Renal glycosuria

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Genetic Diseases

Unlike diabetes renal glycosuria (appearance of glucose in the urine) is characterized by a normal blood sugar and occurs in isolated violation reuptake of glucose in the renal tubules or with complex defects tubular system (Fanconi syndrome), as well as other kidney diseases.The content of glucose in the urine correspond to its initial level in the blood plasma.Normally reabsorption occurs in the proximal convoluted tubules of the kidneys into the blood of the compound.Depending on the tubular defect distinguish 2 types renal glycosuria .In the first type glucose appears in the urine by increasing its level in blood.In the second type is displayed in the normal glucose content in her blood.Described is also another type of renal glucosuria, when the reabsorption of glucose is completely absent.It is assumed that the process involved in the reuptake of glucose transporter-specific protein is subjected to changes resulting in disturbed its structure and can not migrate through the membrane glucose renal

tubules.The cause of such changes in the structure of the transfer protein is a mutation at the gene level.Reabsorption (reuptake) of glucose is broken in violation of the tubules.

Renal glucosuria usually inherited as an autosomal recessive pathology.

sample glucose tolerance identifies flat sugar curve.Basically, the general condition of people with this disorder do not suffer.Malabsorption of glucose transport defect of this substance is more pronounced in the intestine than in the kidneys, so for this syndrome is characterized by the development of digestive disorders in the form of watery stool.A child in the first weeks of life developing malnutrition (underweight).The basic principle of treatment of renal glucosuria is to prevent starvation (requires frequent meals).When glucose malabsorption efficient administration of fructose as basic carbohydrate food.With age, the manifestations of renal transport defect may weaken.

classification of renal glucosuria

1. The primary renal glucosuria (hereditary defects tubular glucose transport):

1) isolated glycosuria;

2) glyukoglitsinuriya;

3) malabsorption of glucose and galactose;

4) Fanconi syndrome (glyukoamino phosphate diabetes).

2. The secondary renal glucosuria (glucose transport inhibition):

1) pregnancy;

2) phlorizin intoxication.