On the eve of the holiday

August 12, 2017 17:51 | All Of The Beauty Of Women

Assist toning masks: they make the skin smooth, fresh, elastic, bleach it and tightens enlarged pores.For 15-20 days before the holiday, you need to start doing them, and before use especially effective mask.

Protein-honey mask (for aging skin prone to wrinkles).Melt, heating, a tablespoon of honey, add 1 tablespoon of wheat or oat flour and in the end, stirring constantly, beaten egg white.Keep on the face for 20 minutes.To remove it you need a dry cotton swab.

mask of brewer's yeast (for oily and dry skin).20-25 g of brewer's yeast (they will get at the pharmacy) Dilute with oily skin 3% hydrogen peroxide, with a dry - fresh milk until thick sour cream.Keep on the face for 15-20 minutes.From the outset, the mask dries up and there is a feeling of contraction.Rinse with water room temperature.

mask of yeast and horseradish (for all skin types).Tablespoon yeast dissolve conventional fresh milk until thick sour cream.Add a tablespoon of finely grated horseradish, mix well.Hold for 20-30 minutes.R

inse with water at room temperature.

Effective mask (for all skin types).A teaspoon gelatin soak in a very small amount of cold water to swell and melt in a water bath.Add the tablespoon of fresh unboiled milk and talc to get a liquid slurry.The person previously Spread a thick layer of nourishing cream.The mask is applied with a brush.Do not allow complete drying.Before taking off the mask, make a hot compress with a towel for 1-2 minutes.Remove the mask with a soft sponge, soaking it in hot water.At the end rinse your face with hot and then cold water.

You can perform the following procedures on the eve of the holiday.

If you have dry, flaky skin and fading, which can be seen "branches" of the blood vessels, it is necessary to make such medicinal Ingredients: 1 teaspoon of oatmeal or bran pour boiling water (half a cup).

If the skin is greasy, helps chamomile broth: 1 tablespoon of herbs pour a glass of boiling water.Keep in mind that this broth can be cooked in a thermos.

advance make sure that the house had a lemon and egg, clean and place in cold water for two small potatoes.Prepare two soft gubochki - small and large, as well as creams that are appropriate to the nature of your skin, the necessary and usual for you to cosmetics, perfumes.

Put the potatoes cook.If you have to use the Hercules, bring to a boil, add the soaked barley and half a cup of boiling milk.If chamomile - half the infusion dilute the same amount of hot water.

Those with dry skin or fading, so they just rinse your face with water and apply it on a thin layer of fat cream.

If you regularly care for your nails, you can not do manicures, and abundantly lubricated nails cream with a spatula to push the cuticle.Soaked cream to file nails and apply lemon juice on them.

Now you can take a bath.Very useful with hand shower to make facial massage.The jet of water is directed so as to face the massed strictly on skin lines - from the center to the periphery.Then should get wet face towel and relax for five minutes.

then dry skin is recommended to put a compress of chilled Hercules.Having oily skin useful alternating compresses of chamomile infusion: 2 to 3 minutes hot and one minute - cold.

remove swelling under the eyes, you can use cold lotions from boric acid solution (a teaspoon per cup of water) or weak tea.

After compresses dry your face and apply a pre-rubbed between the fingers, a nourishing cream suitable to your skin.While the cream is absorbed - it will take 10 to 15 minutes - you can do hands again.Put your hands on the mask made from potatoes, mashed and mixed with a small amount of fat.If the elbow is not very smooth, lubricate lemon rind.After 15 minutes, wash your hands and brush with fat cream.

paper napkin, remove the excess cream from the face and hands and start to color cosmetics.Do not forget about some of the subtleties.If you use a compact powder, apply it on the face with a soft, lightly dampened sponge evenly.Do not forget to powder and neck.

lips if you apply lipstick, rub a slice of lemon - they will appear brighter.