Kindergarten or professional motherhood?

From the story of the parents of one of our five-year friend ... The boy told them:

- If I do not need you, I can not take away from the garden.However, I will be very suffer ..

But he asked the parents of five other familiar:

- On New Year's present to me a cell phone so I could call my mother from the garden.

And that our dialogue with the third five-year boy:

- every day you go to the garden?

- No, when you do not get sick.

And our Katya somehow communicated to the age of two with his cousin, who was attending kindergarten.And then at home, tilting her head to one side and looking up, he asked me straight out that way:

- Got you?

word, so that if there is a possibility that the wife was the mother in full, you must choose this option.Already on only one five-year statements of experts.

Well, if in fact, the kindergarten with the "abandonment" of the preschool child in it without their parents in any case does not hold water.This is a product of the Soviet heartless and soulless American

systems.Separation from parents may be motivated by the fact that the need socialization.Socialization should be implemented without this separation.

And if we talk about "we have in Russia," that is something to add to this and the philosophy.At present because all the remaining teachers pedagogical institutes the principle of payment and payment of the workers themselves kindergartens.What were the professional quality, but this added another.I have long been taught in teacher training Universities.And he came to the conclusion that we should still be taught in the school.And I taught there, to teach students how to teach children.But I was an exception.The university usually teach those who do not teach children.Maybe a teacher before, but now - no.In medical school dotsentyhirurgi operate and teach students to operate directly in the operating room.And there is no such in pedagogical institutes.Including preschool and faculties.Well, what in teaching can teach a person who does not deal professionally with children ... No, of course there may be exceptions.There are pre-school pedagogy, moral and professional geniuses.But they are so few that it does not take the same into account.Of course, something associate professors and professors take from the development of scientific staff of relevant scientific and research institutes.But take?Only from books and articles?Ochchen interesting.So, some developing techniques, others teach future spetsialistampraktikam ... Or is there somewhere care facility, which trains senior researcher docent?Again dotsentmedik and heals and teaches.In this pedagogy, I do not know.Rather, in such cases, a student at the training and production practices by taking spetsialistovpraktikov koechto.Or he works and studies, taking something from those, something other, something inventing itself on the go.

Do not hope too, that help commercial options.In commercial kindergartens and schools are too far from the best professionals.Most often it is commercially aggressive people.(Just as in private clinics.) A true professional (or schizoid Epileptoid) remains in state institutions, he does not like the changes, it is difficult to adapt to them.

So kindergartens at all, and now even more so, I am not satisfied.

But what then with communication at a horizontal level, socialization?Lena and I have decided that it is better to go with the child in different educational centers.They are now a dime a dozen, you can choose.But here, too, there are downsides.First, educational centers, usually run on a commercial basis, and the people in them are pursuing mainly aim to earn.In one such center, I spoke with a probable "teacher."The image, including the speech and communication were the psycho:

- Well, if I have a place, then I think I'll take your child.But places yet.

Still, there are more options.

Another minus: in developing centers of parents do not allow for class.It is also a kind of pedagogy?We with Lena this pedagogy is not reached.

Katya we drove in the development center "Rainbow" in the South-East district of Moscow.Inexpensive.Philologist in teacher education - sweet and delicate Svetlana uses different techniques for the development of the mind trehchetyrehletok.It introduces the concept in the form of a game, old as the world, simple and at the same time desired.The words "fat" and "thin" approach to a painted tree trunk, and are suitable for the boards of the fence of the word "broad" and "narrow".Kids are confused, and Svetlana unravels in their heads these concepts.And Daniel learned: thick tree and wide board.A wide tree - not good at all.Marianne realized the difference in the expressions "behind the fence" and "under a fence."And it was all of the images with an "invitation to visit" lesovichka made from spruce cones: eyes - from clay, beard - a piece of cotton wool ...

I liked it all.But at home, I still prefer the other method.We were just talking with Kate on everyday topics, but at a slightly higher conceptual level than that used children her age.For example, I enter into her vocabulary the word "lexicon".Several times I specifically upot overlap between him in his statements: "You have enriched the lexicon", "to add to your vocabulary the word" porcupine "," In the lexicon of Russian people often use the word "kindness".

New words she stands out and ask: what is it?I somehow used the word "laconic" Kate asked:

- What is the brevity?

If you do not ask, I drew her attention to the subtleties of a new word or word usage.That is, everything comes naturally.

But I do not mind, and technology such as Svetlana Alexandrovna.You can combine.Although we ourselves were able to be so, but it is certainly Svetlana Alexandrovna systemic method.She is fascinated by the man, the children love it.It is important for a variety of Katie.In addition, there's still kids.And Kate to communicate with them "horizontally" on the same level.

The "Rainbow" a lot of things this: trunk, branches, outside the fence, under the fence ... And systemically.At home: a flock of birds flock of horses, a pack of dogs.At home, we summarize: dove, titmouse, sparrow - it's a bird;coat, jacket, coat, windbreaker - outerwear ... More difficult: baby, foal, calf, cub - cub ... Sprig - part of the tree, wing - part bird, lobe - part of the flower.It produced the concept of "part".More - more: apple tree - species of tree, pear - tree species, the lilac - bush views ... Produced the concept of "species" as opposed to "part" ... the concept of thinking deeper ... But that's not all.Types of films: fiction, documentary, animated - Kate knows it all.Studying with a child can be so.

The "Rainbow" is not all rosy.Svetlana just fills his hand, so that errors do occur.It was the success of giving children the sun, and for mistakes - a cloud.So Daniel was offended:

- Why do I give a cloud, I sat right?

Myto know Sukhomlinsky urged teachers not to count even in the first and second grades of the school.Of course, do not stand four-year evaluation.

Misha cried and did not want to deal with, my grandmother said to him, "Tend - I'll buy you a juice."Mike first said: "Three of juice ... - Then ran: - I do not want the juice, only take away."

Model minus many of such development centers, as I have already said - the prevention of parents to school.Educators fear that parents will distract, disturb, interfere ... And the line of least resistance, the parents are not included in the studies.But what can be shestsem years at the school, is unlikely to be the best in four ...

in the "green door" is the opposite: the presence of their parents - please, but no program.Yes, in close giant

Moscow is "GREEN DOOR".The entrance is through a really just a secret green door.It opens, however, on the first call.A "secret" it - because it is really hard to find it.Imagine all the same, as in the movie "Enjoy Your Bath".Only din equally soulless concrete boxes in new buildings on the outskirts of Moscow and Leningrad, and here - soulless "evroremontnye" mansions, mansions, mansions, mansions ... in the alleys of old Moscow.And concealed paths between osobnyakamiosobnyakamiosobnyakami ... find the coveted "Green Door" - pedagogical miracle of XX century, organized by Françoise Dolto.This French pedagoginya wrote an excellent, in my opinion, the book "On the side of the child."But so thick that it was able to overcome in our family only Lena.I look into it, as in the Old Testament, for positive emotions, but still learning."Green Door" - this is the last and posthumous work Dolto.And also remarkable.

First, you are met with benevolent genius of communication.You explain everything, write for yourself the name of the child on board.The story of the rules.Because it is designed for children up to four years, the emphasis - on mastering the objective world.Mosaics, markers, drawing sheets, easels, puzzles.You can do "water procedures": pour, pour, pour ... You can take a ride on the bike slide down slides, crawl through the tunnel.There are prohibitions: it is impossible to hold a general green road, you can not take each other's toys.

parents feed their children, drink tea with them.Gossip, while the children play ...

main principle here - self-development: children are doing everything on their own, the minimum care - to change to engage with water.

I - for.Many times been in the "Green Door" with Katya and Lena.He left in this God-pleasing corner of his three books, which was received with appreciation.Especially I come to give, and this book.Specially - because Kate has overgrown, and it is pleasing to God institution is intended for children under four.Kate dreams "Green Door", she says she has a "Green Key".We support this analogy with its fabulous "golden key."Because in the "Green Door" and in fact there is something fabulous, entailing.

By the way, in the "Green Door" does not require a fee.Although you can make a truly voluntary contribution, and no one controls the amount of the contribution.And even if you do not put in the treasury, to you the next time will be treated as friendly as the previous visit.

But let's not idealism: Françoise Dolto, the fund is free, in the center of Moscow ... This is an exception to the rule.But what about the rules themselves and the game with them?

What are we, the parents, to do under the given rules of the game?If radical, do not accept, as conditions change.To solve the question of priorities.Giving whether the oligarchs continue to buy imported sports clubs or force them, as in Sweden, to pay such taxes, to them it was possible to prepare teachers of normal and contain normal child care?Next, we must decide whether to develop primarily with his sports competition, with its struggle for centimeters and seconds or develop mass physical culture and mainly nravstvennopsihologicheskie, aesthetic, intellectual hearth?

Well, if it is certainly continue to exist in these conditions is not humane So ... let thrives PARENT pedagogy.Parents let together for communication and development of children.And this should be free parents.That is, they should have free time.In accordance with the constitution can not work and the father ... and engaged in education and the economy.But the legislation has yet to catch up and still be in a family plan constitutional.Terms such as "breadwinner", "dependency", sound is not only unconstitutional, but also terribly archaic and, most importantly, is immoral.The same process must undergo and the moral consciousness of the people.And yet, right, then we will consider it a more natural "sexual bias".Let them at the working father mom focuses mainly on education.And the "orthodox" our government should be realistic about its contribution.Paying her not 70 rubles, and "a little" more.His father, too, even feasibly involved in what we are going to tell.In the meantime, experts understands that all this is necessary, "Save the Children - business of their parents."

Agree with each other, that the contribution of the family of the father - to a large extent that it earns, and brings home a total revenue.A contribution to the wife - that she is professionally engaged in children.(Then the mother should receive psi ■ hologopedagogichesky least.) But the main thing is that each of the spouses is believed that his contribution to the family the equivalent of the contributions of others.

And not "I love you content with the child."It has already been discussed above.But lishy reiterate - mush oil does not spoil.

In this scenario, there is no kindergarten for their unnecessary and handicap.The only argument for the kindergarten - the need for socialization.Anthony Kempinski (remember his idea that the mask tires and nevrotiziruet?) Said that children need and horizontal relationships (with peers) and not to vertical roofing (with adults).There is a problem, but not soluble in box without Sadowski sadism.Parents with children can be combined for the socialization of children in small groups.Basically, this will certainly engage in "mamulechki", but with a reasonable distribution of working time in this case can be turned on and the pope.If they are taught in high school, like me, you can free up the days.It should do less work and more children.This can minimize other needs.No need for an expensive sport and expensive "vacation."We need to deal with children in organized parent group groin.Even without paid psychologists, and in books.Including mine.

We Lena has experience training with detmichetyrehletkami, our friends Katie.I remember that Augustus was not the emperor.He was princeps - first among equals.And I was like princeps in the group of parents, that is, I take it is certainly a leadership role.We developed this method, not as the author's program, as well as the technology that can voepolzovatsya group of parents without education psihologopedagogicheskogo.Nowhere to go - share the experience.All the same, I told him, as we did, as opposed to developing "Rainbow" type centers and in contrast to the "Green Door".

Parents are not left us in the care of child and participated in the process.But still children "in the tank", and parents outside of it.During the training gossip about life as it can be in the "Green Door", it was banned.This prohibition is removed during a break for tea.There may be gossip, but the children - on an equal footing with their parents, are included in the general conversation.

Generally we each child - a subject, not an object.He was not punished, and it does not prohibit.Undesirable effects of the child

stops switching his attention.If that fails, then it is necessary to take a break.Classes are held in the form of a game.

The program as such is not, everything goes gravity.But still it has a purpose.I'm told that our Kate we drive to class in rhythmic gymnastics at the Children's Sports Palace.No, we're not going to make of it an athlete, but as long as she fascinated by the movements: she likes to "sleep on the splits", stand on your head and twist the tape.And I like that she likes it.So, it was there, at the Palace of children's sports, in the advertisement I saw the phrase "strong thinking."This psychologists in sports palace recruited a group of children.I had in mind the phrase;Unfortunately, I have not seen in the declaration of psychologists names but with gratitude their quote.I also found it significant that the leaders of the Children's Sports psychologists have given a platform.Indeed, together with the strength of the muscles need to develop thinking (I would add: and morality).And we want to develop in children is not so much muscle strength as FORCE OF THINKING.Note, however, that our understanding is somewhat different than in the announcement of psychologists cited above.