Event- group in the family

Interpersonal, event plan is evident in the life of such variables as:

-Remember meeting,

- marriage and marriage,

- victory or defeat in the sport,

- quarrel ,null,

- joint creative work,

-.. a baby in the family, etc.

Similar events occurring in a person's life, always and necessarily involve partner - another person, to a greater or lesser extent, involved in this event, which is no less vitally important for him.

Of course, not every life change includes interpersonal plan.In everyone's life there are events (changes in the nature, in a state of their own health ...) that take place without the participation of others.It does, however, only a compelling conclusion: the essential characteristic of the events of the life path of the individual is the degree of their involvement in the fate of others, the measure of participation of the other in their implementation.The event, thus turning into the epicenter of the circle meaningful dialogue, it is as if attracts near and far, we humans, c

reates a certain, often informal community - Event small group, which is provided by its implementation.

This group may include both familiar and unknown to each other people, but have become necessary in the current situation.In relation to the individual - the subject of life - these individuals are the assistants or interference in achieving her goals in life, role models or, on the contrary, people, life, and that mistakes should not be repeated.What are the features of these groups?Due to this they are able to combine even strangers, to bring together and bind their fate until the full merger, when the life of another is experienced as his own?As communication among these groups affects the formation of character and personal development?


Compared to traditional social psychology of small groups of dedicated event-group have a number of specific features.First of all, they differ from contact groups, suggesting a direct, "face to face" communication.Members of event groups can be any of the people from which, from the point of view of the individual, independent implementation of this event: relatives, friends, neighbors, colleagues at school and work, the heroes of works of art, historical figures, representatives of the preceding and succeeding generations.This explains why among the members of the group of event is not always possible direct contact.Moreover, it is not always necessary and sometimes even impede the implementation of the event.

Indicative in this regard, the case narrated by a Ukrainian actor.As a schoolboy, he was going to act in a drama school.His father was an actor and, of course, his example influenced the decision of his son.However, when he heard of the decision, the father more angry than happy, because he knew how thorny path of the actor.Wanting to "protect" his son, he turned to the head of the studio - his longtime friend - with a request to fail the entrance exams son.Despite this, the story of a young man had for a happy ending.On examination he so earnestly fulfilled the proposed role of the "odd man out" in a "love triangle" that examiners were disarmed.Thus, to enter the studio - one of the most important events in the life path of the actor - his father had been involved in the leadership and the studio.But, of course, they are not alone.Important role, according to the narrator, the characters played performances, theatrical atmosphere, which his childhood was steeped, mother, son, prefers to see a doctor or an engineer, a friend advice.As you can see, at the same time members of the group were event-and the real and imaginary persons, among which direct contact was simply impossible.However, where it was possible (between friend and guidance), it was not necessary;Moreover, in some cases (between father and leadership), he, from the viewpoint of the main character (his son) was extremely undesirable.

lack of direct contact between many members of the group of event brings it closer to the reference group for the individual -standard.Even more significant in this convergence of high importance to the subject of representatives of both the one and the other group.However, in contrast to the reference group event-not as a long-term, arising from the decision of the individual tasks and concrete life can disintegrate after the implementation of the corresponding event.Therefore, they could be described as short-term, situational, operational reference groups.They differ from traditional reference groups as diverse forms of meaningful relationships subject to each member of the group.For example, if members of the reference group act predominantly as a "competent judges" and "role models", the event-group along with them included a person really helps or hinders the subject psychologically close to him and far, their own and others.Therefore, the event is not limited to the group of reference in the usual sense of the latter.