When to go to the hospital

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Pregnancy

So, we have studied the mechanism of delivery and we know that with us and happen to a child.However, every woman wondering when she should go to the maternity hospital.That the decisive day is near, you can define the following features:

pregnant breathing becomes easier;

may appear symptoms of anxiety, sleep disorder;

more frequent urination;

increased pressure on the rectum;

abundant mucus vaginal leukorrhea;

allocation of gelatin plugs;

maybe the selection of bloody pieces of compacted mucus that covers the cervical canal;

for 1-3 days before delivery - more frequent preliminary bout.

If you feel increased anxiety, and very nervous, it may be wise for the 10 days prior to delivery, on the recommendation of homeopaths start taking homeopathy (Ignacy 6x, 6x passiflera, hamomilla 6x).This will allow you to focus and how to mentally prepare for the great event.

But that memorable day came!Go fight, at first very light and short-lived.Note the time, when you notice that they are measured regu

larly and gradually strengthening and lengthening.In the first birth you can wait until the contractions begin to occur every 10 minutes for whole amniotic fluid.Repeated birth in hospital have to go with the appearance of regular contractions.

If on a background of rare weak contractions began to leak water, note the time, remember what the water in nature (color, odor, quantity) and immediately Karlovy Vary in the maternity hospital, regardless of what kind of account delivery.This also applies to the case if the leaking water without having contractions.

If any abnormalities during pregnancy there is a need and advance women prenatal hospitalization.Ksli there is a possibility, it is better to lie down a couple of extra days in the hospital than to go there at the last minute and to give birth in a taxi or on a plane.I remember a witty article in a newspaper: "Give birth Aeroflot planes" It is better not to get into such a risky situation!What to bring to the hospital:

filled exchange card;


escort - husband is desirable;

and, most importantly, a good mood, concentration and self-confidence!

Upon admission to the maternity ward after registration documents (passport and exchange card required!) Doctor makes a general survey and maternity obstetric examination to ascertain the situation.Women giving birth is required to give an enema, shaving the pubic hair, this is followed by a thorough shower and toilet of external genitals.After that, the woman transferred to the pre-natal ward.