Romantic marriage

Romantic love is often the case in somewhat idealized love, love to love, passion, heated strong, exciting erotic feelings.Sometimes the passion grows into true love for life, but it may well remain a passion.When people have a romantic affair, they may lose the ability to eat, sleep, work.Like Romeo and Juliet, they are ready to commit suicide, if they do not have opportunities to connect with each other.Romantic feelings I would compare with this condition, when the beloved mood fluctuates from tops excitement to utter despair, and vice versa.The Greeks believed that the love manifestation of mania phase, and the famous Spanish philosopher X. Or tag y Gasset (1883-1955) saw it as a temporary condition similar to mental illness.

Romantic love is one of the most popular themes of literature, film and television programs.This theme draws its theatricality.

When people burn with passion, in love with love, they are very pleased to look into each other's eyes and talk for hours on the phone.Often, they in

vent secret code: sweet words, gestures, or an expression of a person who has a special, exalted, often erotic matters,

Romantic feelings are sometimes caused by physical attractiveness, and exaggerated perception of beauty, as well as other external characteristics of the person.The famous actor Richard Burton describes the rapture that engulfed him when he first saw Elizabeth Taylor, lying on the edge of the pool, "She was the most amazing, independent, beautiful, remote, inaccessible woman I've ever seen."Romantic feelings can erupt as a result of exaggeration is not only the physical data, but also the skills, knowledge or intellect love object.Often, the first strong passion caused admiration appearance, weakened with the loss of a sense of novelty.If people married on the basis of this love, there is nothing more than a binder, their union can easily collapse.

In the old romantic love usually had nothing to do with marriage.The courtiers and knights of the Middle Ages were associated with their spouses only obligations, and the passion and adoration experienced other ladies.In their understanding of romantic love were samomuchenie and suffering.Sexual desire suppressed and poured into a fiery passion platonic.Incidentally, the word "passion" has the same origin with the word "suffering."lovers severed obstacles often.In some cases, for their feat of overcoming the knight was needed to win the favor of the beloved, in others - a chastity belt in his beloved, who is not allowed to pass the border of the forbidden relationship, helped to sustain the passion at the proper level.

This representation of people of the Middle Ages can be seen as a historical basis for modern romantic views on love and marriage.Every person at least once experienced the passion and strong sexual attraction to another person, of course, remember the feeling of ecstasy that engulfed it in anticipation of the meeting or secret hugs and inconsolable grief of parting, has filled his heart after meeting.In romantic love feelings are much sharper than when loved ones forcibly disconnect if on their way stand obstacles such as, for example, disapproval of their relationship family members.Parents may refuse to host in house of a man whose love their son or daughter.Service in the army a young man, the desire of one of the lovers before marriage to finish school work or distant potential spouse can cause separation.Lack of funds, contradictory understanding of values, religious antagonism or reliance on other, more profitable marriage are also an obstacle to an alliance between lovers.

the world for centuries romantic love has taken various forms, had a variety of manifestations, but its main elements have always remained constant.Idealized exaggeration of another human qualities, increasing the passion of the obstacles to marriage insurmountable social barriers between the lovers, and many other factors make them feel real love, as they say, to the grave.However, once obstacles disappear of their union and marriage becomes a real possibility, often goes out the sharpness of the senses considerably or disappears altogether.

Often couples entered into marriage with such feelings, then complain that "they do not romance left" that "disappeared heat of passion."End of the honeymoon of such spouse is like the end of the romantic period and the extinction of passion "fever" causes the above mixture of suffering and delight when the obstacles seemed so complicated, and torment so intense.

One couple who applied for marriage advice, very vividly told about his condition: "In fact, we have all the necessities of life.We are well equipped financially, but since we got married, passion faded charm.Our marriage is now - just boring everyday life.What happened »

Loving man - it's not the same thing as love love.Romantic love involves the recognition and attitude to his beloved as a special and beautiful, but not as adored or idealized man.Romance is needed for real, everyday life of the spouses, but it must be based on a full understanding of each other as in social and intimate areas of the conjugal union.