Dress properly

August 12, 2017 17:51 | All Of The Beauty Of Women

for washing is better to use soft water.

Hard water can be softened by boiling it for an hour, then let her settle.Another way - in a liter of water to dissolve one or half a teaspoon of baking soda or borax.

Do not wash neither too cold nor too hot water.From cold skin becomes dry and starts to peel off.Hot with prolonged use causes a persistent dilation of blood vessels - the skin becomes flabby, listless, poorly tolerated cold.

Dry skin is very sensitive to external influences, so better to wash with soft water at room temperature.Wash with soap and water should be once a week.For dry skin, suitable cosmetic or soap spermaceti.After washing, apply on face nourishing cream.After 20-30 minutes, remove the excess cream with a paper towel.

Instead of water for dry skin can use cleansing lotions or liquid creams.

good effect for dry, aging skin gives the face washing decoction of herbs - chamomile, sage, linden blossom, horsetail.It is possible to use a mixture of the herbs, taken in equal amounts, or

one of them.Two tablespoons herb pour two cups of hot water, simmer on low heat for 5-10 minutes, then cool and strain.Washing such broth cleanses the skin, making it more elastic and soft.

Those who have oily skin, it is advisable to wash in the morning and evening with any mild soap, preferably forest, boron-thymol, in the morning - a cool evening - alternately warm and cool water.Places clusters blackheads wash with a soft sponge or cotton swab liberally soaked with soapy foam.After washing oily skin useful to wipe lotions, after 20-30 minutes, blot the face with a paper towel.

twice a day - morning and evening - it is necessary to wash and normal skin.But better to lather the face in the evening.Lots of skin where the fat-branch usually lowered (the eyelids, nasolabial folds), immediately after washing, lubricate nourishing cream.After 20-30 minutes, remove the remnants of his paper napkin.

maintain skin elasticity and healthy complexion helps sauna.The hot, dry steam, the temperature contrast contribute to the conclusion of toxins, making the skin smooth and supple.A similar procedure can be useful to arrange a home.Rub the whole body massage mitt, and then 5 minutes jump rope.But such exercises we advise only perfectly healthy people.

Useful for oily skin and steam baths.They cleanse the pores, improve circulation.Make them at home is easy.In a wide bowl over low heat boil dry chamomile flowers, or linden (tablespoon per pint of water).Purely washed face bent over the dishes with hot broth, cover with a towel, if the broth is too hot and will be hard to breathe, you can lift the edge of the towel.The steam bath taking 10-15 minutes, then the person should be wiped dry.Now by wrapping your index finger with a sterile bandage, soaked in 3% hydrogen peroxide solution, gently and carefully remove the speakers at the surface of the skin blackheads.But in any case, do not squeeze them!You just have to be patient: after a few baths all acne will come themselves.After finishing the procedure, wipe the face with a solution of hydrogen peroxide and wash with cold water.

steam treatment is effective, but, unfortunately, it can not be applied to those who have expanded blood vessels on the face.