Marriage of convenience

People who marry the benefits of reasons, most consider this union as a practical solution to any particular problem.Historically, the oldest foundation of marriage - the benefits - at different times take many forms: political, dynastic, economic, psychological, sexual, etc. For example, even in the recent past, difficult life of the farmer demanded maximum concentration of forces in the fields for cultivation and..harvest.His wife and children became a necessity.

known that in the past, marriages are mainly organized parents pursuing primarily benefit.Married son or daughter, parents sometimes get rid of the maintenance costs of their child or, on the contrary, we had the opportunity to receive a dowry, and take the family another pair of hands to help with the family farm.There were other considerations: in-law or daughter-were for the parents as it ensures that in old age for them who will care for.

And today, people sometimes enter into a marriage of convenience, although the reasons leading to it

, may differ from those that were in their ancestors.Some modern marriages are motivated by a sense of social benefits or social need.There are people who find it more advantageous and suitable for yourself to choose a partner for the calculation, rather than make an effort and put ourselves in feeling the problem of choice.

Very often young people think: "All the people I know are married.What am I, worse than the others?I never really thought about these issues.I just always knew that will do to college, getting married, and I will have a lot of children! »

young man or girl reaching the age when most of their friends are married, often feels the need to follow suit as soon as possible.And the fact that the right partner is not always "at hand", they do not bother.In an effort to do so, others, people may mistakenly carry out their choice, giving the boy or girl nonexistent qualities rejecting perhaps more preferred candidates.Here is where the roots lie of many errors that later can greatly complicate the life.

Some people enter into marriage for the sake of psychological comfort.They create a family in order to satisfy their need to care about someone and, in turn, feel the care of themselves.Consciously or not, they are choosing the right partner to fulfill the expected role.If in a subsequent marriage, one partner will start to refuse to continue to play, in his view, useful or useless role, then the marriage can change for the better or will gradually disintegrate.

psychological benefits of marriage, some people see that rid themselves of loneliness.They are trying to marry out of a sense of fear or anxiety for his lonely future.Indecisive person needs a partner who knows how to make decisions, which is also another prerequisite for marriage for reasons of psychological comfort.

... I knew a girl who belonged to the type of people who like to take care of others.She was friendly and attractive, full of energy, at parties is always in the spotlight.She married a quiet and serious young administrator.He, as I learned, was counting on the active charisma future wife, who could shine at receptions arranged by his firm, and thereby contribute to the consolidation of its position.

serious motivation for marriage is the possibility of an intimate relationship.While some men and women prefer the periodic change of partners in anticipation of unexpected encounters, yet most people want to have a reliable and permanent intimate relationship.These people are not interested in the search for a potential sexual partner.On the contrary, they are completely satisfied with the belief that such a permanent partner they already have.

family and religious traditions are directed against pre-marital sexual relations.Therefore, many people who have a strong, sometimes not amenable to control sexual desire, aspire to join as soon as possible in the marriage, without thinking about the haste of its decision.And it may come under pressure from their own sexual needs, but also because of the settings of your potential partner.It is known that many girls refuse sexual relations before marriage.

main force that unites a man and a woman to live together, we can assume the desire to create a family.If a woman, unmarried, is expecting a child, the more often it subsequently enters into a marriage with his father.Sometimes they resort to this in order to avoid stigmatization.Motive for marriage may be the desire of men and women to give the child's name, the fear that he would be illegitimate.It is estimated that one in five first-born, is born in the United States, was conceived before marriage.Thus, marriage is created for the sake of family education - a phenomenon quite common.

Many young people live together and not make out their relationship to women posts of the future heir.

Then they get married.And not always they do it because they have no other choice, or pursue their fear and coercion.Most of these couples are married because they love each other and want to have children.They believe that they have children and bring them better in marriage than outside the marital relationship.Family for these people - a great value.For their future children they are trying to create a stable, solid house.

Many single men and women, left with their children after a divorce or death of a spouse, tend to remarry more often and for a family.They strive to provide their children with all the benefits of normal family life and, therefore, try to find in your partner for the future of their father or mother.Expected benefits may be to help with the education of children or financial support.Quite often, the creation of the family contributes to the need for carrying out future partner onerous economic functions - washing, cooking, repairing household items, etc.

But we can not deny the fact that second marriages are often based on deep affection feelings of love and mutual

bring up children alone extremely difficult.Therefore, for many single fathers and mothers remarry simply necessary.

Economic considerations are often the basis of marriage.This happens when two quite wealthy people want to join their state or one of them aspires to own property or another wants to open their access to the money of the future partner.In those marriages in which the husband's family aims to protect the family fortune from someone else's encroachment, the bride sometimes forced to advance to waive all rights to her husband's property for themselves and future children.

When we talk about economic considerations in marriage, we have in mind and young people with a stable income, even not very big, but who enjoyed success as attract future partners of its robust economic base.

economic motives are also many marriages of elderly people living on a pension.To conduct a joint household for them is business more profitable.

economic benefits of marriage may be associated with the type of partner selected.The man who is in a certain corporation and dreams of a professional career, and sometimes stops the choice on the girl, corresponding to the representation of the corporation of "decent spouse" for its long-term employee.It's not a secret that my wife is able to play a decisive role in the appointment of her husband to a higher position.For example, an insurance company by hiring a new employee, may wish to talk to his wife in order to have an idea of ​​its ability to provide support to her husband on his official career, as well as readiness to while away the long evenings alone, when husband busy with the spread of insurance policies.

reasons of economic benefits often do not break even the most unhappy marriages.One of my colleagues once told about his life.He fell in love with a woman.She wanted him to divorce his wife.But my colleague knew the legal wife will do everything possible to deprive him of his livelihood.He said that for the day ever got a divorce, he would have been without a cent.Upon reflection, my friend decided not to part with their money.So he's still married.

Dynastic marriages are often for political reasons.To join the clan, land, state, and sometimes military force last royal advisers spend a lot of time trying to create a union, which would bring the necessary military and political advantages.The bride and groom in such situations appeared silent participants in the great political game.

Often young people first saw each other only on the wedding ceremony.

Marriages for rational reasons in life are quite common.However, in any marriage, many people want to know before the wedding, one of the spouses will provide cash income, one of them - clean the house.These spouses find it very convenient for them to have one source of intimate joy, live, relying on a clear division of responsibilities (whether intentionally or prevailing, negotiated by itself), being married, to bear the burden of economic worries.

marriages of convenience entered into for purely rational reasons often provide a practical solution to a variety of real-world problems.They can maintain its strength and stability for a long time, as long as the relationship between the couple will be beneficial to both partners.

marriage can be preserved and if each spouse acts in accordance with the expectations of the other or under the premarital agreement.Then convenience newfound married, it becomes stable.Very often such marriages are slowly starting to incorporate elements of romanticism and partner relationships develop into true love.