The essence of fashion

What a monster showed up in the world?What a magician and an evil wizard, in front of which seem to be baffled by all educators, the efforts of all reasonable arguments?

have to admit that fashion was not "suddenly" and not out of nothing.It has always existed (and its antipode - tradition) It is none other than the satisfaction of a natural human need for originality, for change, just like the tradition it has always been pleased natural as the need for life sustainability, repeatability lifestyle, tastes andhabits, developed the ancestors and transmitted to descendants.Both of these phenomena in all their differences - the daughter of one of his father: imitative reflex.And the daughter of a difficult character: not every tradition can be considered reasonable and worthy of conservation at all times, and not every fashion - stupid and deserve immediate eradication.The eternal rivalry between them - is another example of the law of unity and struggle of opposites.

But the extent of their impact has ch

anged markedly in recent years.In a subsistence economy, before the advent of the industrial revolution, the dominant position was for the tradition.Now, increasingly beset fashion.The tradition has been a pillar of a sedentary society, fashion has become the engine of industrial production and its necessary companion.

There was a time when the concept of tradition was combined with the concepts of the people, the nation.The concept of fashion with the aristocracy or with the crowd.Today there is no rigid division.Fashion democratized considerably.Far for an example is not necessary.Jeans!More recently, they have been the most usual work clothes worn by American shepherds (t. E. Cowboys, which means "cow-boy").Now they are presidents, "academics, and sailors, and carpenters," men and women, elderly and children, in the West and in the East.

Clothing less carries a national-class information, more rarely plays a role of social profiles.Soviet mechanic, Swedish workers wear the same suit, such as, for example, the Japanese emperor.The habit to meet on clothes begins to lose under the soil.And very good.Maybe such standardization will impart to people the custom to any counterclaim relate to proactive attention, as the most honorable citizen, and the most famous woman.

Although ... some hamovatye individuals tend to act with the opposite eye: all dressed flashy and cheap assume unworthy kind word nonentities.That is why the question: "Who are you", which we sometimes hear in his office, at sales counters, is defined not only with cardiac involvement, but it happens, and with brazen arrogance.Like, who are you to treat you politely and kindly.

But back to our heroine: Her Majesty the Fashion!

Think she could acquire such scope and such universality, do not be a development of the global industry to such gigantic proportions that it has become quite capable in a limited time to produce the same model in the millions.And have gained widespread fashion, not whether it has such a powerful advocate, as, for example, television, movies, newspapers, magazines?

And who, if not a powerful industry, is interested in the millions of consumers?Only large consignments provide the highest profits.So, you must provoke the desire of customers, inspire, that the possession of this thing gives them some important life benefits.Herculean work of advertising agencies is based on the knowledge of the mechanisms of human psychology.Their task - to convince that it is this

style trousers makes man elegant, beautiful, confident myself.After a while, they also convince you that this style - a sign of misery, conservatism, if by that time the popularity of the model has exhausted itself, and on the way the party other products.

In our country, many of the negative effects of mass production smoothed planned economy, but can not be eliminated completely.Imagine what would have happened with a powerful modern industry, working to meet the material needs of our population, if we all, like the great-grandmother wore for decades things, moreover, passing them by inheritance to the next generation!

not fashion itself is terrible, dangerous drug its effect on the immature soul.Here, try to carry out such a study, or themselves personally of the class as far-fetched.Remove from cabinets, from closets, mezzanines with things that have recently been the subjects of passionate lust: Does your, older siblings or parents.Arrange them muster parade.You can complement exposure photographs from the family album, where show your relatives of the older generation in the clothes of past years.

Look at the things that are periodically proclaimed standards of beauty, perfection, were "the most-most."Rate: Are they worth shed tears, agony of jealousy and desperation?In the end, all the differences and some: more - already is longer - in short, close-fitting - freely, obliquely - right, brightly - smooth ... astonished the ability of the human mind to self-deception: in fact yesterday the most beautiful and desirable seemed boots on a highheel, then - at a low, a thin - on a wide, high-shafted - with shortened.What are we for such pinwheels!It even hurt.

- And what our industry is committed to increasing the quantity and quality of goods varied, if it's the pursuit of mirages and self-deception?Should we condone it or, on the contrary, to contain?

a long time, pull millions of people to things, to food and drink, which does not elevate a person, but on the contrary - it is dropped, explained we only "vestiges of the past" in the minds of people.In recent years, social science sciences seek to identify patterns of this phenomenon is determined by the current conditions of our existence, it is not permitted until the contradictions.

«... The presence of commodity-money relations in the socialist society, the need to implement the plan of turnover still makes production of goods whose consumption is not conducive to the formation of a comprehensive personality" - recognizes the philosopher Nikolai Mikhailov in his book "Socialism and the reasonable needs of the individual".

«This is still painfully flowing process of the struggle of the old with the new, we must realize that, without relying on the all-powerful time, which, they say, all grind, Bolshevik directly and principally to evaluate all the pros and cons of our moral atmosphere.And not with an eye to evaluate, not superficially, but honestly get down to the social causes of and under the conditions of mature socialism antipodes of communist morality.Recent rightly called the vestiges of capitalism, when we have in mind their alienation socialist consciousness.However, using the term "survivals" in order to explain why they are the antipodes still exist and how are played, they are referred only to the account of the ideological influence of the past, or enemy action from abroad.It is unlikely that such an approach might give us the full truth because of the apparent violation of the requirements of dialectical materialist methodology of knowledge and explanation of the phenomena of social reality;because our modern social consciousness so detached from our own modern social life. "

Remember, because until recently it was possible to hear the taunts of this kind: - and even a hat .. when we wanted to catch an imaginary intelligence."Bourgeois" called the man who has put on a tie.

And then we have to admit that passion is often spurred by consumer and provoked such ignoble feeling as black envy.They are like two Siamese twins - inseparable.Getting rid of the greed is unthinkable without getting rid of envy to things.Tolstoy, for example, said that poor man, seeing the rich man is no better than the last.

However, all this yourself in your environment have the opportunity to watch many times.For example, there are in your class children from families paid.They now and then strike his fellow new "firmovymi" things that are most inaccessible either because of their high cost, or because imported from abroad, which not all parents and every day can go.Of course, these guys do not come in a comradely way, arousing in their classmates base feelings.But he who feels envy, unwittingly, pushing the holder of "deficit" of such actions protivokollektivistskie.

Why should, in the end, trick out your peers in clothes and obuvki, which happens quite often good word is not worth, barely get into on the body and legs, restrict movement, requires caution and looking back, no matter how dirty,so as not to tear the precious thing?For what all these torments?Yes, that's it for this: to see and gasp!

Now, if all of us, adults and teenagers, and very small children, no longer experience this feeling of humiliation at the sight of any new items in the wrong hands, everything would change in the system of human relations.If we have learned and to experience the joy of disinterested by what the other there was something unprecedented, something that would be a moral revolution! .. Revolution, the importance of which for the entire public sector, whose development also depends on our gluttony, even unimaginable.

- Here will be installed a communist society, then everyone will be able to receive "according to his needs", ie what and how much he wants, and envy will disappear by itself, -.. Think so imagine the sort of communism the country magical embodiment.All - on the cloth on the ground, on a magic carpet, in a wonderful stick, which only say: "I want to order something" - and all will be executed in the best and the only way.

At all times and at all levels of social production always new products will be manufactured and exist in fewer than the number of potential customers.This means that there will always be scarce, and things will always be unmet desires.The author has cited the book "Socialism and the reasonable needs of the individual," the philosopher Nikolai Mikhailov believes that this situation will be characterized by a communist society to a higher phase of its development.

- So what then considered reasonable needs, if everything is so complicated?If natural instincts work against morality and reason?

NN Mikhailov believes that the reasonable needs that should be called in a socialist society:

«a) provides the conditions of human life;

b) promotes the full and harmonious development of personality;

c) does not contradict the needs of society and contribute to its progress.

contrast, unreasonable requirements under socialism are requests, the satisfaction of which interferes with the normal functioning and development of the human body, leads to the degradation of the individual, the individual is a source of conflict or social groups with the broader social communities and society as a whole.In this sense, unreasonable requirements may be called pathological.This physiological pathology (antivitalnye need for alcohol, smoking, drugs, and so on. P.) And the pathology of social, manifested in antisocial needs, the satisfaction of which is associated with anti-social acts and actions of the subject. "

turns out, neither the number nor quality of things can not be put into the base of determining the reasonableness of the household.But should take into account just the way things are, or interfere with the individual human to exist and develop physically and spiritually.Then immediately begin to line up a clear position, which mingled and confused, when we addressed to a particular example.

more things in the house, the more they take place, take away the air, the light, so necessary for our body.The more they take time and effort to care for themselves.Caring for expensive and complex units involves highly qualified, and hence expensive service.If these things are conducive to the development of physical and intellectual inclinations:.. Sports equipment, costumes, bicycles, etc., or books, paintings, reproductions, different kinds of receivers, players, they only represent a reasonable purchase when you really live up to theirappointment.And become unreasonable when they are slaughtered racks, "wall" when they saturate a vain pride of their owners, contribute to the development and promotion of human vile passions, rather than improve it.In this case, it is reasonable to speak of the pathological and antisocial consumption.

Such conversion may occur with any imagination and creation of human hands.The nature of things is such that reasonable and unreasonable man himself makes them, their owner.With such a view in the same row can quite rightly be people who think they are opposites: the collectors and their resources spendthrifts, connoisseurs of ancient and antique hunters and reckless novelties.All manifestations of extreme bias, reaching harm a person and his entourage equally contraindicated us.

Even alcohol, nicotine, drugs have a dual value.

When they are used for medical purposes, they benefit when consumed in the home - a great evil.As with any product: sugar, salt, bread and meat, oil and honey, vegetables and fruits.Under certain conditions, a certain amount of them for human use, in the other - to the detriment.Sugar and salt in a recently called "white murderers."But they are not big "killer" than the sun, wind and water.Kills the immensity of the measure - gives life.A measure - it is a personal, individual.

In the Far North, for example, food is traditionally based on natural meat and fish.It foods with high calorie, helping to transfer the burdens of harsh sunless winters and short, cool summers.Try to move the residents of the tundra and the Arctic to the average European diet: provided serious illness, exhaustion.

Similarly with clothing.During his trip on the Yenisei to Dixon, I learned that blind adherence to a European style of dress has led to an increase in colds among local residents.The girls, who wore beautiful boots and short coats, instead of the usual torbasses, boots and fur kuhlyanok, paid women's diseases, some of them even remained childless.

And excessive meat consumption residents of southern cities, particularly representatives of sedentary occupations, leading to metabolic disorders.There are all fans of the disease square meal: obesity, gout, premature sclerosis, early hypertension and other "charms".In our country about 50% of the population are overweight.There was even a comic tale: "Our women are concerned about two issues: where to get scarce food and how to get rid of excess weight."

But here much depends on reasonably differentiated supply.In our everyday life, it very often is not coordinated with the needs of nature, the seasons at least.The cold could eat more high-calorie food, the heat confined in fish, vegetables, fruit, whole grain bread and low-fat milk.I am reminded that it is a system used residents of the Parisian district Vilzhuif with whom I happened to meet another in 1959. And it is not the poor Parisians.

Even in the same family can develop a power system for different members.Children - one (even the boys and girls need a different diet), the people of physical labor - its, intelligent - too.Elderly and the sick - a light diet, healthy - food stronger.And different people need different constitutions in quantity and quality food.

Ask: Who is going to cook a variety of dishes?Yes

may not be large differences in the dishes, rather a set of dishes, products, their amount and frequency of administration.

Perhaps the most reasonable and fair to the energy approach to nutrition and to the whole consumption.How much power do I need in order to fulfill its purpose and is not upset, and improve your health - this is the maximum that I can afford.How much energy, physical and mental, would require the purchase and operation of a thing and how it will compensate for these losses - this will be the criterion to do with it.And in general, to get up from the table with a slight feeling of hunger and the healthiest measure in the material and the spiritual power.Satiety in any field as unhealthy as the forced starvation, forced austerity.