Marriage in ancient Judah

romantic love and marriage have been closely linked to drevneiudeyskogo people.In the Old Testament can be found on the stories of happy and unhappy marriages.

In "Song of Songs" king Solomon at the wedding the bride and groom dialogue sounds very romantic and passionate."Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth!For thy love is better than wine, "- says groom."You are beautiful, my love!" - Meets the groom ... "I admire you ... my love ...»

story of Jacob and Rachel, probably one of the touching love stories.Jacob, Abraham's grandson, lived with his parents.When it came time for him to marry his mother sent him to his home to seek a wife among his own people.There he met Rachel, and loved it.According to custom, he had seven years to work for her father, so he allowed Jacob to take his beloved wife.But on their wedding night there was a cruel deception: Rachel's father is married to Jacob ugly eldest daughter.Jacob worked another seven years, Rachel's father, just to connect with loved ones, and t

he years of his life flashed as one day, it was a love so strong.

Although romantic feelings played a role drevneiudeyskih marriages, not least also take into account family and financial considerations.Marriages are often drawn up between cousins ​​to preserve the indivisible family property.Highly prized virginity was forbidden incest, impotence and served as grounds for divorce.Widows spared, so in accordance with the laws of the deceased brother or other close relative was to marry the widow.If the man refused to do so, the woman in the presence of the council of elders would dishonor a man: take off his shoe and spit in his face.

However, in ancient Judea, all was not so rosy.Although women are respected and their rights were kept by law, they are in accordance with the religious dogmas were regarded as inferior beings thus, despised for sensuality.Around the V-IV century of the biblical book of Job complained that the curse of "impure" birth hangs over man: "Who can remove clean from the dirt?How can a man be righteous before God?How can he, born of a woman be clean? »