Marriage , partnership


romantic marriages often created on the basis of abstract dreams and tragic sufferings, the partnership-marriage is much closer to real life.Instead of blind adoration partners-friends who came to love the human qualities of each other, go through life together.Such relations spoke excellent French writer and philosopher Albert Camus (1913-1960).

Do not walk ahead of me -

I can not go after him.

Do not walk behind me -

I may not be able to lead.

Come near me

And whether I'm just a friend.

word "comrade", "companion" (companion) once meant a person who eats bread with others.Now the word "comrade" is used in a broader sense.It concluded similar emphasis on the ideals of the people, in their common interests and objectives in life.A prerequisite perform the same tastes, for example related to music and art, common hobbies one of the sport, a shared love of gardening, and so on. N.

Marriage, based on common interests and mutual attraction, can be regarded more as a community that does not exc

ludeactive love relationship.Two people can not spend all the time together, but to act in full agreement.It is not necessary to deal with it the same thing.They find pleasure in the general interest and respect for the independent interests of each.Such relationships of spouses, even if they started without much passion, too often turn into marriages that store a lot of love and devotion to each other for life.

marriage-partnership between the spouses is not uncommon, for which the relationship itself does not represent the value at which sexual relations do not bring joy and pleasure, and sexual desires fade away due to illness or any other reason.

Over time, with the age of community, partnership of the spouses becomes for them the most important part of marriage.For older people, this is particularly important, when there are people with whom you can share all the joys and sorrows of life, which can be taken care of, thanks to which a person is deprived of loneliness.Consequently, marriage based on companionship, community is created when both partners' interests.

Marriage-community is found not only among the elderly.Many young couples first check each other for a long time, sometimes even for some time live together, and then find that their relationship is give the soil to create a family, they decide to marry.These spouses - comrades in the full sense of the word.They will support each other in any trouble.For many of these people is more important than comradely relations romantic feelings.They enjoy each other's company for other reasons.In marriage they have a solid foundation of mutual feelings, based on a subtle understanding of each other, which are a guarantee of good family relationships in the future.

Marriages-partnership liberate spouses, because friendship is not governed by the laws of society, or it exists in a marriage is only for two people.Usually friendly marriages are very strong.However, emancipation and freedom sometimes give one of the spouses the possibility of entertainment on the side, and this need can be met in the sexual, and the social and cultural spheres.Sometimes these "distraction" from the marriage take the form of genuine passion as a hobby, such as politics, sports, gardening or official duties.Sometimes they mean extramarital affairs.So-called "open marriages" often coexist with a fellow marriages, because in these side unions one partner legal marriage began to appear the trend toward freedom at a lower level.