Isteroid puts baby in a golden cage , and everyone can see that gold , and only a child sees that roll stands

Isteroidy should remember this phrase all my parent;ical life.

And what is - a music school, sports, etc.?And then, if she hysteroid mother did not succeeded in artistic career tion, then let it be a daughter for her endeavor.Isteroidka satisfied that there is at least interesting rebeyka mother, which "centered" the attention of others .: It - overcompensation for their failures by children.And she makes SMOs minute sadistic child playing scales, according to that boast achievements.Often it hysteroid mother, * in which it is impossible to rule and reign on the

over the man, or gradually lose power over her husband with age and marital experience, the more it focuses on children.Dopekaya them and for the time being satisfied with this power.And also formed isteroid, a kind of heir Tutti}, which all zalaskivayut around which all the waves run, and he is naughty and jerk leg.And then an heir Tutti he begins to bring in his own image and likeness of their child to have it made up for his failures.

Here and there hysteroid dynasty.Isteroid isteroida forms.He wants to show off to the public and your child puts it on the chair, forcing the guests to read the poem.Seryozhenka reads applaud him, praise, taken as an example, and he begins to like being in the spotlight, and it becomes isteroidom.Professorpsihiatr Oleg Kerbikov said that the hysterical character is formed by the type of family idol.

opposite pattern.Parents vsetaki aspire to success, for example, on the stage.As a result, the child entrusted to neighbors, given the grandmother, taken to the village, abandoned in a boarding school or on the Internet.In any case, it is not sufficient oversight, so there is a risk of involving into the dangerous company.

Sometimes hysteroid mother begins to hate the baby as the cause of the failure.It's the child of a failed husband, and being transferred.In addition, it prevents it to organize a new married life.And even the good mother, as in the film "Winter Cherry", suddenly, for no apparent reason punish your child, and then weep.

With children isteroidy scandals frequently make their target of sarcastic attacks.One mamenkaisteroidka, competing with dochkoyisteroidkoy, commercials for male among the people: "There should be more, and some of you were only jeans and bones."

Isteroidy often require for their child in the school of exceptional conditions, exceptional attention.It can be used for business: you want the child to exceptional conditions - let us work together to make exceptional conditions, and starts isteroidka involved in activities at school.

Quite another thing - schizoid parent.Schizoid does not care about the family.Children abandoned in the house, perhaps in an orphanage,

sometimes in the hospital.And on the Internet, konechnokonechno.They're some hindrance to creativity, which is interesting.It psihozaschitno and with a certain dose of cynicism is justified intellectualized: my child will take care of humanity.Or what I'm about, I know, but what comes out of my son - I do not know;what I'm going to invest in it, it's better I'm going to invest in themselves.

But it may happen that a child for shizoidaottsa - too creative: learn poems with him, watch how it develops, to read the original pedagogical literature and then apply the old practice.Schizoid maloempatichna same mother, emotionally cold.It is poorly versed in the clothes, in the modes.She can run a person and a child is unclean.In the bathroom - hair and cat hair, and a child is not brought up in the spirit of love to clean.Do not forget about it and will not give it its features.