Be able to control himself

What people do not understand, so he does not own,


Around us all is subject to regular fluctuations, which obediently follows our body.Daily, monthly (the moon), seasonal and annual rhythms caused by planetary phenomena dominate the geological, climatic, biological and other processes with which humanity is faced throughout history.Under the rhythm of modern rhythmology (the science of rhythms) understand the repetition of the same events or through well-defined time intervals.The measure of the rate is the length of the cycle from its beginning to the next repetition, denoted as period.

Bowing to the rhythm of the Earth's rotation around the sun and beyond his regular fluctuations in climate, plants and animals show a clear seasonal periodicity of its activity.The arrival of spring is the mobility of the animals, change their sexual behavior.Most beings spring - breeding season.In autumn, there is a natural decline in activity, which reaches a minimum in the winter months.

American scientist L. Thommen presented the so-called theory of the three rhythms or critical days.This theory is based on the existence in the human body of three independent rhythms, monthly close periodizmu: physical (the period of 23 days), emotional (28 days) and intellectual (33 days).It is assumed that any rhythm can be divided into two half-cycle - positive and negative.At the peak of the negative half-cycle, and there are "critical" to the health and activity of man days.As soon as at the date of birth is easy to determine the frequency of "good" and "bad" days during the month, the theory has become widely used with purely practical purposes.This was based, for example, advice on the rational organization of labor of persons working fine and responsible operator activities, work schedules were built Pilots and car drivers.The result has been, in some cases to reduce the number of accidents and wrong actions.

On the recommendation of psychologists and chronobiology in some foreign enterprises in the practice introduced flexible work schedules, called flekstaymov.This is an attempt to actually implement the principle of "work when you want."Employees come to work at a convenient time for them.four to five hours is released in the middle of the day when a person stays in the workplace is considered mandatory.Within a month, he has to work out its normal hours, and the computer makes available a strict control over this.Thus, the employee had the opportunity to arbitrarily reducing the load in the "bad" days and hours to strengthen "good".This significantly affected the better state of health and mood of people.Only one of Germany the number of people who have used this schedule was 1.5 million.

Seasonal fluctuations inherent in almost all manifestations of life.To date, more than 50 described physiological processes with a similar frequency.Seasonal rhythm of behavior, of course, determined by periodic changes of individual organs and systems.By the beginning of the spring increases the formation of many, including sex hormones, increasing body temperature, metabolism, respiratory rate and heart rate, and so on. N. There are all necessary conditions for behavioral activation.

One of the most typical and well-known rhythms of this kind is the menstrual cycle in women.According to the average data, it takes 29.5 days, almost coinciding with the period of the lunar month, which is 28 days.Formation of the cycle occurs at puberty girls, and its destruction - after the extinction of sexual function.Therefore no longer a doubt about the dependence of the menstrual cycle of the periodic production of sex hormones.

In the structure of the menstrual cycle is allocated a number of phases of varying length, during which there are regular fluctuations in the secretion of female hormones for various purposes.They have a broad spectrum of biological activity, and this determines the cyclical fluctuations in the work of women body okolomesyachnom mode.

Female sex hormones to penetrate, for example, brain tissue and therefore are able to change the behavior and psyche.As a reason for premenstrual and menstrual phases of the cycle are typical mood swings, irritability, sleep disturbances.In the phase of egg formation are replaced by balance and well-being.Naturally, this is accompanied by an equally regular monthly fluctuations in mental or physical health of women, their performance in work, sport.

Men celebrated its cycle, its period is very individual and varies in a fairly wide range - from 5 to 30 days, it is associated with the production of male sex hormone - testosterone.These changes correspond to vibrations of the emotional state, physical performance, individual vegetative indicators.However, in the female body rhythm, certainly it is more pronounced.

Besides seasonal, monthly men marked circadian rhythm androgen levels, concentration in plasma is maximal in the morning after waking up, and the minimum at night.Periodic fluctuations in the intensity of sexual desire due to fluctuations in hormone levels, the biological (somatic), emotional, intellectual and other circadian rhythms.However, sexual function may be independent of the rhythms, and related to the actual situation of human orgasmic ability in a given place at a given time.

In men, there is a sexy rhythm that corresponds to 20-22-day cycle of testosterone, the duration it approaches the female, although its external manifestations are less visible.Sexual activity, as well as total, the person most pronounced in spring and summer.This is evidenced, in particular, the largest number of pregnancies vnesupruzheskih at this time.

Research Polish scientists have shown that in addition to jet lag, manifested within days in most healthy people can detect a periodic sexual activity that occurs after 48 hours.

Properly organized rhythm of work and rest ensures the formation of stable biorhythms, which is an important condition for a long and healthy life, the key to productive activities.

Each of us from time to time enters the crisis, moreover, in our time it has become commonplace.Often the person's response to this situation, painful, and if this do not work techniques of psychological defense, which are formed in childhood, constantly improved and enriched over the years, you may develop a neurosis.

One in such cases tend to blame their misfortunes of others, seeing their own mistakes.The second, on the contrary, blame themselves and do not see the real culprits.Third tight turn in on themselves and no longer trust anyone.

The more human ways of psychological protection, the lower the probability of a nervous breakdown.Therefore, it is important to have a complete picture but only on its merits, but also shortcomings, to be able to evaluate them as if from the outside.And find the strength and the desire to strengthen the psychological defenses of the organism.

emotional stress, the most frequently occurring in various conflict situations in productive activities, in public life, in the family, due to its frequency and because of such widespread diseases as atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, strokes, heart attacks, gastrointestinal ulcertract, sexual disorders, gaining social health significance.

Note that pathological stress unlike physiological harm to the body.Such emotions as fear, sorrow, hatred, envy, sorrow, jealousy, malice, if they take possession of human consciousness and act for a long time can cause a stress reaction of the body against disease-causing effects.

If the stress is weak or acting singly, the harmful effects on the body, as a rule, does not occur.Stress reaction, developing at the same time, it is mobilizing the reserve capacity of the organism and directs them to overcome the difficulties arising from the conflict situation.At a resolution of the conflict so that the stress response is adaptive (adaptive) nature, thereby training the body.In particular, it increases the resistance to hypoxia (low oxygen content).In the case of such stress-trained body it is easy to overcome without damage to itself, generating a kind of anti-stress "immunity".The possibility of its production is based on the known position of Academician Anokhin that emotions as muscles can be trained.

Only at very strong or repetitive negative emotions when the stress response of the adaptive passes stagnant emotional arousal develops internal mechanisms of self-defense are depleted from stress, and then sickness with all the harmful consequences for the body.Such stress is dangerous not only during its operation but also afterwards.

Here are ways to mitigate, neutralize or prevent abnormal stress reaction.

prevent the development of pathological stress is possible by means of psychological dezaktualizatsii, which is to develop a philosophical attitude to the difficulties and conflicts.Life experience shows that in most cases we correctly assess the situation, exaggerating its possible negative consequences for themselves, that is, themselves create stress.This is confirmed by the founder of the doctrine of Hans Selye stress.He concluded that many diseases stem from the fact that people are too rapidly react to certain events and phenomena in life as if they face an attack, the danger.However, often such a danger does not exist.That is why the stress response should be regulated mind, certain views on the emerging situation.

of genius belong to Shakespeare words: "our medicine is often in our own."They can be attributed to the auto-training - one of the most effective methods of improving the psychological personality.This method is based on regulation (self-regulation) functions of the body, usually do not obey the will of man.For example, heart - rate cuts can not be changed by an effort of the person who does not speak auto-training (AT).At the same time, the person who has mastered this technique can slow down or speed up the work of the heart.AT allows you to influence your own emotional reactions, will and other higher mental functions, increasing the possibility of self-management, self-regulation.

leading element of AT is muscle relaxation, and therefore, this method is also called relaxation, ie relaxation (by J. Schulz).Against the background of any relaxation of muscles can cause a sensation of heat or cold in his hands, legs, heart and other organs.This is achieved by actively focusing on a particular organ, the repetition of certain verbal language and perhaps more vivid representation of the phenomenon that is you want to call.The condition occurs when the AT, can be characterized as predsna stage for no deeper: consciousness is retained, the body, as it were disconnected from consciousness, becomes heavy, relaxed, Proof of this are observed under autogenous immersion twitching of individual muscles in different parts of the body, as it happens inearly sleep natural sleep.

Sport AT should be carried out in one of the comfortable postures: sitting on a chair in the pose of the driver, reclining in a chair with a high headrest and armrests, or lying on your back.The eyes should be closed, the inner eye turned to the tip of the nose.Thoughts about the external world are expelled, people "look" inward - comes his mental isolation from the environment, which contributes to more complete relaxation of muscles.

AT should be carried out every day and several times a day.As fitness relaxation effect is achieved instantly.The main prerequisite and AT is a rule: each word should be feeling.AT is available to anyone who is willing to make the effort and perseverance.With time comes the ability to "dive" with their eyes open for any difficult situations imperceptibly.

Initially, under the guidance of a doctor - a psychiatrist, psychotherapist - within 2-3 weeks, there is the understanding of basic formulas and visual images for the purpose of inducing the feeling of warmth and heaviness in the body, in its individual parts.Man brings himself into a state of so-called autologous immersion, in which occurs the physical tranquility, peace of mind and create a favorable basis for the suggestion of rest and sleep, or vivacity.It should be noted that even at this preparatory stage, there was a significant improvement in erections and recovery of sexual function in patients with the sexual disorders.

is a sample of the formula that is used to instill a state of rest:

«I'm not in a hurry."

«I am prepared to rest."

«I want to settle down."

«Extraneous sounds do not disturb me."

«I calm down."

«They leave all the excitement and anxiety."

«I am calm."

«I am completely calm."

next stage - relaxation.Repeating the formula of muscle relaxation, it is necessary to focus on the muscles of the face, arms, legs, the whole body.Muscle relaxation is subjectively perceived as a feeling of heaviness.

«relaxing the muscles of the face."

«Face quiet, peaceful."

«relaxing the muscles of the arms."

«hands were heavy nice."

«heavy hands."

«Hands relaxed and heavy."

«Feet swell weight."

«Hands and feet are relaxed and heavy."

«heavier body."

«All the muscles are relaxed, resting."

«The whole body is pleasantly dull."

then proceeds to evoking a feeling of warmth in his heavy limbs.Saying, for example, the formula "In the hands there is a pleasant feeling of warmth," imagine that you dip your hands in warm water.It is necessary to ensure that every uttered phrase passed into feeling:

«Hands keep warm."

«tepleyut zeros."

«Hands and legs are heavy and warm."

«Heat spreads throughout the body."

With the gradual withdrawal are more commonly used formula:

«I'm well rested."

«I calmed down."

«I have gained strength."

«will rise refreshed, in a good mood."

After mastering relaxation exercises, induction of gravity, heat, and out of the AT can move on to the promptings of the treatment, the content of which depends on the nature of sexological or neurotic disorder.These suggestions should be discussed with your doctor.

simplest and most effective way of getting rid of negative emotions energy during stress - give her a way out through motor reactions.And this is done automatically in a state of emotional stress almost everyone.For diversion of energy stress on the muscle reaction channels can resort to walking, working in the garden area, training at the stadium, running, and so on. D. According to Dr. William Fry, a strong anti-stress effect has laughter, laughter replaced 10 minutes 1:00 jogging.

very important to be able to extinguish the stressful situation.In this respect, it can be said reasonably, "There are no bad men and bad women, there are bad psychologists, who can not pick up the keys to each other."Of course, most universal key to happiness is love.But it is often in need of psychological protection, let us remember this throughout married life.