We need each other in substance use, not controlling and not intruding .

It would be nice if the group living separately relatives accepted the principle of communicating vessels.If someone else more opportunities and resources, including financial assistance if sent to the address of the person who needs now.Without control of the situation has changed - changed the direction of welfare.Need help with grandchildren - come and occupy diapers.I had a stroke grandfather - yudrosshie grandchildren help her grandmother to take care of him to the grave.That's so - it pochelovecheski.There is nowhere prescribed moral precepts.But the Russian people - they are in moral behavior.And in the "enlightened" West fashionable warehousing elderly in nursing homes.But if the old man and the old woman in the past brought a cake and a pacifier, then they bring the cake ... and the nipple.And then, so, too, do not blame me.Aw ... kindness should be reciprocal, but because povinnyto those who are older, those who do not set an example ... Nnet ... Do not allow this to be left in the old ... The

old man must die in his bed,home, not in a government building.Remember, we said that the baby should be born in his house, rather than a government.

I want to say separately about family roles and grandparents.I love the Russian language, but I like that in German the word "Grandma" does not sound so Myakonkov, as we do, "grandmother", and more significantly, or even more grandly - GROSSMUTTER (Big Mama).

Grandchildren for them - is the repetition of parenthood.They are wise life experience, even help if they trust, and then replace the special conditions at the time of the parents.NGOs do not replace them.It is necessary to harmonize their older parents educational activities with their parents.And parents, too, not to exercise their parental tyranny, and would be consistent with universal pedagogy, with UshinskimTolstymMakarenkoKorchakomSuhomlinskim ... Anya from "pedagogy" Americanized "new Russian", which urges to push, push apart, trample ...

At least, we can agree,to older parents (grossmutter and grossfater) grandchildren read "Black hen" and "White poodle."You do not have them, "Gross", to compete with their own parents, zalaskivaya kid, and the more it is not necessary * to discredit them in the eyes of their children.

to me for consultation comes pyatidesyatipyatiletnyaya grandmother.What to do with the daughter, half-educated: Pedagogical Institute dropped in the third year, with children making chertte that no forces me, professor of chemistry at her own institute, does not listen .. Grandmother and towards me, then her peers, behaved so?too authoritarian:

- what are you talking, Arkadiy Petrovich ... you maintain debauchery ...

And depravity, in her opinion, was the fact that together with his nevestkamama rebenkomdochkoy engaged in pouring cold;water bath.So in the bath, they were both naked, well, that is, from) all without ...

Well, then.If the question is not about torturing the child blows for grossmutter better to accept the situation and just help my mother ... Otherwise even be alone in their old age with their socio died away and unacceptable demands.But not the only reason.Parents - a priority in educational methods, in value orientations.Dadadada, my dear peers.Parents - they, and you, though grossmutter ,;but not for Mutter granddaughter.

But such a struggle for power between the generations in the family nor to no good leads.Another grandmother, not the professor, as well as simple accountant, brought the matter before the guys left for Yemen.And the grandson she never saw him again.Until then, no ka to the letters, which I had to write with her grandmother, came a conciliatory response from Yemen.Consult Zion work, intermediary, reconciliation of parents * and "gross" of parents leads to positive results,] but this is a costly affair.

Of course, the older generation should not forget their Molo, Ven.But the young and poorly - too bad taste.When not a young woman putting on shoes, which is simply difficult to keep his balance - all this looks ridiculous, like in the picture Bernardo Strozzi "old coquette."And many "complex": hosted youth.And try to youth.Silly."Blessed is he who was young with the young.Blessed is he who in time is ripe. "And "every weather - grace."These are already recognized, the argument that old age - this is not only bad, but also good, I'll add one more: