The better PEbeH0K razviraetsya concepts in proportions , so it is intelligent.

NoNo, computer educational game picture is also needed, but in moderation.The most important priority.We focus - on the concepts of ratio.

I will explain what it is.Here the child lists of birds: titmouse, starling, sparrow.It's good.But you have to teach him how to display this ratio of generic concepts in the conventional scheme.

child knows that there is a group of kindergarten boys de girl children, teacher and nurse.This ratio is called the concept "part and whole."And here, too, we can and must do everything clear.

And so I ask, and a flock of birds - a whole and the parts, or genus and species ... It happens that students think, and it happens that my kids to think fast, that, well, whole and parts.

Dolly turns into a butterfly.It is not part of the whole and not genus and species.This metamorphosis, transformation, conversion.This ratio map the concepts as:

But "the wind blew, he dispersed the clouds, the sun came out, dried puddles ...".Here, neither the first nor the second, nor the thi

rd ... It is cause and effect, which, in turn, become causes of other effects.We agree on such a method of transmitting the uslovnoobraznoy.

I feared that the transition to the conditional visibility is difficult.And he did so: take a plate, a bowl and a pan.The plate - bread.Bowl - drinks.Pan - dairy meals.Katia (four and a half years) immediately put a piece of pita bread in a bowl, cheese in a frying pan, a cup of tea - in a bowl.Kohl Svyatitsky - senior Katie for six months - put a bun in a bowl, Pepsi in a bowl, cottage cheese to the pan.I grew bolder and drew three circles.We agreed that the first - is the bread, the second - drinks, the third - dairy products.We agreed that we will draw circles in circles and write letters.In one large circle grain products.In another - drinks.In the third - dairy products.And the product itself will draw a small circle in a large

and inscribe a single letter:.. C - cheese, D - bun, P - Pepsi, etc. All happened.The transition from the bowl from the pan to the plate and draw a circle there was incredibly fast.Just like the real buns to its designation of a small circle with the letter B ... Included in the work and the parents.It became clear that the kids are tired and need to go to the mobile activities.Alain Tymoshenko with her daughter Dasha quickly went out into the street, all of them rushed.Delot we had in the country, so that the floor and the ground - almost at the same level.And they made a large circle of wire.Dad Andrew Svyatitsky pulled out of his car rubber balloon - it was the second round.A third round of gravel laid.At the same time, we have moved from the product to the technical topics.And it went the other concepts.Nadine Julia as sharks priiskala elongated branch with the "open mouth", our Kate next to a shark put disclosed pliers - they reminded her of a pike.And Pauline Nightingale (from a five-year trinadtsatiptentsovogo nest Marina Nightingale) found a small flat sliver, saying that it was flounder, and put a pike and a shark.Kohl Svyatitsky protested pike and shark - predatory fish, and flounder - "peaceful fish."I had within the circle of the wire to make another ring and encircle them and pike shark - a predatory fish.And another thing, too, of the wire and surround them flounder peaceful ...

stop .. I'm not going to present today logikograficheskoe structuring parents.Then the children suddenly find such a depth of thought about which teachers can only dream of.Well, for example ... In the textbook of botany for the sixth grade it is written, that the fish are predatory and non-predatory, marine and freshwater.But it is not written that the fishes of the sea can be predatory and non-predatory, that the same things with freshwater fish.They can also be predatory and non-predatory.And predatory fish are freshwater and marine.A non-predatory fish, too, are freshwater and marine.And the main thing, the main thing - that all this is my seventh-graders portrayed as:

Something of this book, you can use yourself for the mental development of your child.And maybe you will join our experimental group.

- So what is the water truce?- I ask after reading the passage.

- Dad, well, this is when the animals do not eat each other, and drink water, because the more you want to drink than to eat, and the water is small, because the drought ... - choking from the influx of thoughts, hastens to bring to me the main idea of ​​Kate.

I, however, does not rest on this, and now I ask the opposite.I describe the phenomenon and ask Kate to call it.

- Katya, came the drought, the river shallow.In the jungle was very little water.Old elephant trumpet Gati.Beasts stopped attacking each other and allowed to drink from the river.How it's called?

- Dad, what are you - do not you know that water is a truce ..

Kate three and a half?.I read her the myths of ancient Greece.Fight of Achilles with Hector.I stop on the invulnerability of Achilles.At that Hector defended hometown and Achilles came as a conqueror.And then - nravstvennopsihologichesky analysis.Katya says Hector - the hero, he defended his city.And Achilles - a bandit, he is a robber.For a long time can not leave this topic:

- Gela as it grabbed the heel of Achilles, and he would not have killed Hector.(Gela, you'll remember - our rotveyleriha.) In Gela;generally would not let the Greeks to Troy, and it would in fact protects us ... how Gela tore their sails and oars have nibbled their ... They would not have swam ...