Chronic gastritis treatment of folk remedies

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Genetic Diseases

General characteristics of the disease

Chronic gastritis - a disease characterized by widespread or focal chronic inflammation of the gastric mucosa and the gradual development of atrophy of the gastric glands.Chronic duodenitis as a distinct disease in childhood is extremely rare.In most children, chronic duodenitis and functional changes of the duodenum develops secondary to other diseases of the digestive system, especially the stomach (gastroduodenitis, piloroduodenita, chronic gastroduodenitis).Chronic gastritis and chronic gastroduodenitis in children usually begin with functional disorders on the background of dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system, which ultimately leads to severe morphological changes.

incidence of hCG varies from 4.9 to 26.3 per 1000 child population, and HDG - from 5.2 to 45.7 per 1,000 children, while continuing to grow steadily in recent years.

clinic, diagnosis and treatment

leading chronic gastritis symptoms are pain and nausea in the morning or after a meal

.Pain occurs during a meal or immediately after it.In most cases, they are aching, moderate, sometimes intense.In addition, children complain of headache, weakness, fatigue, and sometimes dizziness, decreased appetite.

When abdominal palpation determined by the local muscle tension and soreness in the right half of the abdomen above the navel or at the junction of the ribs to the sternum, sometimes in the navel.In chronic gastroduodenitis pain are more stubborn, localized but piloroduodenalnoy zone in the right upper quadrant.Almost all children have nausea, often belching, heartburn, a tendency to constipation.Pronounced symptoms of autonomic dysfunction: fatigue, decreased mobility, headache, sleep disturbances, local hyperhidrosis.Diagnosis is based on a combination of clinical data, anamnesis, laboratory and instrumental data (especially after the endoscopic and radiologic studies).

main principle of treatment is to provide the most appropriate common mode and power mode.Of great importance in the treatment of acquired calm atmosphere created around the patient and physical rest.In acute process is assigned mechanically and chemically gentle diet.Because no drug therapies are shown primarily reflexology, psychotherapy, physiotherapy.Of the drugs used gastrotropnye tools that increase the stability of the gastric mucosa and duodenal ulcers, coating agents, antacids, and Wegetotropona psychotropic remedies, vitamins, and sometimes spend enzyme replacement therapy.