Family : its place in society

family in sotsiologiinazyvayut social association whose members are linked by common life, mutual moral responsibility and mutual assistance.In fact the family is a system of relations between husband and wife, parents and children, based on marriage or kinship and having a historically specific organization.

Determination, as we see, quite simple, and yet a proper understanding of it difficult to meet even highly educated people.You can sometimes read: "Ma-ma + dad + I = the family."But is it?Let's think.Father, mother, child - it's just the general components of a whole, which is a completely new kind of reality than just the sum of its parts, ie the family...It has its own, only her inherent characteristics, features, laws, not specific for any of its constituent values ​​individually.And these new features arising from the creation of a family, to predict the most impossible, at least very difficult, even if you know the properties of the future members of the family.

In other words, the family - t

his is a new object with new properties where the "old" property of family members can mysteriously disappear, just as the group of atoms can "disappear" and become a completely new reality called semiconductor or plasma, originalitywhich can not be removed from the characteristics of their constituent atoms.Family - is first and foremost it is the relationship between its constituent parties.

But confine this is hardly possible, because if you think about it, everything that we see - this ratio, the ratio.It gives it strength, shape, beauty or ugliness of reality subjects.That's it, we draw your attention first of all, looking at this or that object, because before of what it is, we do not care if we are not experts.We admire Kyiv Sofia Moscow or St. Basil's, and we do not think about the fact that it is simply the sum of stones or bricks and binding their substance.We see them form a pattern that is due a variety of construction materials and elements.We ignore the fact that some of them form the foundation, the other - the wall, others - vaults, the fourth - the tower, belfry, etc.It is important that the church, the cathedral - great spiritualized, directed that he calls up, comforting, pleasing to the eye, etc.

The family also, especially his, we most often, by contrast, do not notice that we are part of the whole..that our "function" - being in the roof or being in the foundation.What is our identity in this case serves only as a building material of a new church - family.In other words, we often do not understand that to create a family - it means not only to find the person and deliver the appropriate stamp in the passport.Create a family - it means to build a relationship of love, understanding and support.

question of what comes first - marriage or family, is still debated.Some researchers argue that marriage is the basis, the core of the family, but the final output neither in theory nor in everyday life.Each census in our country, for example, shows that the number of women who are married exceeds the number of married men.And it does not mean that we have a plural marriage.Just, apparently, the same phenomenon, the actual marriage, people perceive differently: women declare his "real" equal legal marriage, the man is believed to celibacy, temporary cohabitation.

From the above definition of the family should be that the main three are its features: 1. The marriage or kinship among all its members.2. Living together in the same room.3. The total family budget.As you can see, the legal side, legalization there does not appear essential.And other signs are not so clear: the amount of time necessary to live together - one week or more years;what part of the personal budget of each member of the family includes the entire family budget, and so on. d. And this despite the fact that these signs, seemingly the most objective, fixed.What can we say about the subtle system of relationships, which turns the family into a special spiritual education;how to measure them?

Paradoxically, but it is all this, not only comprehended by reason as perceived intuitively, and is the very core of the family, without which the family is not a family.It may be noted another difference from the family of marriage.If the marriage is fixed primarily by the state, the society, the family only create ourselves (with the help of the state, of society, of course).And destroy too.

family, as noted in the previous paragraph, began to develop along with the development of marital relations in society.At the same time it changed its function, social role.Along with the increasing number of communities, which include this or that person (youth groups, industrial associations, service clubs, and so on. Etc.), the family gradually ceded some of its functions to other groups.And at the same time since its inception to the present day among all of these groups, it plays a special role.

now becoming increasingly clear that the family belongs to a special, the fundamental group of society.This does not mean, of course, that all are of the family, as some thinkers (Rousseau, Condorcet, Herder, and others.), That society with its social institutions - it's just overgrown family that politics and the state, and so on.. got their start in the family.Of course, in the development of society has its own laws.Nevertheless, being in a complex relationship with the public, being influenced by its economic, political and legal systems, the family has his own - and quite significant - impact on society.First of all his offspring reproducing function.This family provides birth, education and the cultivation of new members of the society.In addition, the family organizes sexual relations between people.To some extent it is also a model of society, all social ties and relationships for the young man.

For example, in a family there are relationship material, folding, regardless of the will and desires of the people.This is between the sexes (ratio of procreation) relations and economic relations between the family members in the process of direct production of material goods they need (especially in families of peasants and artisans).For many centuries, the family carried out the accumulation and transfer of certain property by inheritance.The family man first confronted with the division of labor (housekeeping, self-service family).

In addition, in the family among its members there are ideological, in particular legal relations, as well as moral or religious.Formation of human resources, their distribution and redistribution, qualification growth and productivity, as well as the migration of the population - all these issues are under the influence of the family.And it is in the family of solutions is generally accepted that where a young person to learn where to go to school or work, or not to go anywhere.But all these relationships in the family are refracted through a special psychological mechanism: they are based on feelings of love, affection, kinship, duty, responsibility among family members.

Or take such an important social problem, the problem of morbidity and health status.It is in the family laid the genetic and biological bases of health, as well as the habits, skills and attitudes to their health.Engaged people exercise or not engaged, she loves to be in his spare time in the woods, in nature or do not like sedentary life leads or sedentary, etc. -.. All it usually begins with the family.

human consumption of material goods and spiritual values ​​are also largely determined by the family.It was she who brings the tastes, needs, inclinations of the representatives of the younger generation.It is from the family in the first place depends on how much a young man can be himself, to resist stupid and wasteful fashion, etc. What

professional quality and, therefore, what is the effectiveness of its functioning -.. It also depends on the family.Because it is here on a personal example of good working parent of a young man brought up vysokosoznatelnoe attitude to their work, devotion to him, professional, labor honor, as well as forming the general level of culture, the breadth of erudition.Even the quality of schooling for children is largely determined by cultural, educational level of their parents.Strictly speaking, the intellectual and moral climate, the spiritual atmosphere in the family is the most important factor in the success of the child in school.

Finally, the living conditions of the "exhaust" generations of pensioners, the elderly have been and remain one of the major problems of society, an indication of his moral maturity, humanity.But it is in the family lays the habits, traditions and moral foundations of the relationship to the older generation: mercy or callousness, warm or cold selfishness kindness ...

All this refers to the social importance of the family.But it has, so to speak, a purely personal significance.Marital status and human quality of his family life also have a significant impact on his physical and mental health and well-being.It seems that for most people the family - this is normal, that is, the necessary habitat of existence.According to foreign studies, for example, the mortality rate in people who are not married, much higher than the mortality in people family.And this applies to almost all causes of death: and as a result of suicide, and as a result of abuse of alcohol, nicotine or drugs, and mortality from diseases requiring long-term treatment.This is especially true for men.For example, between the ages of 25 to 64 years divorced men are twice as likely resort to suicide / than family.They are also 3.3 times more likely to die from liver cirrhosis and cancer, 5.4 times more often - from diabetes and tuberculosis.

course, a beneficial effect on a person only a healthy, happy family, the creation kotbroy usually requires considerable effort and certain personality traits.Disadvantaged as soon aggravated, it aggravates his situation.Many of neuroses and other mental illnesses, anomalies have their sources is in the family, in the relationship between spouses.Attention to the family by the state, science, journalism, public opinion is particularly increased in recent decades.