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Alas!Cosmetologists have a different point of view and not get tired of warning: beware of direct sunlight!Tan - a kind of defensive reaction, protecting the skin from UV rays.And it does not pass to the skin without leaving a trace: Its stratum corneum thickens, it coarsens, becomes dense, rough to the touch, dries up, especially under the simultaneous action of the sun and wind, covered with fine wrinkles, it begins to peel off.Many people in the open areas of the body appear large freckles and age spots.

most reliable means of preventing sunburn, freckles, age spots - special protective creams "Ray," "The Shield," "Quantum", not passing ultraviolet rays.

morning wash with sour milk, whey from the curd and for half an hour before going outside, lubricate the face with a thin layer of photoprotective cream.Then lightly powder the powder it any darker.Cream and powder prevent the penetration into the skin to sunlight for 3-4 hours, and one cream powder free - for 2-3 hours

eyelids and skin around the

eyes do not grease protective cream:. Better to apply one of the nourishing creams.

to weaken the skin's sensitivity to sunlight, longer included in the diet of foods containing vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and vitamin PP (nicotinic acid) - sauerkraut, infusion of rose hips, apples, green onions, juice of red and black currants ...

If on the face and neck still appeared freckles and chloasma, they can be derived using bleaching agents. Those who have oily skin and normal, it is recommended to lubricate the dark spots 1-2 times a day with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia (50 g of 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide and 2 g of ammonia).Cotton swab soaked in a mixture of bleach and superposed on lentigo 10-15 min.

effective and most gentle skin whitening agent considered the lemon juice, grapefruit juice, onions, red currants, sour cabbage.Well-proven mixture of equal parts of water, lemon juice and vinegar.Dry skin can whiten the juice of red currants.Spot morning and evening wipe juice, thick cream and then after 10 minutes wash with warm water.

cream is applied on clean skin lotion (for dry skin) or after washing with soap and water (for oily skin) for 1-2 hours before bedtime, remove the remnants of the cream with a paper towel.Every week - a break for 2-3 days.In the morning apply bleaching cream is not recommended, or under the influence of sunlight the skin pigmentation may increase.

Whiten skin and help a variety of masks.Prepare them immediately before use, remove the gauze or cotton swab moistened with water.After that, applied a thin layer of cream.

Below are recipes for whitening masks, having a gentle exfoliating action.Masks do in a day, before blanching age spots, but not more than 30 per course.

Mask mustard (for oily and normal skin).Dissolve powder with warm water until the consistency of gruel, put on the skin, like a burning sensation appears, rinse and wipe dry with a face.This mask can not be used when vasodilation and excessive pilosis face.

mask from yeast. fresh yeast, dilute to the consistency of sour cream with 3% hydrogen peroxide solution (for oily skin) or warm boiled water (for normal skin), or warm milk (for dry skin).Mask hold until dry. Mask of viburnum (for oily and normal skin).Cloth moistened with raw berry juice, apply on the skin, hold for 10 minutes, soak the juice again and again hold for 10 minutes.If fruit is small, then soak a cloth Viburnum juice mixed with egg white (1: 1) or with a nourishing cream, and Hold for 30 minutes.

Mask from sauerkraut (for all skin types).Napkin moisten juice, gently squeeze, put on dark spots for 10 minutes.

Mask of onion. Fresh juice mixed with honey in the ratio 1: 1 or 2: 1, and apply on pigmented skin for 15-20 minutes;remove the mask, first wet, then dry swab.For oily skin onion juice can be mixed with vinegar in equal proportions.This mixture moistened cloth imposes on the skin for 15 minutes.

Not necessarily every day to make a mask from yeast, or, say, from fresh cucumbers.They can be alternated.And do not forget: on the skin around the eye mask is not imposed!It is not recommended to do a mask before leaving the house.

If you are going to the beach, do not use cosmetics.Dyes that make up lipstick, rouge, eye shadow, by the action of sunlight can contribute to the appearance of pigmented spots on the skin.

When high humidity - if you spend your holiday by the sea or near the river - the skin is quickly gaining a fresh, smoother appearance.Still, the effect will be more pronounced if, going on the air, you apply to the skin a thin layer of fat cream or vegetable oil (lotion, and even more cologne wipe the face, exposed areas can not be: can appear ugly, bad coming down dark spots).Vegetable oil well (best to take vegetable oil and castor in equal proportions) will not become coarsened skin from sunburn, because although tanning and refreshes the face, but can adversely affect the skin, especially if the sun quickly.Oil thin uniform layer is applied not only to the face but also on the exposed areas, in which case it does not interfere with the skin to breathe, and tan falls evenly.Do not recommend to put too much butter or cream - may appear red and burning.Note that mineral oil, alcohols, contained for example in petrolatum and glycerine, make tan ugly, uneven because they form small droplets on the skin.

most the vulnerable skin - around the eyes, for example - must be protected glasses, which, however, should be removed from time to time to lightly tanned and glasses are iodine skin.The color of sunglasses depends on where you are going to spend your time.Least of all from the sun protects the green, but it is the most pleasant.This green color helps your eyes relax.And if you work in the field or in the country, this is the best color for the points.

Gray perfectly muffles light of the sun, but while traveling on the boat or in the mountains, the snowy peaks is better suited brown.It neutralizes the reflection of the sun on the water and on the snow.There is a yellow glass, but they are more suitable for hunters, skiers and motorists who go on the road in a misty summer morning.Yellow color helps the eye to see better the outlines of objects even in the fog.

To avoid weather-beaten lips, lubricate them well or very hygienic lipstick bright - brighter contains substances that can cause irritation under the influence of the sun.

If the skin is too tan, and even dried shelled, use fatty creams (which are typically applied to wet skin).When you have finished sunbathing, remove excess cream paper towel blotting movements.At this time, it is better not to do any massage - skin nutrition, improved circulation usually in the air and during tanning.But the mask, especially if you feel burning or tingling of the skin, will be useful.The most simple and available masks: lubricate the face yogurt or put cucumber slices on the skin.Keep the mask 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse.Burnt skin is still well wipe iced tea or a weak solution of boric acid (a teaspoon per glass of water).

Older women with dry skin is better not to tan, because the skin becomes more dry, her sharply distinguished wrinkles, widen blood vessels may appear dark pigment spots.In this case, the most useful to apply a moisturizer that will help slow down the aging process.In these creams must contain placenta, vitamins and hormones.

If you have white skin with freckles and red hair, tan to be very careful.Does it matter and where and when you take a sun bath.In the south, "the sun more intense than in the north, near the sea and in the mountains - more intensively than in the plain, in the interior of the continent in July, the sun is much more active than in other months at noon, when the sun is at its zenith, look for a place somewhere.. in the shade

Sunburn is better perceived when the person in the movement initially have to be in the sun no more than 5-10 minutes, gradually increasing this time

Before sunbathing, it is better not to wash your face, especially with soap and water.. -it violates the natural acidic skin environment, her fat grease after exposure to the sun should be removed from the face of oil or cream applied to the skin cream "Cucumber", "ideal" or "velvet" and powder flushed after sunbathing face is not recommended to wash.. -. better oil cream

best sun - morning hours, from 11 to 15 need to get away from the sun: at this time are not so much ultraviolet as heat rays

Perfume and tan - is incompatible veshi, try to give up.your favorite perfume, eau de toilette, eau de cologne.Essential oils combine with beads of sweat, give rise to neischezayushih dark age spots or skin inflammations.

If you are burned by the sun, rub the skin with cologne or calendula tincture, then lubricate cream "Aloe", a sense of constriction and burning quickly disappear.Better then 2-3 days not sunbathe.

Do not forget that to remain in a wet bathing suit is unsafe.Coming out of the water after swimming is better to change.The denser and thicker the fabric from which sewed bathing suit, the greater the release of heat from the body surface and the faster hypothermia occurs, especially in windy conditions.Kholodov irritation of the lower back, pelvis, hips, may trigger the development or exacerbation of various inflammatory processes in the kidneys, bladder, ovaries.