hazing in the army only

she starts in school hallways and the school yard.

Hazing - is not necessarily bullying older over younger.This is just a special case.By this phenomenon is attributed generally suppress any more aggressive personalities defenzivnye (defenders).After studying the problem, including with the involvement of students of teacher training Universities (courses, diploma thesis), I learned that every teenager kogdalibo

experienced the oppression of the older and more aggressive guys Here for understanding it is not enough everyday psychology ( "we are all psychologists").This requires not too complex very clear, but it is certainly a scientific concept, fragments of which were already involved in the process.

Many people have hidden flaws and prominent, a fatal handicap.We talked about this earlier in the chapter on the psycho.Not so important, what it is expressed.This may be a limp, thinness, low growth, malocclusion, imbalances in the face, burr, stuttering, rotten teeth.This can be oppressive poverty or

lack the mental capacity to learn the program.And then the person is trying to compensate (compensate) the lack kakimito achievements.In sports, in teaching, in the suppression of others.Power - frequent and powerful means of compensation.But the initial compensation grows in overcompensation increases muscle man no longer to just to catch up with others, but to surpass them.So it appears this "hyper."Overcompensation can be a source of positive."Four-eyes" digging in the books and becoming a scholar.

But overcompensation often serves as a form of sinister features.Squat hunchback Richard of Gloucester became king of England, Richard the Third, insidiously out of the way of legitimate applicants.This was the story of Shakespeare's tragedy, in which the reptile turned in full its "charm."But I remember also captured the film "Tower of Death".There Richard keeps in a glass cabinet puppet image of his rivals, and as they destroy throws figures.It calls on the dispute of his brother Clarence, who drink more wine Malvasia, drowns in Clarence Malvasia and also throws its doll image of the promised cabinet.Thick and undersized Napoleon carried the social progress, developed science, but sow death.What humane Pierre Pierre, and wanted to kill him.There are many examples.Most often they are found among paranoid personalities.

This psychological mechanism of "overcompensation of inferiority complex," first described by Sigmund Freud's disciple Alfred Adler.And this mechanism as we see universal.

But back to the children.Schoolboy giperkompensiruet by younger or weaker just a complex nepolnotsen

of respect for the older or just to a stronger.Particularly painful situation with repeaters in the lower grades.Such as my classmates and Yakovenko Semenchenko.The child lags behind in intellectual development of the yearlings, "returns" lost self-esteem in relation to its present classmates that inhibit them.This is possible thanks to the superiority in physical strength and skills in martial arts, where he is ahead.This is supported by links to the same age, who continue to learn in the classroom, where he could not resist.Such overcompensation is very dangerous.He suffers when it is not only suppressed.Very distorted personal development of overwhelming.He learns to cringe before the powerful and to enjoy his violence.Thus was born "ordinary fascism."On such overcompensation does not go far.Potomto still under siege, condemn and even go to jail.And can put the rest of your life.And if at all - the Nuremberg trials.

So what do we, the parents, bullying at school ... It's awful.Did you teach your son to resist.Mentally balanced.Beats - let's talk.To stand under attack.And to teach this young man to all that is written in the first part of the "labyrinth of communication."In critical situations, of course, will have to intervene parents ... But it's symptomatic therapy.And the main thing - do not make your already aggressive guys just build muscle in the gym.Engage with them ... practical psychology.