Sexual abuse of children and its consequences

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Intimate Family Life

child sexual abuse is defined as any action in which the child uses a much older man for his sexual pleasure.Sexual abuse of children includes not only the sexual act (which in fact is rare), but also any sexual activity, including oral-genital contact.In some cases, there may be non-contact and criminal behavior, such as masturbation, carried out in front of the child.

In all these cases, an adult commits a wrongful act, even if the child has no objection to them.The offender (usually male) uses its power and influence on the child in order to persuade him to sexual activity at an age when the child is not yet able to answer for their actions.Although some countries have laws prohibiting the sexual abuse of children, the offender can be held accountable and the articles of the Criminal Code that deal with rape and attempted rape.

In most cases, sexual abuse of children is carried out by any of his family members or close friends of the family.Of course, hugs and kisses - an integral part of family l

ife, but when such acts between an adult and a child are taking erotic nature, including touching the genital area, it shall come into force a law banning sexual abuse of children.

perpetrators of sexual abuse of children, belong to different sectors of society and lead different lifestyles.Most of them have resorted to sexual abuse of children to satisfy their sexual hunger, others use these sex in order to experience the closeness or feel superior.Many of them do not want to cause harm to the child or to be some kind of physical or psychological trauma, but nevertheless just that everything comes to an end.

Sexual abuse of a child victim inflicts severe physical and (or) psychological trauma.Most often this happens if a child is being sexually abused for a long time a member of the family or someone close to the child's family.Psychological trauma is not only physical violence, but also by undermining confidence and psychological manipulations carried out on the child.In such cases, children are powerless and can not withstand such attacks, they can not explain to others what had happened.This often leads to the fact that the child begins to feel isolation and distancing himself from the others.At the same time the psychological tricks that the offender uses to hide

their actions often make the child feel guilty as if there is something to blame him.In all cases, the blame for these crimes lies entirely only on the offender.

consequences of child sexual abuse vary widely.It depends on the specific circumstances.Anxiety or depression begin to appear almost immediately after a child is in such a situation.In addition, the children begin to exhibit unusual for his age, interest in everything that concerns sex, bathing in a bath, toiletries and underwear.If you notice that your child has such behavioral traits, you should consult with your doctor or show the child pediatrician.If you are absolutely sure that the child was raped, you should immediately report it to school authorities, which in turn should contact the police.You can contact the police and directly.A child victim of sexual abuse, needs the help of a psychotherapist or psychoanalyst, they explained to the child that really happened, who is to blame, and, most importantly, to convince a child that what happened is not his own fault.This assistance from specialists is necessary for each child who has been sexually abused.

serious consequences of sexual abuse of a child should not be underestimated and should not be taken for granted.Of course, each case is different.But in general we can say that those who as a child was sexually abused as adults, are experiencing considerable difficulties in their sexual lives, and it is very difficult to enter into intimate relationships with other people.Few victims of sexual violence can avoid serious consequences.But if the case of sexual violence remained undiagnosed, the echoes of memories may come back to haunt many years later, and they cause problems with sexual partner.In our time, adults who have experienced the act of sexual abuse in childhood, can get enough qualified therapeutic and psychological assistance.