Confidentially , companionship in the family

In-depth analysis of friendships and love relationships people have a whole series of questions: what is the need, which is a natural psychological necessity leads one to the fact that he needs a friend, comrade, a colleague?It would seem, why do they need?What are their benefits?

It seems to us that the person is in need, ie. E. To experience strong demand, in a free and spontaneous expression of their feelings, emotions and experiences.Each person has the desire and the desire of a free, no associated expression of their thoughts, reflections.For the modern man there is nothing more difficult, if not with whom to share the most undercurrents.

In terms of regulated relations and forms of behavior imposed by the rules and conventions of person wants to express with ease their innermost thoughts, feelings, emotions.He does not want to constantly be in the moral and spiritual underground, t. E. To expose themselves to the rigid self-control and self-censorship.

So, we believe that a person is essential

intimate, emotionally positive, trusting communication.It requires empathy partner, compassion, understanding, "entry" into the psychic world of another person.Important in this communion that we "take" as we really are.We partner should be the appropriate psychological resonance with our mental peace.

Another partner, must show us a sincere and genuine interest.As a result of such communication partners must be "warm."

Marriage and family give a person is a communication that the most openly and confidentially.The family-person communication as it throws off the social mask, pushing aside the social role that it performs in the social, political or professional spheres.Personality begins to feel entirely its originality and unique identity.

Thus, family communication performs a completely different function compared with other types of human communication, described in social psychology.For the family to communicate in their functions, qualities and properties very close companionship only.The happy marriage and family communication is just so friendly.

mental development of a person can not live a normal life and to act without the exchange of information, feelings, emotions, thoughts with others.

ability to communicate can only develop when a person manifests itself active in the field of communication with other people.

We often do not pay enough attention to the fact that it was friendship, love performing the most important therapeutic functions, the essence of which is the emotional and psychological support, security, comfort, care.If the marriage and the family does not give the identity of this particular, one or both partners feel mutual alienation, and marriage cohabitation loses its meaning, its special significance and value to the individual.

order to ensure the stability of the mental life of an individual in dire need of positive emotions, feelings.The feeling of joy and pleasure, interest, everyone should receive primarily in the family.Marriage life in general must give the individual a lot of positive feelings and emotions that are very noticeable effect on the stability of the psyche, on satisfaction with life in general.

Soviet educator VASuhomlinskogo wrote that children should experience the joy, the complex of all positive feelings and emotions.That positive feelings and emotions are very important for a child.His six-year preparatory classes for it and called the "school of joy".The great teacher is constantly drawn attention to the importance of positive ratings, reviews and promotions throughout the educational practice.

Ideas VASuhomlinskogo fully applicable to married life.Moreover, the conditions of professional human activities can sometimes be so heavy and burdened by unfavorable factors, the only source of positive feelings and emotions can only be a marriage and family.In these circumstances, the importance of family life even more increases.

There is no doubt that the satisfaction of the marital relationship depends on the extent to which and the extent of each spouse feels a sense of joy, the pleasure of living together.

marriages in crisis, on the contrary, created a situation that spouses are constantly experiencing a purely negative emotions, at least the ratio between positive and negative emotions are always in favor of the latter.

Naturally, the quarrels, disagreements, mutual insults in one way or another connected with the negative emotions.Ultimately, negative emotions cause anxiety, tension, depression, and in cases where they are regular and constant, -state of depression, in which the depressed mood becomes a chronic.

Such processes are characteristic of dysfunctional marriages, most of which ends in divorce.

Feeling mental support the people closest gives a person confidence and stability in the other, so to speak, outside of the family affairs, for example in the relations that develop in the workplace.

It is in the mental support, understanding, friendly, loving, respectful attitude lies the so-called "psychotherapy" family function.Only people in family communication restores mental balance, self-confidence at all.

viability of the couple, in our opinion, primarily associated with a sense of support, understanding and mental comfort.Thus, the need for confidence-friendly communication, psychological support and protection, as well as the human need for positive emotions, we refer to the so-called emotional and psychological needs.

The totality of these requirements is in dynamic mobility, interaction, ie,one or two may be quite satisfied with the need to compensate for the lack of other needs.This we see in the middle and older marriages, where the need to love and be loved is compensated marital friendship and co-established stereotype lifestyle.

It should be noted that our concept of emotional and psychological needs in this sense is a convenient theoretical construct, trying to explain the causes of the stability or instability of married life.

unmet basic emotional and psychological needs can very often lead to mental instability and imbalance.Medical professionals indicate that the main causes of depression, especially in women, primarily related to family circumstances.

If a woman felt that she hated that she was not appreciated or respected, it appears very complicated traumatic complex.

We believe that conflict and, moreover, the crisis in the marriage life are coming at a time when you do not meet the basic emotional and psychological needs of the individual.Satisfying the needs of these enables a person to withstand the many difficulties of life that inevitably occur in life in general and family life in particular.We have in mind primarily the housing and financial difficulties, the problems associated with professional activity, disease, health in general.