Marriage in ancient times

In prehistoric times, men and women hunted together in small groups.Then it was necessary that someone was hunting, while others stayed at home to cook and keep the fire burning.

About eight thousand years BC, there have been profound cultural changes that have had a dramatic impact on the marriage.From hunting and gathering people began to move to the domestication of animals, and a sedentary lifestyle.As a result, gradually arose rural settlements.Children have become a kind of value.As well as on modern farms, they could take care of the animals, fetching water, weed crops.Gradually increase the value of property ownership.the laws of inheritance, and at the same time developing.

emergence of urban civilization, the development of writing skills and reading led to the first written laws of marriage.These were the laws Hammurapi1 - a set of civil and criminal law, appeared in ancient Babylon.Under these laws the girl belonged to their fathers as long until they were bought by the future husband.Marri

age, therefore, is both an economic transaction, a certain contract between husband and wife.Infertile women were allowed to take the maids, who gave birth to children, to give them their childless housewife.If the women are married, but are not able to bear children, refused to consider his children maids, their husbands were allowed to have a concubine.

In all ancient cultures-marriage and marriage-agreement transactions were commonplace.The groom pay the bride price, which often included a piece of land, it becomes in the future for the young couple the basis of their economy.In the case of divorce on the initiative of the property of her husband, resulting in the repurchase, and children born in marriage, went over to his wife.If the husband refuse to fulfill these conditions a woman can go to court to preserve their legal rights.

husband, in turn, could blame his wife that she was a bad wife, and therefore had the right to make her his slave.The woman had the opportunity to accuse the spouse of cruelty, could even ask for this compensation.In cases where the couple could not resolve their disputes in Babylon practiced custom water test: if the defendant could swim, it was thought that the gods protect him, and he confessed innocent.If a person begins to sink, it was tangible proof of his guilt.

In ancient Egypt, the marriage also consists, as a rule, for economic or political reasons.Often they get married brothers and sisters, not to divide the inheritance for public office or inherited family.During the period of matriarchal inheritance has always followed the female pine nuts, and marital property agreements groom often passed into the possession of the bride.Many Pharaohs married in this regard, their sisters and daughters, even as it helps to keep the throne, and inherited a dynasty.This custom existed in Egypt after its conquest by Rome in 30 BC.e.So, Kleopatra1 was first wife of his elder brother, and then, after his death - his wife's younger brother.Every marriage gave them the right to own Egypt.The same privilege was Mark Antony, who became her last husband.

But it would be wrong to consider marriage in ancient Egypt only the business agreement.Poetry and love songs that distant time the Egyptians sing romantic love.Differing from our style of love songs ( "If I kiss her and her lips slightly open, I'll be happy even without beer"), they sing in poetic form quite modern, we feel.

In many of these songs are words "brother" and "sister" has the meaning "beloved", "close", "favoriteĀ»:

I saw my sister, and my heart rejoiced, and my arms wide open forarms, and his heart with happiness from my breast popped when I saw thee, O my lady, I was going, because if I hug you and your hands open, I feel like I hit it to fragrances.