Personal relationships are related by

most convincing evidence that the personal relationship is firmly linked to the social order, is the presence of all peoples of the Marriage and Family Code.This code can be written on papyrus, carved in stone, but can - embodied in ritual and theatrical action.It can be taken sole will of the dictator: "so be it" or the general solution of the tribe, the vote of the people - in all cases it requires the members of the community of strict subordination to him."No one is forced to marry, but each must be forced to obey the laws of marriage, since he married" - insisted Marx (K. Marx and F. Engels, Collected Works, Vol 1, p 162...).Without the mandatory rules laid a personal relationship would turn into chaos, and chaos is the most terrible destructive force for society.Because disobedience anyway condemned and penalized.And the penalties for offenses each has its own people.

Benefits receives large family and property distribution.And the state recorded in the Constitution as a principle - to help her in

educating the younger generation.To do this will expand the network of children's institutions, improve service life and food, at the expense of grants will increase the material welfare fund at the birth of each child, and so on. D.

And to many other articles of the Constitution, it would seem, a family is not directional and hernot addressed, have a direct bearing on them to the device of our personal lives.

Just in the interest of every citizen, and thus - the family, written articles, fixing our collective rights to education, work, leisure, health, housing;articles protecting people from attacks on his property, honor and dignity, to the mystery of his personal life.And, of course, essential for the family is the article on equality of rights between men and women.

If you carefully read carefully, you will find that all civil liberties, aimed at equitable distribution of benefits and responsibilities, teach us to be honest and decent behavior and with respect to each other.

state is vitally interested in strengthening and developing the primary unit of society.This means that financial assistance to the family can not be regarded as charity: benefits will come from our common pocket, which hitherto generous, yet all the members of the big family of the Soviet conscientiously perform their civic, professional and human duty.That is why the next articles on the rights of the citizens written articles about our responsibilities.Parents are obliged to take care of the education of children, to prepare them for socially useful work, and to raise them as worthy members of socialist society.Children must meet the care of elderly parents.

But apart from constitutional provisions, there is also a special set of laws - the Code of the family and marriage, which defines in more detail the nature of the relationship of all family members and their responsibilities to each other.It is a kind of reference point of law and justice, which begins below the dishonesty and confusion, above which - true dignity and nobility.

Here, for example, the Code states that a husband and wife have equal rights to own property acquired during cohabitation.A particular spouse N. went to his wife's maid, incapable and, most importantly, not wishing to make any public field or the family.Her idea of ​​marriage is akin to that expressed Madame Kukushkin, character comedy by Alexander Ostrovsky "A Profitable Post".She believed that the wife there to ensure that their husbands dressed as well as possible, looking at them, brought all pleasure, performed every whim.

spouse of such a situation over the years has become unbearable, and he decided to terminate the failed marriage.According to the law of conscience and honor his wife would not have to impose any property claims to the former spouse, and even say thank you for it - tuneyadku - have suffered for so long.But it is addressed to the legal law, and he is obliged to award her a certain share of marital property, except that both belonged to the marriage, and that was received as a gift, a legacy of each of them.

Some husbands who find themselves in a similar position, trying to establish the validity of samostiynogo: begin to withhold savings, take out of the house and hide things - and these are out, they lose their own face, human dignity.It's better for the law to lose than to buy at this price.

There are also cases of the opposite: the wife occupied a higher rung on the social ladder and gazed haughtily on the spouse, who, though making a substantial contribution to the common pot, but was, in her opinion, it is not a couple.The relationship deteriorated to the extreme, and her husband left, picking up a suitcase with belongings nemudryaschim leaving and housing, and the car and giving his wife and children.This act, by legal norms, like illegal, but the man has the right to act nobler regulations, and then he no decree, he can not only act dishonestly.

You may ask: why both examples are taken from their husbands?Did his wife do not get in such circumstances?Fall and act similarly.Especially often find themselves in a situation exploited and fleeced wives of alcoholics.During the divorce the court, as a rule, they afford a large part of the property, as with all equality of rights and duties of law protects the interests of the spouse with whom the children are.

Sometimes fathers and prove that they can cope with the responsibilities of the child's caregiver is not worse than the mother.But the benefits are still on the side of the mother.This theme is concerned with the public: in fact, the current practice seems at odds with the basic law establishing the absolute equality of men and women.Marriage Code is not frozen in a block of immutability, he has repeatedly changed under the influence of a live, mobile practice in our society.It may well be that this problem will be a legal resolution.

examples given here can bring to the conclusion that this Code shall come into force only when the family collapses trouble.Rather on the contrary, it is present in all intangible accountability and fairness of our actions, but it becomes obvious when we deviate from it.Knowledge needs to be, and as a preventive measure.It is sad to see how it is grown and educated people show ignorance of the rules of conduct in their daily life.There was, for example, the case where the husband refused financial assistance to his wife, became an invalid.And on the court resented because it was obliged to pay her alimony, "I say, it is not required to always have, if she had lost the ability to work is not my fault.And anyway, I divorce her. "But the law is the law.And in front of his face as the face of public morality, this husband was in very poor form.Then he tried to justify his conduct "legal illiteracy", but too late: dropped their human dignity.

appear before the court often parents strongly involved in their children's drinking.And there is strange to hear as justified in such cases, the perpetrators, saying that our grandfathers and fathers had so done and nobody condemned.Unless a parent is not master of his own family and children?And judges have to expound basics of socialist morality and the rights of a person who was born and raised in a socialist society, explaining that he does not live at Domostroi and the family has no "master" whose unbridled will of the law for the household.

Parents are responsible under the law for the abuse of children, for what's left of it without attention and care for the fact that juveniles are criminals.Careless and irresponsible adults sometimes refuse to feed and educate their offspring.Then they are deprived of parental rights.State takes their children, put them in orphanages or foster sends those who are worthy of public trust.And with negligent mothers and fathers are charged child support for the maintenance of children.And, of course, the law exempts children from similar duties to their parents when they are in need, and grow old.

Divorce humanly

most common cases, which members of the family go to court, is the request for divorce.

Divorce.The disintegration of the family.The catastrophe for the family, for the whole of its environment.The scale of this drama can only be compared with the death of a loved one.Since the problem of divorce affects a large part of our population, we consider it separately.

in the literature, in movies, in the newspaper, you probably have met many times with stories whose authors we represent another variant of divorce "on": in Italian, Arabic, in the Moscow ... Even the very existence of this"on" talked about the fact that here we are dealing with some sort of deviation from the common phenomenon, with an anomaly or something.Although, if you remember, nowhere and never presented itself was not "sample", "standard" of such a complex and painful process, as is the severance of family relations.

turns out the same pattern as with affluent families.We know a lot about what is a "disease", the deviation from the norm, trouble in the house, but nothing definite can not say about the rule itself.

reading and listening to stories about the painful and scandalous divorce, we often exclaim: "How awful!Well, do not be in a good part ?! "Although, if you ask, which means" in an amicable way, "answers will be also very different.And those that have suffered this procedure, certainly will doubt: whether there is a general standard of "successful" divorce?"Good," the operation can only be from the perspective of an outside observer or surgeon, but not to the patient.It is no worse than calming his friends knows no age last sufferings, everything goes, peremeletsya.Life will not stop, there will be new and joy - it is possible - a new family.However, at the moment of the "operation" is sinful to claim Olympic peace from him when they created world is crumbling and the roof over your head is burning.

There is a saying: "Leave - means little to die."To paraphrase it, we can say with good reason: "Divorce - a bit mean to kill."Kill not only the person who leaves, but something to kill, and in the mind, feelings in children.Kill himself, that area of ​​his soul, his mind, his body, finally, where in each cell depicts part of a life lived together with her ex-husband or ex-wife.It burns all that worshiped, and this includes the relationship with close and distant relatives, many friends and acquaintances, which person gets along with partner in life and which also wounded shards of broken pieces.

- Is it possible to avoid such suffering, abolishing all divorces?

few centuries the Christian religion exactly solved the problem of marriage is forever.In Russia, divorce is allowed only in special cases: when one of the spouses turned out to be childless, they are committed treason and it was proved by witnesses of adultery, when one of the spouses turned out to be of unsound mind or has been convicted for the long term.

What torments turned around and the impossibility of divorce for spouses and children when men hate each other turned out to be condemned to eternal stay under a common roof, we can only imagine on the tragic narratives (Anna Karenina - a textbook example).

Revolution decisively destroyed such a setup.Lenin believed that the human right to freedom of marriage must necessarily be supported and the right to divorce when marital feelings have outlived their usefulness.There was a period (after World War II, he was summoned to the great upheavals and losses suffered by the Soviet family), when the issue of family breakdown by legislation was a matter of prolonged and humiliating.But life has convinced: we extinguished the fire and the spouses and children will warm not cool.

Change divorce law has led to an increase in the number of divorce.Steel is not only bad divorce his wife with the bad husbands, but also good to good, cease to be useful and nice to each other.So it turns out that divorce is less perceived as scandalous and disastrous event.The most common - with a sigh of relief on both sides.

have to hear dissatisfaction simplistic legal procedure.Say you need to husband and wife in a divorce sacrificed something serious.Maybe it would stop, think, and there - the anger has passed, here, you see, and reconciled.I'm not sure what's more change procedure itself.Yes, and now she is still not a pleasant one, and time is given to spouses for reflection.The right to divorce - a high achievement of the human race.As Lenin said: "... in fact freedom of divorce does not mean the" disintegration "of family ties, but on the contrary, will strengthen them on the only possible and durable basis in civilized society democratic basis" (VI Lenin, Collected Full.. cit., vol. 25, p. 286).

increased number of divorces, some researchers enrolled in the category of evidence "family crisis".It seems that this phenomenon is probably not the decline of its authority and capabilities, and growth requirements of spouses to each other, to the style and way of co-existence.So, over time, the family will continue to grow and acquire a qualitatively new value and attractiveness.But, of course, that neither the man nor the woman the appearance of the family relationship, "as long as a marriage, as long as the house", - now will not hold.They are looking for a truly human, humane, highly moral connection.Divorces are not family deny, deny formal marriage in the true name.

And anyway, it's time to admit that the family joys and labors - the lot is not all.As in the old days, there were women and men who considered themselves "not created for pleasure", and always will be.And blame them for this failure - futile efforts.But, of course, to allow them to intrude into our home with the preaching of their facilities as the only true and the best, impossible.Our family is under state protection, and in this sense - in the sense of propaganda and agitation in its favor, and not to harm her.

State has made a lot of in order to neutralize or completely destroy the social divorce roots: it is promoted mentioned have the right - the equation of women and men and the free choice of pairs, the prohibition of forced marriage, the conviction of calculating relations, removal of national and religious impediments to marriage, and so on.d. as for the natural roots of the divorce (impermanence attraction to each other as husband and wife, for example), it attempts to "fix" the situation in the law did not give good results.

- But that leads to divorce, if 90% of today's marriages for love?

answer to this question can be statistics.

The greatest evil for the family - alcoholism, this is the reason most often emerges in the courts.In particular, when the initiator of the divorce are the women, they are also now serves almost 2/3 of applications for divorce.

These figures have nothing to add: they say that such a vice, drunkenness, is not compatible with family life, with normal conditions for the education of children.

About 25% of divorces due to infidelity.And here, too, did not protest anything, any new-fangled theories not prikroesh.Never and nowhere people suffered betrayal, neither friendship nor love, nor in the business relationship, any relationship to his people, to the Motherland.All can be forgiven: error, mistake, stupidity, even unintentional fall, but not premeditated betrayal!

Why is humanity so uncompromisingly to this vice?Because none of the joint action is impossible to do without faith in each other.Rod did not survive, the nation did not resist the onslaught of a stranger, if you can not rely on the closest.

What goes husband and wife forever chained to each other as hard?And if love is gone? .. There is a contradiction idea of ​​freedom of divorce.

stop loving people - it happens, we are by nature - alas!- Not Monogamous.Otherwise, there would not be the first and the other loves, do not go to the second marriage and married divorcees and widows would not have visited us as the most painful punishment, desire married or married to someone else's husband or wife.What to do here?I think, first of all need time to experience a new sense of separation - if it is deception, not simply longing body and soul taken for deep feeling.

And good for us to remember that love has its ebb and flow, their periods of rapid bloom time and cool.Biorhythms are inherent in all living things, they determined, according to doctors, 90% of physiological processes, including physiological needs intimacy with a spouse.