Marriage for love

about the feeling of love, people speak differently.The word "love" is used in a wide variety of values.By defining their relationship, men and women say they have fallen out of love in love or lost love.Love is also called the feeling that people experience to his family, friends and loved ones.All these manifestations of feelings of love are very important for people, but for them we will not stop.It focuses only on married love.

I am convinced that the feeling has arisen between a man and a woman, who show interest in each other, can generate a real mutual love even when interest takes the form of disguised any benefit.I believe that the interest in each other people have the potential to create your marriage and for love.Love is curative, it gives life and freedom, exudes energy.She is strong and activities.For it is worth fighting for, for her to live.Everyone deserves a big happy love.

definitions of love in different people at the same time and confuse and explain the meaning of this feeling.For

some authors, defining the word "love", quoting the ancient Indian word «lubhyati», which means "he wishes."Others use a word of Greek origin, such as «eros» and «agape».In the dictionary of N. Webster (1758-1843) 2 says that it is "a deep sense of personal affection, sympathy or understanding of the ties of kinship;passionate attachment. "

I understand the word "love" has the charm and the desire and unconditional goodwill.Loving people can express to each other their important feelings openly and directly, without any ulterior motives.The love must be bright glitter, joy and pleasure.She is a passionate attachment and a strong physical attraction.It has its ups and downs.In love, the feelings of two people merge into a steady stream of mutual trust and appreciation.

active love is to be the spouse tenderness, respect, trust and loyalty.Concepts such as attachment, devotion, do not convey the strength and depth of feeling, called the word "love."3. The Austrian psychologist Freud (1856-1939) said that love - is attachment, not feeling.However, should it object to, as people often experience affection for those who do not even like them.

man who loves another wishes for him all the best.He does not ask: what benefit is it for this love?In history there are facts, when kings renounced the throne, refused the inheritance and all the riches in order to marry the woman he loves, considering the feeling of love, the greatest value in life.

Married love is usually manifested more fully and strongly.It concentrates on a specific person, tying together the inner essence of the two men.True love is not limited to the external manifestations, it penetrates into the heart of the elect.

closeness and intimacy often arise gradually by everyday worries.Sometimes intimacy promotes a wonderful evening with music and flowers, when both partners are hovering in the atmosphere of romance, happiness and love.The feeling of deep intimacy comes with a shared read the book, as well as while walking alone in the rain, or when visiting a music concert.And then the couple whose marriage is based on love, get pleasure from marriage-partnership.

I knew the couple, who after ten years of a rather tumultuous marriage, and reaching the unity of feelings, continued to love each other.The wife left her husband a note in the mirror, where he usually shaved, read: "I want you to change something in their actions and words.But I can not stop loving you even if you do not, because I love you just the way you are.I often do not like what you're doing, but I love you.Is there a sense of "husband wife wrote in response:" I am glad that you liked me for who I am, or what our marriage?I do not want to play the show for you.I just want to be myself.When I feel like me, when I want and I can change something.In joy and sorrow, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health ... I love you. "

married life was going much better if the partners love each other's individuality, not just for the sake of convenience, romance, partnership or spiritual unity.