Caring for hands and nails

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begin with self-massage. It can be done in the morning as soon as you wake up and move on, pre-lubricated hand cream.A circular motion massage each finger and joint separately, like putting on gloves.Then go to massage the back of the hand.Clasping the wrist, keep a hand massage, rising to the elbow and then to the shoulder.Make several movements tassels, they alternately rotate the right and left, squeeze into fists and unclench, simulate piano.

Now can go to self-massage the forearms and shoulders.Hand pull the fingers squeeze into a fist.Short rhythmic beats edge of the palm of the other hand tapping on the length: from toes to armpits.First, the inner and then the outer surface thereof.To enhance blood circulation, make quick easy tingling from the bottom up with two fingers: the thumb and index.This will raise the tone of the muscles, especially the shoulder, which weaken with age and sag.

advise remember a few guidelines skincare hands.

performing domestic work, use textile and rubber glove

s.Working in a cold room, or on the street, you need to put on top of wool and even rubber gloves.After removing them, to warm his hands in warm water and grease fortified creams.Some women from hypothermia on the fingers and hands appear bluish spots, swelling and even erosion.This so-called perfrigeration.How to treat it?Every day, do warm baths wild cherry bark (2 tablespoons per 1 liter of water) or alum (20 g per liter of water I).

If the skin callous, become rough, do once or twice a week trays of sauerkraut juice, whey, potato decoction.After lubricate the skin with fat cream and at night put on cotton gloves.It can be used for baths vegetable oil (same batch), and then wet hand towel.

That the skin was soft elbows during the daily shower, rub it with a brush or sponge, and then lubricate fat cream.

When sweating of palms, use a five-minute bath of acetic water (3 teaspoons of vinegar to 1 quart of water) or a decoction of oak bark, and the infusion of nettle and sage in equal proportions (2 tablespoons of mixture into 1 liter of water).

positive effect on redness of hands has alternating baths of cold and hot water.Repeat 10-15 times, finishing with cold water.In the evening, a massage with a nourishing cream fortified.

When field work is desirable to protect the hand gloves.Rubber gloves in such cases are not very suitable in summer in their hands really sweat, so that depending on the work and the time of year you need to use cotton or wool gloves.

When working with land any cuts, pricks, abrasions can cause serious diseases, so that the skin at the slightest injury, be sure to treat the iodine solution, alcohol or cologne.

To disinfect minor abrasions and cracks, use 3% hydrogen peroxide solution.For the treatment of deep abrasions soak before bedtime hands in warm starch solution (2 tablespoons per 1 liter of water) and then grease the homeopathic ointment "Marigold".The procedure is repeated often.

When abrasions, cracks, cuts, scrapes, it is useful to hold your hands in warm water with a few crystals of manganese (so much so that the water turned pink), then wipe with iodine tincture or a solution of "green stuff", and if the skin is sliced ​​places inflamed, dobandage 5% cent sintomitsinovoy emulsion.

If you have to work with water, lubricate your hands cream "Silo", "Silicon" - they form on the skin a protective water-repellent film.After washing your hands should be mitigated.To do this, even damp skin good rub any nutritious cream.Another way to mitigate hand - bath of starch.It is done this way: a teaspoon of starch diluted glass of water, the resulting paste is diluted with lukewarm water to liter volumes.Hands holding in the solution for 10-15 min, rinsed with warm water and a little cream is applied to wet skin.

Starch bath is very useful for the elbows, if the skin on them is dry, rough.

emerged corn?Make warm soap-soda baths with the addition of ammonia (in the rainwater can not add soda) per liter of water - a teaspoon of baking soda, 2 teaspoons of ammonia, a teaspoon of soap powder or planed soap.Hold hands in a bath should be 15-20 minutes, then wipe dry, rub a pumice stone.

to your skin is not darkened during cleaning of potatoes and other vegetables, you need to wipe their pre vinegar.And you can while cleaning rinse your hands with water, which added a little vinegar.

If still blackened hands after cleaning potatoes, carrots, beets, take a crust of lemon and rub the darkened areas of the skin.Slicing lemon tea, do not throw away the top - they can be used several times for the hands.

Peel and chop the onion and garlic, rub your hands wet with salt, then wash - the smell disappears instantly.

To eliminate the smell of herring is necessary to moisten hands with a weak solution of vinegar and then wash.

graduating from washing with detergent, be sure to wash your hands with soap and water, rinse with warm water, then lubricate nourishing emollient cream, to avoid irritation, do not appear dry and itchy skin.If the skin is particularly sensitive, grease before washing your hands with a protective cream or wear rubber gloves.

work in hot water with his bare hands - and sometimes it is necessary - unpleasant activity.Secure the hand burns dual-layer gloves can help.First worn thin wool, and rubber on top of them.Before

dirty work, try to put on the hand invisible protective "gloves" of soap.Hands thick lather and dried a few minutes.Then these "gloves" easily washed off.

Heavily soiled hands easily washed clean, if previously the skin to rub vegetable oil and sugar.

After working with fragrant liquids (kerosene, acetone, etc.) keep their hands smell of liquid.Get rid of it, you can wash hands in warm solution of mustard powder.

shovel, an ax or other tool can be quickly rub the calluses on his hands.Gloves protect the hands, but work in them is not always convenient, especially with an ax when a large stroke accuracy is required.We recommend to put on the palm foam ring - it protects against calluses and work does not stop.

To your skin remains soft and supple, periodically carry out the following procedure: before bedtime lubricate your hands first with vegetable oil, then richly nourishing cream at night and wear cotton gloves.

If you do not take care of the nails, then to work in the field, on the site, at home, in the kitchen they will fade and exfoliate.

Nail Care is simple, but one condition - it should be permanent.

In each house a good idea to have a special manicure set.It includes nail file, large and small cutting pliers with curved tip scissors, blunt spatula, wooden or ivory baton.Of course, all of these tools need to keep clean: boiled or cleaned with alcohol, cologne.

Nails should be cut at least once in two weeks, giving them almond or oval shape.Leave long nails is not necessary, they are easily broken.Nicely, if the free edge of the nail stands about 3-4 mm.If you cut your nails short, their shape changes, fingers appear shorter and thicker.

trim your nails, be sure to flatten the sharp (scarring) edges special sawing.Move it easily, without pressure, only towards the middle, trying to grind a smooth nail surface.

nail length on both hands must be the same - lack of coordination gives the impression of untidiness.

Dermal roller surrounding the nail, sometimes grows almost half of it.This is unhygienic and ugly.In this case, it is necessary to hold hands for 5-10 minutes in warm soapy water, wipe gently with a nourishing cream and a special spatula (they exist in every manicure sets) gently push the cushion down to nail free "breathe" better looking.

if exfoliate nails, rub lotion on a daily basis of their "Crystal".At night, lubricate your hands and nails with any nourishing cream.The thin, easily broken nails will become stronger if they rub lemon juice or vegetable oil.Try also, at least temporarily does not have anything to do with washing powders.

Daily remove from under the nail dirt with a wooden or ivory sticks, at the end of which is wound a thin layer of cotton wool soaked in soapy water.You can also use a special brush.If to be a dirty job, for example, to the ground, we recommend to rub the nails on a wet piece of soap, and then remove the excess soap with a cloth or cotton swab.At the end of the soap from under the nails wash out.

worth little to weaken the hand care as overgrown nail cuticle easy straining, there are small ssadinki.If they are not disinfected immediately (iodine, Castellane liquid "green paint", potassium permanganate), it could face a purulent infection.

It happens that, in spite of the systematic hand care, barb still formed.They need to be cut with scissors or tongs bite, and then be sure to disinfect these places.A lot of help to get rid of any burrs systematic rubbing fat cream around the nails.

finished nail treatment, apply a nourishing cream on your hands and make a gentle massage.

Well-groomed nails are beautiful in themselves, but if you want to paint them, make sure that, to nail polish, blush and lipstick were born in the same tone.

To paint lay down evenly, it is applied necessarily to dry nails, pre-warmed hands.As a basis can be applied colorless varnish, and after drying - color.

Use lacquer constantly is not recommended, nails occasionally need to rest.Dark nail, inflicted in the middle of the nail, as it shortens it, and nails, completely covered with a colorless or slightly colored lacquer look longer.

By the way, change the nail polish shade of polish you can by adding the number of "Rainbow" ink droplets.Blue ink mute the bright color and give a little varnish purple tone.