Behaviour spouses

term "value" is widely used in sociological and philosophical literature.All variety of objects and phenomena of the human world is evaluated them in terms of utility, the need for life support.Value, usually endowed as individuals and objects, ideal state of things, actions, situations, moral standards and principles.Values ​​are also ideological views, ideas, ideals, concepts of equality, brotherhood, freedom, democracy, etc.

The range of values ​​can include individual qualities of a person:. Kindness, compassion, caring, tenderness.

system of values ​​formed in humans during the entire period of education and socialization, and makes it easy to simply categorize the variety of phenomena and objects of reality in terms of their usefulness, necessity.

It allows you to organize, organize a variety of information that a person receives from the outside world for their own needs, desires and intentions.

Therefore, it can be argued that the value orientation of the person (the system of its values) ar

e not something arbitrary.They are primarily based on the needs of the mature personality, her desires, aspirations.

From the individual value system implies motivation and activity that is conscious rationale for the accomplishment of certain actions.Valuable orientations of the person playing a leading role in making the vast majority of decisions.For example, the decision to marry or its cancellation primarily derives from the system of values ​​of the person, which is itself based on the needs of the system.

deciding on divorce, the man primarily motivates him that are not being met, in his view, important needs.

value system - one of the most important components of the internal structure of the person.With the help of a person easily separates the important from the unimportant, the essential from the inessential, the useful from the useless from the standpoint of their individual needs, inclinations and interests.

This gives human behavior a certain stability, a stable orientation, organization.Moreover, if we know the system of individual values, then, in principle, we can predict its behavior in certain circumstances.

system of values ​​of the individual determines the orientation behavior, activity.Knowing the system of values ​​of an individual, ie. E. The fact that he holds dear, is significant, it is necessary in life, we can predict how people will react to actions in interpersonal relationships in family life.Spouses are well aware of the value system of each other and can foresee the partner's behavior.

When young people get married, they have, in principle, there are the same universal values.Around the same will and group values, if they belong to the same social group.However, this does not mean that their ideas and views are the same as the individual characteristics, life experiences, personal fate of each will inevitably produce such variations, which are very far from each other.Therefore, differences, discrepancies, disputes between the spouses, especially the young, a natural and logical.It must pass a certain period of time, and a considerable one to occur mutual lapping views.We call this process of mutual adaptation in the field of individual value systems.

clothing, housing and home comforts, career, success, a favorite work, health, family, children in our subjective perception emerge as certain values.

As values ​​can serve just about anything that is connected with satisfaction the most diverse needs: physical, psychological, physiological, aesthetic, moral.

Valuable identity system - a complex ideal education of our consciousness and self-awareness.Sociologists and psychologists still have a lot to explore in this area.Note that sociology is not to say about the system of values ​​of the individual, but of the system of value orientation, but we believe that this is one and the same.

value system allows the individual to decide that for her significant and important in marriage and family life.These values ​​can be: children, their health and wellbeing;love, affection, tenderness, attention from the partner;material well-being of the family and adequate housing;satisfaction with sex life in marriage;health as its own, and the other partner;a good relationship with their parents and relatives on both sides;given the opportunity to enjoy the beloved creation, the beloved profession, professional success and career.

identity values ​​are organized in a certain hierarchy according to their importance, urgency, the need for this period of human life.This hierarchical structure is not frozen.On the contrary, it is quite flexible and dynamic.So, for a young man who had just graduated from high school, the limit of dreams - to go to your favorite college and acquire a coveted profession.During this period, the need for education and choice of profession is the most important value, which occupies first place in the system of values.When the dream came true, this value goes to the third or fourth plan.For example, after a while the young man falls in love with the beautiful classmate.Now it is the highest value to its attention, its reciprocal feeling.Young people are married, and most acutely in front of them stood the housing problem.The apartment is in a given period with honeymooners is the leading value.

As we have seen, the same value can take different ordinal position in importance in different periods of human life.Naturally, the large differences in individual values ​​and lead to numerous conflicts of varying destructive power for the marriage.

So the spouses diverging views and perceptions rather multifaceted.For greater accuracy, the scientific understanding we call them differences in individual value systems.They give rise to a special group of conflicts between spouses.Unfortunately, such conflict situations had not been studied, and we do not have a specific sociological information on the matter.Now we can only say that the analysis of the motives of divorce, passion that we ourselves have experienced, does nothing for the understanding of the conflicts of the spouses on the basis of the incompatibility of their values.