Disharmony of the human body and sexual feelings

Recall the history of relations between the two peer-to-school, the heroes of the Yugoslav film and the title: "It's time to love" the film in its time enjoyed great popularity, because you are sure that most of you know his collision.Briefly recall the content of the painting: a girl and a boy, high school students, met at the dance, fall in love, they say, at first sight relationships developed in the rhythm of modern dance: violently, wildly and recklessly.And now the price paid: pregnancy, abortion, the despair of parents, teachers condemnation, attempts to separate the lovers.And - a happy ending: a wedding, graduation, departure from the construction team.

What do you think, whether such relationships can teens do without drama, without suffering ?!And whether the story was bound to come to an end as well?I am convinced that suffering was originally programmed.Inappropriate and untimely adult relationships among those who attend child care, as is the high school, those who do not have the social s

tatus of self, adults.

And again, they did not give her time to mature sense, rise from the unconscious desire in genuine love, which, as you recall, is based on a friendly disposition and respect - feelings do not arise suddenly, at a glance.

Usually in such cases my opponents vigorously cite the example of Romeo and Juliet and other examples of great and eternal love almost instantly arose teenagers.Objection tells statistics: among those who sign up to the wedding was less than a month, the highest percentage of divorces.Long-lasting love at first sight - a lucky break, a rare luck.In my presence, the registrar's office workers dissuaded the young couple to marry: they have seen enough of how enthusiastic scatter the first impulse of the first difficulties of living together.

Finally, it is time to cease to operate the example of Romeo and Juliet, if only because "there is no sadder story in the world" than the story of their love.It lasted - the same moment, and who knows what would have family relations in the pair, as well resolve the conflict between the parents as he ended the Yugoslav film.

Our young contemporaries, the heroes of this film took place following severe tests, which are truly loving and have a certain sense culture, young people certainly would have avoided.In schoolgirls I had to be born child.And her beloved, get the wind up, throwing her words - alas!- So common in its cruelty: yours, they say, is the concern.And even then he rushes, looking for ways to get money for an abortion, she despairs when she learns of the tragic consequences of the operation (his girlfriend is not kids!) - All of it, if you say the truth, nothing seriously to correct.They have already laid the first stone on the grave of his love.

Well, they got married in the end, well, left by their parents in distant lands.And what of it?Where they will leave on their own memory?And it will raise them all: his impatience, its rapid consent (that's the basis for the seemingly causeless jealousy), his cowardice and betrayal, her, though temporary, aversion (that's the reason for the disrespectful suspicion).More - more - will face the problem of children.She will crave them and blame the fact that they do not, man.It can be due to lack of children decide to marry another woman.Or, if not dare to take such a step will be hidden and eternally suffer, too, accusing his wife: she could not restrain his impulse!

It should expressly recognize that in this movie, adults, parents and teachers were not better prepared for this kind of situation than adolescents.As if we were growing up, and really forget their experiences of this complex age.

Great Russian physiologist Ivan Mechnikov in the last century drew attention to the disharmony of the human body and sexual feelings.He wrote that the child is still not completely adapted for reproduction, and yet sexual feeling he is so detached that he gets the opportunity to abuse them.What happens?Three points which by its very nature must necessarily be the same - sexual desire, sexual pleasure and reproduction, moving away from each other at intervals of a few years.The girl of ten years, is able to strive to become a wife, be a wife she can only sixteen years old, and to be a mother - not earlier than twenty!

Here is another explanation why the feelings and human relations must necessarily be adjustable consciousness and moral rules and correlated to a specific age and gender.And that in fact would have to be over a ten girls recognize the right of adult relationship because feelings, then they can be very powerful.And at the same time, young men, even when they are physically seems to be quite ripe for fatherhood, feelings may be completely immature, boyish.

But while many mothers of young men, as heedless of the parent movie parsed us to believe that all the anxiety and excitement about the relationship of adolescents - on the conscience of the girl's parents let, they say, they no longer look after their child.In men, the children will not be born.

Hardly can agree with this.Children are due to carelessness sons more often than for frivolity girls.Those trying to keep something, persuade his friends to move facet proximity.But the young man, as a rule, require them to "evidence" of love.And having received them, do not consider itself bound to prove the same thing has its responsible attitude to the consequences of love.Genuine same maturity, as we know, is defined not so much feelings, even acts as the ability and willingness to respond, and for and more.It

- physiological and psychological contraindications to early sexual relations.Social lie in the fact that today's teenagers either materially or professionally is not independent, is entirely dependent on their parents.So, in good conscience, do not have the right to decide their own destiny without the participation of seniors.Otherwise, it will be a kind of violation of the Family Code, sabotage against the parents.As against teachers: adult relationship appropriate in the adult team.It is also to be understood.

But who of the characters of the film and they are examining similar thinking in this age of such developments?They did not look away, not plotting to create a family.The marriage, let's face it - forced.Although young people and assure themselves, as if joined knowingly and voluntarily.

Unfortunately, quite often phenomenon, when it is not optional and mature decision appears in young couple's first child.

Forced marriage, unexpected child that can be frustrating at the beginning of family life?No, not because of hypocrisy, not because of addiction to conservative attitudes continue to repeat adult contemporary girls and boys about the need strictness of morals, endurance, conscientiousness, shame.All of these properties - part of universal spiritual culture, which we are called to protect and improve.

famous at the beginning of the XX century.Austrian researcher, author of the sensational at the time of the book "Sex and Character" Otto Vayninger argued that in some regions of the western civilized world with a certain cyclical appears feminist movement, the so-called supporters of women's equality.In their behavior, along with male virtues - determination, strength of character, courage - come and purely masculine vices: the tendency to drunkenness, promiscuity in words, manners and actions, irresponsible attitude to offspring.Even in the exterior of the women seemed to have renounced all female, pull together, hide, disfiguring breast, tightened figure so as not rushed in the eye thigh.They take all the attributes of men - clothing, footwear, manners.

At some point, the feminist movement goes to extremes: fertility starts to decline, social mores fall, negatively affecting the state foundations.Typically, the first woman bethink themselves and open up a new movement: for the settlement of sexual relations with the strictness of the rules.The understanding: the morality of the nation above all pesto woman.And if she refuses to be a bar and a decent, good-bye morals.

Genuine female revolution had a different nature and other forms of expression.Here's how he wrote about Engels in his book "The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State": the transition from group marriage, from promiscuity, from "conception of sin" to "monogamy was accomplished mainly through women.The more to the development of economic conditions, therefore, with the expansion of the ancient communism and increasing population density legacy of old gender relations lost their naive primitive character, the more they must have seemed degrading to women and oppressive;more persistently were women seek as disposal, the right to chastity, of temporary or permanent marriage with one man only.From this step forward men could not come among other things simply because they have never, even up to the present time, it occurred to abandon the comforts of actual group marriage.Only after the women was the transition to pairing marriage, men were able to introduce strict monogamy (edinobrachie.- TA) - of course, only for women "(K. Marx and F. Engels, Collected Works, s, t. 21.. 56).

Note: Engels - a strong opponent of gender inequality - says suffered by women "the right to chastity" as a step forward.And it does not call for equality in vice.

Next Engels writes: "The first to appear in the history of class antagonisms coincides with the development of the antagonism between husband and wife with monogamy, and the first class oppression coincides with the enslavement of the female male.Monogamy was a great historical advance, but at the same time it opens up ... more still an era when all progress at the same time means a relative regression, when the well-being and development of the one carried out at the cost of suffering and oppression of others "(Ibid, p. 68-69).

But why is a woman considered to himself "humiliating and painful" promiscuous sex, why is it has requested monogamy, and then so long one has agreed to bear its strap?

seems observant women in ancient times caught pattern: healthier, more agile, successful offspring of the mother, which is firmly attached to the man - the father, worker, breadwinner and protector.Now something really, no one doubts the benefits of a strong family in the upbringing of children, housekeeping, even in the professional achievements.(Recent studies show a direct correlation of every kind of human prosperity - in the cases in the works, health -. From the family frets)

It turns out that for centuries women were brought to the moral inequality, too, for the good of the children, as it may seem strange.Because without science is aware of: the behavior of the mother are more responsive to the welfare of offspring than the father's behavior.That's why daughters brought more rigor than sons.

nature of moral rules and regulations was not something given to all people from the beginning and forever.There are different customs in different nations were supporters of polygamy and polyandry, even supporters of celibacy.But it is the presence of ordered links indicating whether this tribe came, the people from the state of savagery, or is still in the hold.

However, now we can face with just such a phenomenon that society has reached the highest flourishing of science, technology, art, falls into a state of savagery in sexual relations.An example is the "sexual revolution", has spread in the West, which, according to some of its apologists, should contribute to the destruction of centuries of inequality in gender relations, the construction of the elemental forces of love to the rank of science.To implement these objectives involved the media, who opened fire on human qualities such as shame, shyness, modesty, loyalty, declaring their philistine, sanctimonious manifestations alien to the enlightened and free-thinking person.There were beliefs that sexual education of youth is enough to build a happy family.

dissemination of literature and movies, not only withdrew the mysterious veil with intimate relationships, men and women, but also relishes the details of promoting "sex technique" has led to the fact that the "transmission" youth began to detect a tendency to all sorts of distortions, appeared mental illnesson this basis, not to mention the sharp increase in sexually transmitted.An increasing number of young people do not want and can not build a normal family relationships.

According to some estimates, between half and two thirds of divorces in England, Japan and the United States occur among other reasons, due to sexual dissatisfaction partners or other violations in the activities of the sexual sphere.Denmark, France and Germany are the focal point of this "theory and practice", corresponding to flood the world market "popular and scientific" literature.And it is precisely in these countries the birth rate and the stability of marriages is poor.

On the fall of social morality and family say with great concern all honest people in these countries.In France and Germany press describes as "social suicide" supporters "of the sexual revolution."There is nothing new in it, the more revolutionary.

Debauchery used to cool Science famed love, of myself everywhere pipes and enjoying disliking.But this important game is worthy of praise of the old monkeys ancestral times ...

See, for Pushkin's "science of love" in the service of debauchery, "is worthy of the old monkeys."

And now the masses have materially affluent people of the West, as well as the elite of all time, thoughtless, unrestrained consumerism creates a stereotype on which is based the whole system of human behavior, including the intimate area.Just as the car replaced (furniture, clothing, jewelry, toys), unnecessarily, not even having time to grow old and get bored, change and "partner" in the family, or simply living together.Naturally, the less people are connected to each other, the easier this change occurs.And most of all a man and woman, husband and wife, share common children.They require persistence, honesty, loyalty.If so - do not refuse what hinders the procreation and education of children, refuse ... from themselves.All the more so when the general substitutability own children not substitute for other, more "fashionable, modern, more comfortable and pleasant," and it is these properties are considered to be the highest virtues for any thing of any value.

Fetish replacement (treason) as the main sign of prosperity of the individual or family - this is what now defines the style and the moral behavior of many representatives of wealthy circles in bourgeois society.Denial of constancy as a conservative character, views backwardness has become for them a kind of sign of "modernity".Any persistence.In the.In friendship.In cooperation.In love.The family relationship.This - the first cause of rampant sexual anarchy (but not a revolution) in the capitalist world, witnessed by our generation.

second reason - no less tangible and substantial - the absence of constraint and governing principle in human behavior, and a lack of clear moral purpose of their existence.

can recognize that the capitalist countries are now experiencing severe moral crisis.Regulatory effect of religion is weakened, and high ideas, for the sake of which man was intended to restrain coarse desire and passion, in which he voluntarily took the name to the obligations that limit its consumer appetites in all areas, such ideas have no bourgeois society.

So it rushes from one extreme to another: from educating young people prohibitions in matters of sexual relations to binge pornoiskusstva;and from there - in the opposite direction, when there are caste, taking a vow of celibacy and asceticism.Recently, there are signs that in Western countries comes sobering.In Sweden, the government bought all pornoizdaniya and prohibits their subsequent distribution.(This is after how the country has submitted to all an example of permissiveness propaganda, full of "free love.") But some administrative measures do not solve such a complex problem as the moral education of the younger generation.We need moral ideals, illuminated and supported science and art.He made me an offer.What to do?I am 20 years old.What do I do now?