Earrings , rings , brooches

August 12, 2017 17:51 | All Of The Beauty Of Women

Perhaps the simplest rule to remember.First, never wear with decorations made from different materials.Secondly, it is necessary to know which of your existing products can be used every day, and what - only on ceremonial occasions.And finally, the decorations should be in harmony with the color and style of the suit, combined with the external appearance.

hardest part - pick earrings . By choosing round face elongated earrings or earrings with pendants.Blondes with light eyes go earrings with bright stones, and stones with dark eyes should be warm colors.Brunettes longer go earrings with brightly colored stones.

you wear glasses?In this case it is better to abandon the large, heavy clip.But earrings with small stones fit your needs.

If the earlobe is small, then should choose earrings elongated shape with no shine.Conversely, if the lobe is large, more successful clip will look flat shape.When thin lobe is better to choose a lighter, delicate earring.The bulk (large, round) earrings - for the ears, w

hich are close to the head.

right to wear rings quite a bit:

- Thin fingers require more subtle and delicate rings;

- large rings should not be worn at full fingers;

- If the ring is massive, it shall be one;

- when in the ring there is a bright stone, its color must necessarily be repeated in clothing;

- should not be worn even on different arms of the ring with colored stones, colored stone blends well with only transparent and white stones.

Another type of jewelry - it brooch. ceramic brooches look good on clothes made of natural fabrics rough texture.A silk dress in itself requires a fine in conception and execution of artistic brooches.To fit more tightly woven jewelry with semiprecious stones or wood.It suits of artificial tissue is better to wear jewelry.

Remember, decorations, as well as make-up should emphasize the advantages of your appearance, to provide all the beautiful, attractive: Earrings - small neat ears, stone - the color of eyes, a chain with a locket or pendant - a slender line of the neck, a ring - hand with carefullytreated nails and so on. n.

To decorate pleasing to the eye, you need to take care of them!If a silver chain, a ring covered with unpleasant dark bloom, wash them in warm soapy water, then clean with a soft cloth dampened with a mixture of ammonia and tooth powder or chalk, rinse again with clean warm water and wipe - sparkle like new!

There is another way to refresh the silver or silver-plated products: they can be washed in warm soapy water with ammonia (a tablespoon per gallon of water), rinse in clean water and wipe dry with a soft cloth..

Just refresh gold jewelry with stones, when they lost their sparkle, only ammonia then need 6 drops per cup of water.

fashion clips, brooches made of plastic do not need to wash, they simply must often wipe, clean, soft flannel to not gathered dust, shone.

Homework perform better without rings and bracelets - their surface and decorating stones can be scratched and lose luster.

Gold ring should be removed and when apply makeup - especially ointments, creams prepared on the basis of mercury and its salts: mercury not only changes the color of gold, leaves white spots on it, and destroy it.By the way, the spots may appear on the iodine.They removed the ring down for 15-20 minutes in a solution of hyposulphite - tools used in photography (1 teaspoon per cup of water).Then washed with clean water and wipe with a flannel.