Marriage in a new light

Some restrictive traditions in marriage, adopted in Europe, have been transferred to the New World by the first settlers.For example, a dogmatic condemnation of Calvin intimate pleasures prevailed in the minds of Americans, especially the Puritans, for many years.Antisexual and moralistic installation took its origin from the Roman law, served as the basis for the British legislation.The code for a long time prevailed in the colonies.Gradually, the women loaded many responsibilities at very low rights.So, they had no right to own property, sign the official papers.The husband could be completely isolated his wife, had the right to demand unquestioning obedience in private life, and could choose their place of residence at its own discretion.

In the early period of colonization marriages were almost exclusively for reasons of convenience.Widespread received religious views on love and marriage.Family life was considered secondary to religion.The intimate side of the marital relationship is rejected as a

hook couple must have been thinking only about the education of children, and to perform religious rites.

However settlers environment gradually formed the desire for greater freedom.Development of new lands, new opportunities for success and promotion of different social ladders contributed to the fact that the colonists thrown off the shackles of many traditions.In 1630, Anne Hutchinson - the first woman among the New England settlers - questioned the correctness of the subordinate status of women and their limited freedom in marriage.For active to promote their ideas, she and her followers were killed.But the idea of ​​equality has been supported and developed by other women, especially Abigail Adams.

Abigail, wife of John Adams (1735-1826), who later became the second president of the United States of America believed that the British legislation is necessary to change the constitutional granting women equal rights with men.It sharply criticized the adopted system of marriage laws point to the inequity in marriage, which serves primarily the interests of men.In 1797, she wrote to her husband that the new code of laws, which he as a president should be developed, it should be remembered about women and for them to be more generous and benevolent than its predecessors.She begged him not to give into the hands of men such unlimited power, remember that if a man could, all would have been tyrants, and if you do not provide the care and attention to women, could start an uprising against the rule of law.

Despite the valiant efforts of Abigail Adams, at the insistence of its many associates, the women took a long time to achieve certain vital rights, including marriage.

And now married acts are still many restrictions.In some countries, marriage is strictly organized, is under control.

As in the United States, women have more rights, the attitude towards marriage has changed dramatically.This was aided by first fight women's suffrage, and further feminist movement gaining momentum.An increasing number of modern women decides to work.At the same time, many men are beginning to take on some of the household responsibilities and participate more actively in the process of bringing up children.

Note, however, that have begun to question the institution of an official marriage: some couples live together without legal registration of their relationship.Other couples are trying to make creative use of freedom appeared.Keeping devotion to each other in marriage, maintaining a sense of true love, and they are trying to save their personal freedom.