Tips for each day

August 12, 2017 17:51 | All Of The Beauty Of Women

If the road or at work is convenient to use a compact powder, at home, on the dresser, it is better to have the loose powder.The preferred "to use instead of the puff of pure wool. It is hygienic, because it can be immediately discarded. As a basis for powder used day cream, almond milk, and so on. N. First, lightly powdered neck, and then the chin, cheeks, forehead and nose. Then apply powder puffto wrinkles, so they stayed powder. excess powder must wipe with a soft brush.

Shoot cosmetics can be any fat emulsion cream. Cosmetic milk completely dissolves the substances contained in creams and other means, and well remove them. You can only clean up afterwardsthe face with water and mild soap. dry skin is enough to clear one milk, but we need to change the pad as long as it is clean.

for oily skin of the face to remove make-up, it is necessary to wash with soap and water.

Eyeshadow and mascaraeyelids are removed with cotton wool soaked in warm vegetable oil.

If mascara causes skin irritation cent

ury, it is necessary to temporarily stop using it, and then try to paint eyelashes mascara other.

apply a nourishing cream on your face before going out on a cold windy day is not recommended.

If the spring dry lips, brush them with a mixture of equal parts of goose fat and vegetable oil.

Engage looks can be, even when you have just a few minutes.Remove makeup from the face using a toilet milk or lotion and then apply the cream for 2 minutes.Put both eyes thick cotton swab dipped in hot water or warm tea of ​​chamomile for 1 min.Thumb and forefinger to pinch the face by massaging gently to the temporal regions (2 minutes).To improve blood circulation tapping movements of the fingers of both hands do massage in the cheeks and eye area.Schipatelnym movement of the thumb and index fingers smooth the eyebrows from the nose (1 min).Sprinkle on the face with cold water and dry it with a towel light patting movements.After that, apply make-up in the following order: cream, cream powder, blush for cheeks.Give lashes in order.Lightly powder the face.