Mom protects the child from family and small dangers , father of the more formidable and more distant .

But it is also important that the child's father gives vital information other than the mother, and other life-oriented.All the same for my mother is more important that the child fell down the stairs than not fallen morally.All the same citizenship, the right and the girl longer instills dad.Mom Oberegatelnolaskatelnaya position and will develop in the boy protective cowardice.A father's active life position and instill a girl tends to a reasonable risk and activity.I stimulated Kate bold coming into contact with the world of objects.If you meet the ditch, which can jump, I jump stimulating (well, hedging).Under my control, it is engaged in snails, moles, mice, is friendly with cats, dogs, horses.Katya boldly goes to the people.The first thing she said to them, "I - Kate."

And this much is said: I am ready to dialogue, I am open, I do not have a second floor and there is not a single stone in his bosom.Kate immediately divided toys and treats.Of course, here the role and home births, and what people su

rround it are not kindergarten.This provides a reasonable double margin of safety.

to a convincing example of complementarity and the equivalence of parental roles would be and multiply.But for our further arguments and examples yet enough.It is clear that if there is no one of the parents, the education and general life of a child and then a teenager bent.Whatever may have been his father's gentle hands, he can not replace his mother at first, and generally can not completely replace it.How would brave nor was my mother, she will not be able to resist the military power.Therefore, in general it is better not to divorce but love

each other and love their children.It is possible, it will turn out if to do no more augmentation material rubbish, and psychology.Well, if it is certainly not all the slides, the emotional decision to break the spouses and divorce kakimnibud replaced by another decision.Let it be unusual sexual relationship, let it be even some mutual sexual freedom, but without additional trauma.But even if the child will be brought up both.

And another thing.Divorce Do with matriarhatnymi trends (and the struggle for the father parental rights), whether married tension before the divorce - usually every parent configures manipulative child against the other, of course, "bad", the parent.Recall Solomon.He does not really like to cut the baby.He put a moral thought experiment, although it, too, was ill.And today (as it turns out) is cut baby shower.We take into account that the former, or close to divorce husband and wife are fighting, and the front line between the parent passes on the child's heart.