the above to the most succinct definition, the personality - it is a choice and overcoming.Choice - as the realization of its purpose.And to overcome - like character, will in the implementation of the selection.

definition given man the great physiologist IP Pavlov, a self-regulating and self-improving system (note: two return, the words - "self" and "smiling") says that each of us as a person, as "selfXia ", ie. e. the unconscious itself, organizing itself.Followers Pavlova, deepening the knowledge of man, show us how to evaluate themselves and others.It is necessary first of all to answer the question: what do I want to aspire to something?And the answer will be opened near and distant goals, focus our interests, attitudes, needs, ideals.The second question is: what can I do?The answer will reveal the ability, inclination, or even talent, breadth and depth of interest.The third question is: what is the character, temperament, what is the nature?And the fourth: as a duty and responsibility to themselves and others perceive me?This questionnaire and help to identify the main parameters of the individual.And since the vast majority of people there and the desire, there is a certain ability, finally, the nature and sense of responsibility, the majority has every reason to claim the title, which is sometimes almost seen as a mark of special distinction.

Another thing is that the identity of the person - are different.No wonder the Russian language researchers of this phenomenon is found in 1500 definitions, which specify what kind of person in front of us.They expressed its height and lowlands, advantages and drawbacks: the intellectual, moral, and emotional business.However, when any of you reading books, watching movies, then, and not being burdened with special knowledge on this subject, instantly distinguish: this is - a heroic personality, it is - a talented, generous, broad, it is - a good, bright, attractive, it- selfless, but modest, discreet.But these characters are though referred to as individuals, but with a negative response.Rate and level of activity, the scale of the individual's activity and its impact on others.

figures included in the story, first of all fighters for the happiness of mankind, its leaders, "molders of opinion", they are often determined by the development of peoples for centuries.Their image and ideas shaped the interests and aspirations of millions of people.Many prominent figures have left us their names, but left their creations.We do not know the names of the discoverers of the most important knowledge and skills that help a person to become a master of the planet.We do not know who tamed wild animals, who cultivate plants and crops, who have learned to use fire to melt metal, who built a boat and invented the wheel, who "read" the map of the sky, created the first written and numerals, and so on. D. Andm. n. But individuals were those who took their science, consolidated and perfected useful skills.Eternal workers have left their mark on the planet, they changed the face of the Earth and the manners of close and distant relatives.And they sought to grasp their own skills and abilities, use them to achieve goals in life, control our appetites and passions.

your own experience tells examples convincing: in the early years have the opportunity to declare himself a full-fledged person, who knows how to aim high and challenging goals and achieve them.Among you a lot of that generously endowed by nature, that early start to develop their skills and achieve notable success.There are cases when the names of students called open their stars and comets, know the names of young inventors and poets, artists and athletes.But respect are those who have shown a strong will, determination and managed to beat the struggling science has gained the coveted profession not because of, but in spite of the natural features.

successes in the teaching first of all depends on what goals you are put in front of him, and in what ways will reach them.After all, no wonder they say: education can not be given, but it can take.At the cost of great effort of will, ability and desire to work.And what we see in real life?

One learns to learn more, to acquire a broad and in-depth knowledge about the world and life.This is - one reason, one motive, as psychologists say.In this case, the natural person a wide range of interests, relentless work, autonomy in the methods of execution of tasks.Estimates for him - a consequence, the desired outcome of the work.

Another motif: a man driven by the desire to establish itself proud in the eyes of teachers (or friends) as: erudite man seeks not so much deeply and thoroughly to know how to shine showy phrase, throw "tricky" question.His knowledge in this case may be superficial, intellectual ability will not develop, but is likely to develop agility, resourcefulness, painful vanity, which would deprive the joy of selfless work and will awaken the torments of envy to the one who is ahead in progress, it is gaining greater credibility.

third motif: the doctrine as the fulfillment of obligations in good faith, but without search and excitement.Simply there is such a character trait: all do well, for whatever came from.Useful feature.Although it does not always give a bright and juicy fruit of effort, but does not threaten a waste of time.Namely, such a threat is looming over those who are doing a slipshod manner.And also "in principle".There are those among you who are not so much learning, as artfully pretends.All the mental energy at the same time is spent on it, to avoid trouble, bad evaluation and reprimands.Of course, with such an attitude to the teaching of some development takes place, memory training, for example, but we can rightfully say ten years, the ten most important milestones in the development of personality in vain.There has been no disclosure to himself and to others of all abilities, inherent from birth, they have not received further development.And naturally so arranged: that does not develop, it dies.You'll see less capable of longer time to better know how to.

«Capable troechniki" - a fairly common phenomenon in the school.It is because of this medium out all disgruntled losers: they much want, feeling their capabilities and forces surrounding them expect a lot, but they can do little because of the fact that it is difficult to catch up, but still - it is difficult to overcome the inertia of hack-work irrelevantand, consequently, to himself.

According to experts, the most productive focus is not on student success, not even the subject, namely, the self-development and self-improvement.And not only the student, but also a person engaged in any activity.Here, for example, he said that the woman cosmonaut twice Hero of Soviet Union Savitskaya on the development of their abilities in air sports and the preparations for Kosmoplavanie: "When I started to seriously engage in aviation sports, I realized that there needed to progress above all self-control, self-awareness.What did - it turned out did not work - will appreciate.This habit is analyzed to constantly improve, of course, very necessary and in preparing for a space mission. "

necessary to develop such a habit, and all of us to soar above the bustle of everyday life and standard gain maturity.There are just words of Marx that the self - the first condition of wisdom.

All that has been said here about your training activities can be fully attributed to any extracurricular affairs and relations.After all, a lot of these guys, whose interests and inclinations are revealed and realized in all sorts of circles, sections, even in the yard companies, friendly, cordial and family ties, and it happens that a respected outside the door of the school identity within its walls is unenviable, and vice versa:a student activist, and in the yard - an outcast, all driven, restless incompetent.

This is another feature in the definition of a person: the diversity of its estimates.So, at school, at work, the main criteria for evaluating a person associated with success in teaching, in fact, and moral qualities sometimes seen as secondary.In any class, there are guys that do not differ outstanding achievements in teaching, practice, sport, invention, art, but all evidence of their good nature, sense of honor, justice, compassion, selflessness Their advantages do not bring any medals, no applause, no first place (thisunthinkable to imagine: first place for compassion).But just because they have to be valued very highly, that are boys without greed and thirst without someone ahead.But, unfortunately, we sometimes forget that moral properties and qualities ultimately determined all made by us on earth in the name of that achievement, success, opening?The degree of activity, level of activity, the highest and most ambitious, can be turned into evil people, or just for the sake of "a favorite" does not stand the test of honor and conscience, justice and dedication.And Then the - what is the merit that kind of personality ?!

-.... Is evil, selfish people are also capable of self-regulation, self-improvement, etc., ie, have an important property of the person?Yes, these concepts are somehow difficult to apply to them?- Surprised some of you.