How to find time to care for themselves

August 12, 2017 17:51 | All Of The Beauty Of Women

A lot of time we spend watching TV.Try to combine the clock with cosmetic procedures.You can, for example, to clear the skin of the face, neck and hands.If skin is oily, it is better to use alcohol solutions (boron, camphor, salicylic).

hands, tired and rough, can help warm soap-soda bath.Place the bowl on his knees with a solution and hold it in your hands for 15 minutes.Not wiping carefully and strongly massage your hands with a cream, starting from the fingertips to the elbow, 10-15 minutes.

Even before you start to engage in hands, tie up the lower part of the face a bandage, elastic stockings or bandages to avoid a double chin.Complete hand massage, remove the bandage, apply a deep oppressive movements of the cream on the face, the area under the chin, along the lower jaw pat with a damp towel for 3-5 minutes.Do it like this: the middle part of a small terry towel moistened in cold water or cooled in a saturated salt solution (preferably sea), or refrigerated infusion of herbs (chamomile, dandelio

n leaves, linden flowers).Towel hold the ends and pull it in spurts.

You can put yourself near the pan with hot and cold water and do contrast hot-cold compresses.

Finally, perform a massage of the head, face, hands.Make it two-handed rhythmic circular movements, starting from the top of the head on the head, to the temporal regions (the skin at the same time shifts).Hence, by the side surfaces of the head movement goes back to the top of the head, then to the occipital region, to the neck and behind the ears.It ends up stroking massage from top to bottom, first the left half of the neck, that is your right hand, then the right side of the neck with his left hand.On the side of the neck, go to the shoulder joint.

Hands massaged bowing strokes, starting from the fingertips to the shoulder joint.Active warm up in a circular motion finger joints, ray-wrist, elbow and shoulder joints (left right hand joint, and vice versa).However, the timing for cosmetic procedures suggested to take into account the classical rule: no one should see that you do with your appearance. undesirable to deal with them in the presence of her husband: every man wants to believe in the natural beauty of women.Charging is also better to carry out alone, especially if you suffer from shortness of breath or have a fat pad on the abdomen and on the sides.Not accepted to talk about their own "secret" of care for appearance, as well as require that you - talking about the technical side of the case.