Love and Culture

Let's think first of the very concept of "culture" in conjunction with the words "feelings", "attitude".What a strange phrase?Is not it?Could there be a phenomenon more independent from the conventions, by regulation, from the standard, rather than love?

However, in discussions about the nature of love, the way it manifests itself already before we were forced to recognize that, for all its naturalness, ease it manifests itself in the form of advance store for her a certain way of life, norms and rules, which grow and are brought up in love.

All known moral categories - shame, modesty, courtesy, empathy, general education - social phenomenon.Girls of some African tribe, do not know the clothes, not ashamed of nudity, and, on the other hand, closing certain areas of the body.Residents of the southern countries find it for ignorance restraint in expressing joy and sorrow.According to their ideas, truly grieving the one who tears his hair, sprinkle them with the ashes.And the form of sympathy should be si

milar.A Japanese consider indecent even the closest relatives mourn the dear deceased.Everyone should smile, so as not to upset her grief of others.The same is true in the manifestation of the love of attraction: in different races, nations, tribes, and even classes, social groups, their customs, tastes and habits.

At the same time, in one country, but its different edges are subject to different laws, attitudes, customs, rules.

In the United States a long time in different states have different conditions of divorce: some are extremely strict, in others - not.And often the citizens of one state came to the other in order to quickly perform this procedure.

Can they work out some principles that are equally well received in different circumstances?For example, at one time the inhabitants of our big cities have been shocked by the new fashion, appearing in boys and girls: walk down the street arm in arm, to show their love."Corrupting influence of the West" - indignant ones."Like a peasant boys with the girls walk on the outskirts," - condescendingly grinned .Other.And others just waved their hands: "I do not understand that love - a special kind of energy.No wonder they say:.. The currents of the heart, soul glow, etc. The more people who come into contact with a hot feeling in E lovers, the longer they take away the heat. "

Who is right: young people or judge - decide for yourself.Or another example.Imagine the situation of the young men who grew up in a family where there was adopted an appeal quite free, even cavalier, and suddenly he finds himself in an environment where frequent visits to the house is already regarded as a sign of a serious preference exerted by the girl, as some obligations assumed by the younghuman.

Or, on the contrary, a young man brought up in the regulations, prescribing every way to hide the natural movement of the heart.He looks, frequent meetings makes it clear his girlfriend to her location, but she does not understand the language attitudes, conventional gestures.So much drama, that sense of undivided.And since modern man and then turns in an unusual environment, such collisions - is no exception.

Waiting exactly the same reaction to the same effect, even in the most immediate relatives - labor in vain.Say you do not like when someone is interfering in your affairs, and so do not hurry with the intervention in the case of his friend (friend, relative).And the one (or ones) without support, sympathy can not live (can not).Your non-interference, of course, will be seen as indifference, arrogance, even selfishness.

So, we came upon a contradictory phenomenon.And since we have already acquired some experience in dealing with similar difficulties, then they will not be afraid of the future.And let us turn to our trusted mentors: dictionaries and sayings of wise people.

In the "Dictionary of Ethics" we find the following definition: "Culture of feelings - the degree of social development," humanized "feelings, emotional spirituality of man";feelings and themselves - a product of social experience life personality, its communication and education.Human feelings are a part of nature, but sanitized culture.In their manifestation can be seen on the breeding of humans.That's why ill-mannered discharge can get people educated, because culture is not limited to education, it covers the whole holistic spiritual and moral world of people.