Potato for health and beauty

August 12, 2017 17:51 | All Of The Beauty Of Women

potatoes will help your hands.

Use the method that is recommended French.

necessary to crush 2 boiled potatoes, add a little broth to happen elastic mashed potatoes, and a couple of drops of glycerin and a few drops of cucumber or lemon juice.Keep the mask on your hands 10-12 minutes, better in the evening, before bedtime.If you do it every day, you can even cure chapped and red hands.

juice and pulp of raw potato are anti-inflammatory agent for eczema, burns, acne and so flegmontoznyh. N. Gruel is applied to the affected area up to 1 cm layer on a gauze napkin, 1-2 hours is replaced by a new one.Similarly, use and juice.

perfect cosmetic - ordinary cucumber.

Try to wipe the face of a slice of cucumber or a piece of skin removed from it - just feel the pleasant freshness.

want to make cucumber mask, moisturizing and whitening the skin?Grate the cucumber grated or finely chop, put the mask on a gauze and apply to face, neck.Fifteen minutes later wash and lubricate the skin cream.Likewise, you can

make a mask of zucchini or watermelons, stimulates metabolic processes in the skin.

If your forehead the first wrinkles, useful daily massage with a piece of fresh or pickled cucumber - move it left to right ring-shaped movements.Juice, soaking, moisturizes the skin, and after drying it creates as it were a mask.After 30 minutes, the mask can be washed away.

Fresh cucumber with the skin, eaten without salt, a positive effect on the body's metabolism and, therefore, has a therapeutic effect on the skin, acne and acne-prone.

Try to make a mask made of thin slices of cucumber (they are placed on the forehead, chin and nose wings) and tomatoes (in the neck and cheeks).After 15 minutes, rinsed with cold water.This mask is good for mixed skin type.

Cucumber juice - the perfect remedy for skin cleansing.You can prepare for the future.Slice or grate 100 g of fresh cucumbers, fill them with 100 g of any lotion ( "Morning", "Start", "pink water"), set for 8-10 days in a dark closet.then filter the contents through a cheesecloth and store (but not more than six months!) in a closed bottle in the refrigerator.If you have oily skin, this composition can wipe the face instead of washing.If the skin is dry, add cucumber juice in any nutritious cream.

beauty Vitamin called vitamin A, which in large numbers contained in parsley, for which it is widely used in cosmetology.To lighten the face, remove wrinkles apply broth of parsley, which wipe skin morning and evening.To do this, the stems and leaves of 5-10 plants pour a glass of boiling water, put in the oven for 20-30 minutes, then filtered, pre-cooled.

For oily skin with enlarged pores recommended strawberry mask. It is made from one tea spoon of fresh juice of berries, mixed with beaten egg white.A paste of fresh strawberry fruit with a small amount of cream or sour cream nourishes aging skin and is effective in the appearance of wrinkles.If the skin peels, useful mask of oatmeal (1 tablespoon of cereal, 4 tablespoons milk, cream or water).Swollen slurry applied to the face for 10-15 minutes, then wash with warm and cold water.