When you need help cosmetologist

August 12, 2017 17:51 | All Of The Beauty Of Women

requires great care treatment of warts - tumors of the skin, protruding above the surface.In no event it is impossible to cut them, strip off the nail, washcloth, etc. N., As it contributes to the spread of warts.

The preventive measures should frequently wash their hands, use an individual towel, brush, scissors, and other personal toilet, do not wear other people's things: gloves, slippers, etc. If there

warts, try to lubricate them 4-5 times a day fresh.dandelion stem juice or juice of celandine stalks, cut fresh young potatoes, garlic.Traditional medicine recommends also applied to warts baked onion.

For oily skin under the influence of the expansion of sebum and as a result of poor care easily arise acne vulgaris.

In this case, it is recommended to wash hot water, spermaceti, lanolin, baby soap.

places the greatest congestion of blackheads should be well washed with a sponge, cloth terry cloth or cotton swab soaked in soapy abundant alcohol, brown, 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide or soa

p mixed with finely crushed salt.Since oily skin is covered with a greasy touch again, it is necessary during the day several times to wipe face degreasing, astringent solutions of 1-2% solution of ammonia, a mixture of equal parts of alcohol, ether, calendula tincture (1-2 tablespoons per 1 cup of water).

happens that women and girls appear hair where would least like to see them: on the upper lip, chin, neck, chest, arms and legs. Hypertrichosis - is the name of this phenomenon - gives women a lot of grief.

Most often hairiness is innate.

appearance of hairiness in adolescent girls may be associated with diseases of internal organs, therefore certainly show girl doctor evdokrinologu.Explain to her that it is not necessary to pull out hairs - this may enhance their growth.By the way, it is necessary to remember that adults and older women, who are thus trying to deal with hypertrichosis.You should know something else: in these cases is contraindicated tan, even under the quartz lamp can not be taken UHF.Places where there were unwanted hairs, it is better not to lubricate nourishing creams with biostimulants, agents that enhance influx of blood to the skin.Without urgent need is better not to use hormonal creams, it can be done only on prescription.Contraindicated masks, which include fresh-water sponge, paraffin.Often cause increased growth of hair bleaching creams.

How to deal with hairy?Not with a razor or tweezers!One of the ways - electrolysis when the hair follicles are destroyed, and the hair grows more slowly, become brittle, not as noticeable.But this procedure is carried out only in cosmetic clinics.If you make it you can not, try the following method (it is especially good if it is necessary to remove the hair on the feet and hands).

Take 30-50 g of 3% hydrogen peroxide, add to it half a spoon of liquid ammonia.This solution Dissolve soap powder soap or shaving cream.The foam is put on the area of ​​skin covered with hair.Allow to dry.Then rinse with warm water and powder the.The procedure is repeated - is gradually discolored hair to become thinner, will not be as noticeable.

You can try this method: 10 pieces of sugar dissolved in a small amount of water, add the juice of a lemon quarters, and cook until the mixture becomes brown and will not keep up with the fingers.Mass smudge on hairy areas of the skin, and when hardened, remove it.The tool is good because it does not cause increased hair growth.