Sexual roles and inequality

Each year, 600,000 Americans die from heart disease.Nearly 60 percent of them are men.

Why men are more prone to heart attacks than women?Some theories focus on the purely physical aspects (poor diet or a genetic predisposition to heart disease).Doctors Meyer Friedman and Ray X. Rosen-men expressed a different opinion: may cause heart attacks are certain patterns of behavior.They argue that people are most prone to heart disease, is inherent in the behavior of "type A".This behavior resembles a parody of a typical American businessman: ambitious, energetic, possessed by desire to succeed, the desire to succeed covered peaks faster."Type A" is often angry and unfriendly, he appreciates the success of other more in quantity than in quality achievements.

Rozenmen Friedman and argue that such behavior particular physical form factors that contribute to heart disease.They contribute to the fact that in the body increases the content of certain fats and hormones, under "the influence of which the blood cells

after eating become" sticky ". This slows down the blood flow, increases the likelihood of a heart attack.

Behavior" Type A "is most characteristic of men than women. This is due not only to biological differences between the sexes, but also the different cultural perceptions about the behavior of men and women: "men need to be ready to compete, women tend to cooperate men are impatient; women must have infinite patience men can be critical..; women should always agree and support the men are allowed to take the time and worry;. women always have time for receiving guests and chatter and are able at the same time was able to create an atmosphere of mutual support and sympathy is assumed that men are angry;. women should never be angry orat least, are not allowed to show it.Men attach importance to external indicators of success - wealth, status, promotion;women should be content with just knowledge of a job well done. "

While these stereotypes are still resistant, they began to break through more active participation of women in the competition, which is characteristic for the economic life of America.

Accordingly, Friedman and Rozenmen suggest that the behavior of the "Type A" is more typical of women than before, and thus increase their susceptibility to heart disease.

Treat Are you a "Type A"?

sure what qualities listed below, to a greater or lesser extent are peculiar to you:

1. I always ponder and doing more than one thing at a time;I seem to never have enough time to accomplish what I have planned.

2. I would not have noticed a new picture in the waiting room of my office;I rarely stop to admire the sunset or the beauty of nature.

3. I become impatient when you have to stand in line or go with the slow driver.

4. If I want to make it was well done, I have to do it yourself.

5. I am creating a cult of punctuality.

6. I can not sit idle.

7. In any game, I always try to win, even playing with your child.

8. I tend to evaluate the success of (their own and others) by the number of completed cases (the number of patients examined, written articles, contracts).

9. I get impatient when I see what others do the work that I could do better or faster.

10. When I say, I gesticulate;I find it difficult to control yourself.

We are all characterized by some of these qualities, only a few can be attributed to the absolute "type A".But if you find yourself more than half of these characteristics, consider yourself inherent in the behavior of "type A".

Studying behaviors peculiar to men and women, you can easily understand how society creates an environment conducive to inequality between men and women.Among men encouraged the assimilation of "type A" behavior patterns;energetic, able to compete entrepreneur usually derives more benefits.In the past, it rewarded passivity of women;so when women break this stereotype and show the behavior of "type A", they are encouraged to at least - when they gain influence or power, they are considered "unfeminine."