psycho parents

How to feel the children in the family, depends not only on relations, tions between the parents.But from the psycho parent.We talked a lot about the features of psihotipnyh spouse in relation to the other spouse, well and in general towards other] family.

paranoid father children engaged in small, mostly de ti ^ brought by imitation.Father sitting on the texts

without a break, or it is all in organizational work, and son involved in it.In between - a discussion of cases and son involved in it.A father can give his son orders.Classify a note.Surpass the text via e-mail.But to specifically check the blogs, go to parent meetings and deal with child arithmetic examples - it is less.

paranoid too restricts the freedom of movement of children and adolescents, not taking care of him beyond measure, and children are more independent paranoid.It balances the epileptic or hysteroid mother zeal for liberty restrictions sexuality son and even her daughter.And before that, let alone a child learns from his mis

takes, for one broken two unbeaten give.In the children's conflicts teaches her to hit back, do not give a descent, to stand.Teaches working elbows, push apart the other, to press, to economize, to beat.Maybe he trains in martial arts for the purpose of self-defense, for the self-trapping of the main foundations for the future of class and national wars.

Children epileptic parents are not thrown in the hospital or abandoned in an orphanage.A typical pattern: stroller with the child and her father epileptoid, ready for anything, if, God forbid, kakoynibud drunk wants to stick his nose into the carriage.In epileptoidov children are never left unattended.Nose always wiped away.Feed.Obutyodety.Not rasfrancheny, but solidly and in the case.But, of course, and the particular rigor.Epileptic parents carefully browsing blog.Blamed for bad grades.Restricts freedom.As a child - free of manipulations with objects, motor activity.Do not touch - will be hurt, do not run - fall, "Feelin - kill."In adolescence roditeliepileptoidy constrict the freedom of social contacts their children.Forbid to be friends with some children, others impose.They get to learn on your own.No music, go to the Financial College.Or let him go in the footsteps of their parents, in the School of Music - where else.But also helps in studies, regularly go to parent-teacher conferences.Often they are members of the parent committee at the school.His children to protect people, the house is abused;sometimes, however, they tend to dress down and in the presence of strangers.

hyperthymia children almost never do.Kids hang out with the chickens in the yard.Blogs hyperthymia not checked.At parent-teacher conferences do not go, but may look and pobuzit there.

If nazhaluetsya teacher a child will gipertim belt .;Freedom of movement and relationships, including sex, is not limited.The child learns to life on their own mistakes.In conflicts, in their opinion, it is necessary to fight back.We not only wife hyperthymia ~ t each for drinking, but also children, especially sons.He solders and minors.Why let drink.Once we live.Children hyperthymia - partners dominoes or steal together.

Isteroidy children involved much.Hysteroid parent can be even more careful than epileptoid.And more than regulate the behavior of their child.But he develops his "on the surface": for example, to raise etiquette to go with bows, that dress was not like everyone else.Usually a parent using a child and, unfortunately, at the expense of the child trying to solve their problems.So isteroid in this matter - the champion.For isteroidki child often desire.But not because, say, it gives life and the formation of a new an existing member, Wu, carrying a continuation of the human race.And because motherhood prestigious Russian society, and look at me, I am a mother, but not so simple.In this regard - and with the child as a means of self-affirmation.So, I have it is to ride in the best stroller: not from Turkey or flattered, and from Italy or France.Wheelchair must be - transformer.It will be a figure skater, will go to music school to study in a private school ...