Do not ban , and to educate

man becomes a man only through education.


etched in the memory of this event.Reception maternity ward;the ambulance delivers here a woman in travail.From under the girl's bangs look at doctors full of fear, pain and despair eyes.Not moving away from a hospital couch and accompanying daughter, all in tears, not tall plump woman of about 40. Deliveries started prematurely.Doctors warned: there may well be the most unpredictable consequences.But trouble came to this family even earlier: the expectant mother there and seventeen.

Unfortunately, the facts are not isolated.The number of applications in the medical establishment about abortion among teenagers these days are not reduced.Often pregnancy is carefully hidden, a schoolgirl of fifteen, sixteen years continue to go to school for classes at a vocational school, is not the case what you have just learned.

Needless to say, many years of sex education of the younger generation in our country was at the mercy of the street.Prudish notions of propr

iety prescribed gloss over everything that concerns the relationship of man and woman.It was believed that the pledge of morality - a complete ignorance, but because neither at home nor at school or on television teenagers did not receive information of interest.But you can not argue acceleration, scientists have argued that puberty begins today in young much sooner than their peers 30 to 40 years ago.The inaccessibility of the information creates a stir around the problem.It is no accident teenagers interested mainly erotic side of sex.And where do they get their information?From the stories of experienced hikers, jokes, pornographic movies."So important sphere of human life seems young misrepresented Unhealthy interest gives rise to the phenomenon of" forbidden fruit "and his desire to" taste »

moral character of people, their humanity to a great extent depend on how the education in the family -.. One of thethe main cell of society. After all, the family begins education of the future father and mother. The way in which parents will be able to lay the soul of your child the basics of morality, how persistent they are in early childhood will instill respect for the girl, the woman, depending harmony in the future marriage.

Many parents believe sex education of their children to be extremely meticulous. The results of these studies allow us to judge that this circumstance leads to the fact that mothers and fathers tend to evade this task, away from it. The fact that sex education in familiesstill not satisfactory, it can be explained by the fact that parents need to talk with their children about what they themselves did not say when they were children.Few parents prepare children for the emergence of sexual desire and to establish relationships with the opposite sex.Most parents can not hold frank conversations with their children on sex because they do not possess the necessary terminology.But even in those cases when they know the name of the genitals, they find it difficult to pronounce them.It is therefore extremely important that parents have the opportunity to speak freely on gender issues would be looking for these opportunities and use them.

If the teacher is not able to overcome the false shame before sexual education, it would be in a big debt to their children.And he will not have to wonder if their child will fail in areas such as love, sex, marriage.

Sex education - part of the education process as a whole.Very well said this Makarenko: "Teach a man to be happy is impossible, but to raise it so that he was happy as possible."Sex education requires the same sequence and aspirations as other aspects of education.Only in this case it would be successful.

Sex education as a part of moral education system must start from infancy.Beginning late, it is essentially a re-education and can not fully compensate for the flaws made in the previous stages.Sex education of preschool children is necessary and effective in so far as it goes toward the child, helping him to resolve many of the issues and is committed to the formation of harmonious personality.

already familiar from infancy the child the joy, love, anger, curiosity.

noticed that children deprived of early childhood emotional contact with his mother, in the future are not able to communicate with their peers, are aggressive, violent, unscrupulous in the choice of comrades, they often reduced ability to fantasize that always affects later on especially sexualattraction.The child has not experienced the gentle maternal touch, raised in spartan isolation from the "flesh", as an adult, it may be dry and cool in communicating with loved ones, inept and rude in moments of intimacy.

father's role in raising children now has its own specific features.paternity Mission is becoming increasingly important as a social being in the modern family of the husband turns her head to the partner of his wife and takes over part of the care for the education of children.Deprived of a child sufficient opportunities to communicate with his father, the boys in the future often are not able to fulfill their paternal responsibilities.Growing up without a father, boys or assimilate "female" type of behavior, or create a distorted view of the men's conduct.Raised without a father, girls are less well formed idea of ​​masculinity, they are less likely to correctly understand their husbands and sons, that is to play the role of wife and mother.

mainly preschool sex education focused on instilling hygienic habits, the organization of a balanced diet, refusal of fairy clarification of human birth.

Performance and hygiene recommendations in this age group are in the hardening, the avoidance of excessive wrapping, which harms not only reducing the resistance of the body, but creating the conditions for the stimulation of the genital organs (tight clothing, excessive sweating).Not only exciting food (excess meat, fried, hot and spicy dishes, chocolate, tonics), but also due to overfeeding congested pelvic organs can lead to tension in them, and early sexual stimulation.Some parents are overly affectionate because of the nature of his personality, always keep the baby in her arms, caress it, kiss in different places, put to bed.This sverhlaskovost also produces an early manifestation of sexual feeling.The bed should not be too soft and warm.The preferred free night clothes tailoring - this is especially true for boys, close panties in which cause irritation of the genitals.

In the family the child must feel that elders always come to the rescue, clarifying, will be able to resolve the difficulties created, to satisfy his curiosity, no issue will be left unanswered.

necessary information on sex child must receive at least the appearance of interest in them.Parents should not suppress the awakening and development of the children's curiosity.Do not turn the answers into lengthy lectures.They should be concise, truthful, without too much detail.It is appropriate known aphorism according to which the need to tell the truth, but not always the whole truth.

majority believes that it is necessary to begin sex education in puberty, but it is not.This process should begin immediately after birth and continue until then, until the end of psychosexual development.Parents are the first to begin sex education, since the first question children ask them.After all, they ask about anything that interests them.One of the first questions of children, as a rule, is: "Where are the children?" Very often parents tell stories about storks, as they, in turn, told the same.However, the art teacher is available to order in the form of children's perception of the children speak truth.AG Hripkova recommends, for example, are the answers to children's questions about the origin of children.

«Children are developing in the mother's abdomen.He's warm, where they have protection.When they become more able to breathe independently and drink, then they are born.Mothers in this period is necessary to provide assistance because the baby growing in her body it is very tiring. "

- Where are the children in the belly of the mother?

«A child is born out of a very small, very tiny egg, which is in the mother's body, male sperm at fertilization.For that he was in the mother's body, you need to enter a member into the vagina.Such a process, performed by two people who love each other, is called sexual intercourse.However, not every time you have sex is fertilized egg.Only occasionally get sperm into the uterus and fertilize the egg, from which by numerous cell division formed child. "

Children do not expect adults too detailed answers, as they are to them are not ready for the level of its development.

Age 9-10 years - a period of imitation and attachment to the father of boys, girls and mother.The class is divided into two camps: boys and girls, change their camp condemned and despised.Boys playing war games, credited "heroic" literature and emulate the heroes of the Knights.Girls in the circle discussing the first romantic heroes, fashion, housekeeping, prefer lyrical literature.

struggle for the family, its planning, strengthening must begin in school.Manifested in this age the sense of beauty that create opportunities for the formation of the psyche of a boy and a girl.It is important to help them see the beautiful in life, including in person of the opposite sex.It is necessary to try to show the child to the nobility, generosity in people and their manifestation in the actions and behavior of their bodily expression: posture, gestures, expression of the eyes, facial expressions.Friendship boy and girl with rare exceptions wary of adults and encourages them to intervene, control.However, teachers often forget that their ability to model for children living situations are very limited, and efforts to protect children from life with its contradictions and diversity untenable.

and teachers and parents should keep in mind that the modern family is undergoing significant changes.Guarantee Law of equality of men and women does not guarantee equality in particular against specific individuals.In addition to manufacturing employment, a woman is much more than a man, loaded with household.In the modern family, where all adults work, there is a weakening of family ties, the family often gets together for a dinner and watching TV, which reduces family contacts and prematurely introduces children to the world of adults.

Adolescence - the time of completion of registration of the patterns of behavior that will significantly affect the physical and mental health, all further public and private life.

Getting to know yourself, the teenager comes to the formation of the ideal image of his "I" and strives to meet him.Thereby it is entering a period of self-education, which is increasingly becoming a prism, refracting external educational influence.

Alcohol, tobacco and other drugs are the subject of temptation, by which it can take, not every teenager.In adolescents faster than adults, formed an irresistible attraction to the anesthesia.Among the reasons that motivate to alcohol anesthesia, a significant place is occupied by communication problems and sexuality.Cigarette gets a pass in the company of peers or older.Alcohol helps to overcome the barrier of shyness and modesty, stimulating and liberating eroticism.Sometimes it goes away, it can pose a direct threat to the mental and physical health.

Participation in forensic examinations in criminal cases of juvenile leads to the disappointing conclusion: the number of cases of serious violent crimes by teens increases.The analysis shows that the participants of the majority - the young men who have reached puberty, but there are those who, due to the delay of his: sexual development could not have committed the crime, but also took part in it and bear responsibility for it, as were members of thegroup or go for the company.The majority of crimes are committed without physical violence.As a rule, the girls are happy to listen to music, drink tea, or simply curiosity.Cases when (Careless behavior, promiscuity lead to sexually transmitted diseases and if earlier venereal diseases hurt mostly people aged 25 to 35 years, patients in the 17 currently registered, 18 or even 15 years, some of them.. -without specific training, but there is work, students of universities, colleges and even high school students.

should be borne in mind that sex education should not be limited to the coverage of the physiological and sexual relations of the sexes. for example, a year ago in one of the vocational teacher was held. talk about the sexual manifestations of youths received some information, two young men in the same evening raped underage

sex education -. it is not the individual random events such as talks or lectures it should be carried out continuously, consistently and systematically with the change of form and content, respectively, the development of children.. Thus, the information for the 14-year-old is very different from the intended 18-year-old.

It must be remembered that the teen did not require as much independence - it was often even frightening - as recognition of the right to independence.Failure of a teenager's right to independence, a dependent definition of the circle of communication is regarded as a teenager disregard its interests and may lead to a prolonged, severe conflicts.

There is a powerful tool to prevent negative phenomena among adolescents - current family control.But control - it means not to manage, not ban, and keep your finger on the pulse, to cause the child to be frank, be aware of all of its affairs, including in matters of sex.

disrespect, insulting suspicions expressed by adults in the address of the object of sympathy teenager, even if they make him a strong protest, as if they are rejected, may affect his future life and significantly complicate relations with people.No less harmful too seriously adults, when the object of the first love of a teenager is seen as the future husband or wife.Teenager such a prospect is not ready.It deprives the first love of her chaste peculiar charm.Some were teenagers it can push to accelerate the genital contact, others - to get ashamed of what constitutes happiness and the meaning of this period of life.

Even if adults consider teen sensitivity unnecessary or undesirable deviations arise, they must first show respect to existing relationships and feelings, and then try to influence them wisely.It is important for as many special education techniques, how to follow the basic laws of human communication - understanding, trust, tact.

mistake adults is a commitment to providing adolescent conflict-free existence, to save him from a collision with life.The result is a lack of moral stability, when the very first contact with life causes despair, pessimism, lack of confidence in yourself and the people.

For many parents there is a dominant tendency to protect the child from all information related to the sex that drives installed strict censorship in reading, familiarity with art.But the trouble is not in literature and painting, and in education, sexual curiosity when a teenager takes unhealthy, exaggerated form.It should be ready for full, multi-faceted personality and enriches the perception of a work of art in which gender relations have their definite place.Home provides parents the opportunity to discuss the orientation in the perception of the child is a human and moral aspect of the content of the work.

Often the entry into adolescence, children are neglected body hygiene.