Family Activities

How relaxing urban families in the summer?Most often accumulates op ~ tain amount, and go to the south.Earlier in Sochi.Now in Antalya.Well, if you want another opposition - an early hour above the Crimea, and now to Cyprus ... But, in general, and this and that - "Leisure".Gelendzhik I somehow forced to go to a public toilet - so I almost puked there.Sochi - the sea of ​​urine.Do you think that the waves in the sea go to the shore and from shore - all washed off.Nnet, sea water undulates vverhvniz - so it all just mixed.A woman may be enough here for trichomoniasis and whether it is even a nun.But with Zaga rum ... seized upon the southern sun, a young lady and tries] immediately become wrinkled old woman with charred skin, blisters and skin lumps, and then scabs ... And tse ■ scrap on the beach - visual stench: whereWhatever else look, be sure to come across such things on a crucifix - a woman is put under the burning rays of the inner surfaces of the hands.With the eyes of the covered - and that in fa

ct she sees its similarity ... All at an exorbitant price.So your money quickly turn north to their southern.

add dubious hygienic food in canteens.Restaurants generally can not afford the average to our readers.Add that to the beach must still reach, and Sochi and Yalta - the city, with its asphalt and hotel complexes ... Nnneet.There, "I am no longer the rider."If we talk specifically about the rest, and not about tourism.And if tourism is better - just in Paris or Rome.

Let us remember, wealthy nobles preferred to rest - where?Dada, if you talk, the BadenBadene, and if the soul to rest, then ... in the village ... What nobles were exploiters, and it happened, and petty tyrants, that of a song you can not throw. But the fact that they know a lot aboutrest - also take into account.I have been like to stay in the village.And I will give a few comments on this matter.

Wood (mainly) in the villages of the house - it is much environmentally friendly than concrete block in the jungle.The air - like breath child.A winter snow - white as an angel wing.Primordial vegetation.Moderate labor of cultivation sadaogoroda.The city senseless slopes and sit-ups are called exercise.And in the village all voltages

natural and varied, and it - without expensive simulators.No customary and hideous dog feces - whenever vlyapyvaeshsya and launder.A chicken and goose droppings perceived as in the famous proverb "good in the land of their own: the smell of hay and ...."

Barn and porch with tools possibility of creativity in the creation of fences, stairs and wooden crafts.I did a gazebo, covered with half her round Spili oak, pear, maple and apple trees - not brick, and not rotting ... beautiful, and just nicer there.

In northern areas the house is cheaper, and their baths.In the south - there is usually no baths, but you can build, not as "high prices" as near Moscow.

For the development of the child ... Picture.Our two (at that time) old daughter Katya observe how the barn came the hedgehog, and behind him came our beloved Rottweiler dog Gela ... And there you have the story that Kate kept repeating to everyone who comes to us for a visit, even inMoscow:

- Hedgehog in the barn went to him something there had to be, and Gela was gone, she needed him the hedgehog, but scratchy, and Gela layalalayala, layalalayala, but the hedgehog curled up, and he has needles and all Gela layalalayala.

Told, choking with emotion - I wonder the same.

Kate loves to engage with the dog.Gela, of course, a family member, like a cat.But the cat less to train ... And here:

- Gela, dig a hole.Mom, you see, Gela tries.Cat brought Kate mouse.Kate pulled her from the clutches of the cat.

Excited that saved his arm, talked a lot about it.

- Maybe it is not necessary to take the cat to the country, - said somehow my mother.

- It is necessary to save And mice who will?- Kate retorted.Pray, well, where the city is perhaps the child

survive?But this is something else ... On our already swallowed a frog pond.Kate knew that snakes yellow spots.It also yellow spots, so sure - too.Katya louder than usual, began to call for help mother, and together they dragged the poor frog out of the mouth of the poor snake.

Come on large rural road on this, Lermontov wrote about what "I go out alone on the road ...".Kate stops.And I forgot about me.I turned around - Katya sits studying tracks, one of which she called Fur TV (action

enforcement lot of hair - like unkempt);and the other caterpillar green, thick and greasy and unpleasant head.

- I've never seen such tracks, never ...

Single story with a mole.Lying in the garden, I look at the sky.He turned and saw a mole At last he got out of the burrows.He turned.Kate at the other end of the garden.

- Mole - I shouted to her.- Mole

- Where, where, where?- It was the voice of Katie:

I showed her and advised to bring the pelvis.She threw herself headlong over the pelvis.Taz was quite far away, near the hammock and it was plastic, but fairly bulky and uvesistyg for Katya's growth.She dragged the basin, changing the posture and position.It was all-consuming emotion of interest.Dragging the pelvis, Kate took the advice of my two lopushkami mole and put into a bowl.She found an earthworm, and gave him the worm.I pour a mole in the ground the pelvis.It is concerned that the cat can eat it, because the cat "enjoys moles" (as Katina terms, this meant that it can eat the mole).

- But the cat is out, and Gela "moles do not use" so Gela can be released.

- And suddenly it is certainly Gela also "enjoys moles" - doubted Katya.- We ought to put it on a chain.

gone, called Gelu, planted on a chain.

- Let protects from cats and dogs, which "are moles."

story ended as a mole.Kate did not want to let him go in the hole.

- We'll feed him, to raise him, he became friends with a cat, because the cat made friends with Gela ...

But poor mole in the basin began to overcome the flies.They literally dug into it.Katya resigned:

- Okay, let's release.

• I put about a mole burrows.He crawled into it, and then returned, took the worm from Katie's hands.And disappeared again.

It's Kate, two and a half.And many of the plants she knew, knew, and called: tansy, chicory, buckwheat, bindweed, clover, clover, St. John's wort, oats, nettle.She knew that Tansy - the flies, and chicory - coffee.In the city all of these plants can be seen only in pictures, and in the countryside - alive ...

village - it is also a country road in both directions.There a lot of things: the river, and buckwheat, and podkovylnaya grass,

Gela and barks at the urchins dig holes and corners of the world.And the moon.And the Big Dipper.And the sunsets.And clouds of different shapes - a source of fantastic pictures ...

Everything Everything just in the village for a vacation with children.It would be better, and in general to live there.But we do not have the strength to break away from certain aspects of civilization: the aesthetic development of the group, gymnastics, etc. Well and refuse to work at the State University of Management, which has just been defended his doctoral dissertation, it is difficult...So forced to live in goroddacha system closer to work, favorite publisher "ACTPRESS" to radio to television.

I'm not about education - is a separate issue - I'm on a child's development conditions, about his impressions of the world.Immediately I remember with a shudder the playground near the house in Moscow.Giant iron swing with a complete violation of safety regulations.The child swung them and by them was shot down.Did fountain ... It would seem, well ... But it turned out that it is not for normal people, and local beer lovers who drowned in it a bottle of pre-breaking.Saturday April does not help - a little.I often say that a pure, not where we do not litter, and where sweeping.But it was not there.Tidy, despite the ever-increasing cost of utilities, only in the stairwell.Of course, the people in the district to be educated, to cry, to educate, but now - "the village in the backwoods, in Saratov."There - the rescue of drowning.

Katya once in the summer, thinking about Moscow's girlfriend Julia, whimpered - I want to Moscow.And on August 27, when we announced Kate that back in Moscow, Katya told us dumbfounded:

- I'm not going ...

- But you're crying, in Moscow, to Moscow ..

- No, I?screaming - into the village

add that the price of milk, for example, there are three times lower than in the city.Accordingly, mushrooms, vegetables, apples, berries ....Let us follow the call of Griboyedov intellectual Chatsky "Get out of Moscow."Go look around the world, where there is a breath of fresh air.So far, home prices in the 00 km from Tula, 300 km from Moscow - 20-30 thousand rubles.That's just for decoration, despite its length, it is necessary to pay for five thousand hut (but with a site), and for a decent house - 6-7 thousand rubles.But, guys, it's a one-off.And think for how to

worth a trip for one person for one month on the Ka Nara ... There is still in the river villages, ten meters wide and dam with cascading ponds.On the way to our most Pn buoy we pass a large number of cottages with small parcels, with raw, bare ground and tasteless fences (sometimes, however, forging, but mostly deaf, Casemates dyed red lead).It is not for the intelligentsia.And not just because the intellectuals cynical slogan circled around the creation of the middle class.And also because it is very much all become soulless and spiritless.I mean the lack of spirituality are not religious, but in the general cultural sense.

But we are not so adamant.If there is a hunting trip to Europe - and if there is money on it in the winter - for two weeks] in Paris, and in the summer - is still saved in the Big or Little] pockmarked around us.We invite you to cooperate.

Well, if funds are limited ... It is better to squeeze out and buy on the accumulated 5000 rubles 0letny "WHA" on the fly, to embellish his own brush and 2 000 buy hut in Turgenev's reserve.This - 50 kilometers from the Eagle and 20 km from the wonderful city of Mtsensk.A young man of work and to save that kind of money can and for the year.But it is possible and also for two.First on the car - it is better just to "four" (ibid capacious trunk).In the second place - to travel for 00- to 200 km from their city (or 300 km from Moscow) and look after the house with the site.Under the Paris people huddle on three acres of U think it's wealth.Russia is also immense.Team up with other normal people and live in peace with themselves, with their children, with people, with hedgehogs, Adders, proteins, sunflower and tansy ... Eybogu ​​not regret it all the more with their mobile roaming is now doing everything so close.